Your most whimsical, "out there" cross of the year?

We each have goals for our breeding, and I’m sure most of the pollinations we’ve achieved are toward those ends. What is then most whimsical, outrageous, odd ball cross you’ve accomplished so far this season?

I’ve done a few which really intrigue me, but by far, the most “out there” have been Sweet Nothings X Lamarque, and Yametsu-Hime X Lamarque.

Good to see ‘Lamarque’ being used! I’d like to use it too but haven’t worked out how I want ot use it yet!

The most bizarre cross I did was ‘Immensee’ x Rosa setigera because setigera is diocious and I wanted to see if the progeny had any tendencies towards diociousness too. Then I did OP K206-1 (Jim’s hulthemia line) x OP 0-47-19… really looking forward to this… almost as much as ‘Mutabilis’ x ‘The Fairy’ lol

For me, perhaps the most out there (I really want to say “funnest”) cross is Pink Double Knock Out x Prairie Peace. It’s interesting that, on PDKO and other modern roses, the hips pollinated by Prairie Peace are the fattest.

Double Delight x Strike It Rich


Eyeconic Lemonade x R. woodsii ultramontana.

One of the more whimsical crosses that I did last yr. was Dorola X Basyes Legacy. I had a goodly amount of pollen and Dorola was blooming, so why not? It just bloomed (two seedlings germinated, one survived) and it is just lovely-a light coral pink with a bright yellow center, 16 petals +4-5 petalloids, 3" across, and very fragrant, with medium size bright green foliage without a spot. I did not know what to expect, but this rose will only improve from a good start. The only Dorola cross that so far has been successful has been with thornless Rosa wichurana, not quite so whimical a cross, but they haven’t bloomed yet, so to early to tell.

I am not sure I have anything that would be considered whimsical or unusual but I did do Indian Love Call X Cinneraire, Lafter X Cinneraire, Fourth of July X Cinneraire, and Adelaide Hoodless X Cinneraire. These are 4 out of 8 crosses that appear to have taken. Cinneraire seems to be a surprisingly good micro, china rose to grow here. Surprising because of the BS and cold issues we have. It is healthy and survives the winter well.

Two other crosses that I made “just to see” what would happen is Climbing K.A. Viktoria X Lafter and Climbing K.A. Viktoria X Morden Centennial. The variety never gives me OP hips so I went out on a limb here. Both hips are swelling. I am not really sure what to expect from these two crosses, and I don’t know if anyone would consider these unusual crosses. It is one of the best climbing HT sports I have with exceptional vigor, descent rebloom, and, surprisingly, excellent disease resistance. I am hoping Morden Centennial can give it better winter hardiness.

I am also excited about a few of the crosses that seem to have taken on varieties that have no descendants listed on hmf (not to say they have never been used). Honeysweet has 3 hips out of 7 that are still there, White Cap has 2 out of 14 that have taken (a few are too new to tell if they have taken yet), Golden Fairy Tale has about 5 out of 16, Viking Queen and Rhode Island Red were used 33 and 53 times with most of their hips swelling to huge sizes (a couple have the achenes burting out). I can’t remember the pollen used on these ones. I just hope that the seeds germinate as all of these varieties have shown great disease resistance here in Iowa as well as zone 5b winter hardiness.

Thanks, Simon! I pretty much had to use this Lamarque. It is flawless in this climate; vigorous; incredibly fragrant and without any issues, other than extreme heat burning the flowers. But, what doesn’t when it’s 105?

This specific Lamarque is rooted from a plant which was brought from their Placerville home via wagon train in 1859 to Ventura County where it still grows; by the Atmore family. My best friend’s family has been in that area (he’s sixth generation Californian) for generations, and he and his family knew that family, so I had to obtain THIS Lamarque to grow at his home. My hope is to bring its health and beauty into a more controlled plant. We’ll see!

The Hulthemia crosses sound fun! I have hips forming (really, finally!) on Eyes for You with pollen from 82-03-02, and a few other things. I’m particularly eager to see what Art Nouveau is going to do with First Impression and L-56-1. Hopefully, the variegation remains but the yellow and red are intensified on larger petals.

Dorola X Legacy…that could make for some very interesting roses, Jackie! Photos? hehehe

I’m glad you’re exploring Cineraire, Andre. I’d hoped it would dwarf other roses in the first generation, but so far, it hasn’t for me. It may later on, but not initially.

Not as exciting as other things that have been posted…but,

I did a few (Pink Petticoat x Out of Yesteryear) x (Forth of July x 90-82)

(Pink Petticoat x Out of Yesteryear) is some material we got from Mr. Moore, and I love the compactness of the plant and the small, ‘multi-petaled’ flowers. It does get black spot in our area, but it’s preformed better than most.

(Forth of July x 90-82) is a cross I did several years ago. I think it was in 2002 or 2003. We haven’t used it much, but that’s more of a problem with where it’s located (and therefore I forget about it)! It’s a large, vigorously growing shrub with climbing tendencies. It is very disease resistance in our area (especially if you compare it to the black spot magnet parent of Fourth of July).

90-82 is Basye material. It is a once-blooming, semi-double pink, thornless rose. It’s a very healthy spreading type shrub that only gets ~3-4ft (~1-1.5m) tall. It was a cross between Basye’s Blueberry and 86-7.

Here’s a (not so great) picture of 90-82:

[attachment 930 90-82small.jpg]

I’ll dig around and see if I can find pictures of the other plants…so you can see what I’m talking about.

I don’t have any species roses so nothing I cross is really whimsical but I do have two rather different crosses. Perle des Jardin X Fairy Dust(Rise-n-Shine X Miss Bloomsalot) I have harvested 9 seeds from this cross. My Perle des Jardin is a giant shrub while Fairy Dust is a Mini-sized single rose. The second is Ebb Tide X Raspberry Lemonade this cross has not yet been harvested.

I love the idea of using LaMarque, I think I will try that next year but will have to get a ladder to do it.

Nat, the 90-82 is very pretty, the picture looks like a silvery pink.

Rugosa Magnifica X 1-72-1. I have two hips that set, but who knows. I read in another thread that RM may self pollinate before the flower even opens. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

R. arkansana X Catherine Seyton

I’ve been trying to get seedlings from Catherine Seyton for a few years now. It’s been reluctant to set hips, and I’ve not seen a hip with more than a single seed. I used pollen from Catherine Seyton on everything this year. The hope was to get a seedling with some of Catherine Seyton’s genes to backcross to Catherine Seyton. This cross wasn’t one that I’d intended but R. arkansana (from Larry Davis) was available at the right time. The single hip is already turning color. I’d have to check my notes to be sure, but I think the only other hips remaining from Catherine Seyton pollen are on Scarlet Moss (2).

Here is a photo of the Dorola X Basyes’ Legacy. This shows part of the plant, and although the yellow is brighter in real life, you can get the idea. It is large-I actually measured it and it is over 3.5". The petal reverses are yellow, so I expect the more mature flowers will be somewhat differently colored. The foliage is super clean. Gotta love that. And thornless-Dorola can get her claws into you really good. gotta love that too! And it is fragrant-didn’t expect that out of Dorola.

[attachment 931 2012newseedlings296.jpg]

That is really lovely, Jackie! Surprisingly, fragrance can easily come out of Legacy. Thornless is really GOOD, isn’t it? LOL!

There is nothing whimsical about thornlessness! I am all for it, along with a bit of whimsy perhaps. Will be combining the offspring of Basyes’ Legacy with some of the offspring of the thornless wichurana, along with some of the thornless offspring of both B.Streisand and Moondance next yr and see what shakes out of that. Certain combinations produce thornlessness and some of these might look a bit whimsical at worst (or best?).

My most “out there” crosses were mixed Hulthemia pollen onto Basye’s Thornless (Legacy), ‘Darlow’s Enigma’ and some of Mr. Moore’s crested moss varieties.

Hansa X Ames #5. I am trying to get very tall seedlings. Hansa gets to 8 ft in my climate with sufficient water, also like the purple. I would like to get the really tall Rosa multifora genes in it from Ames #5. This seedling will be crossed with with a rebloomer that can get extremely tall= Martin Frobisher. Or more likely Scabrosa. While these plants will likely not be real climbers I hope that they will be able to be trained up an obelisk

Johannes P

Thanks to Patrick Guidry’s generosity, I’ve been collecting and playing around with pollen of Rosa fedtschenkoana.

I’ve mostly been putting it on other species: davidii, carolina, rugosa, glutinosa and palustris. I also used some on ‘Joycie’ - Thanks for this one too Patrick!

I also have a new plant of Rosa glauca that starting blooming well this year, so I’ve tried some pollen of ‘Home Run’ on it.

Here’s fedtschenkoana…

[attachment 938 fedtschenkoana.JPG]

Feeling rather perverse and ornry due to this Florida/Alabama type heat and humidity, which I sincerely believe will NEVER pass, I just pollinated the only two flowers I’ve allowed the Grey Pearl in front to produce this year with Lamarque. It should either give some vigor to GP or tame Lamarque’s rampant growth…hopefully. In any case, it probably will be white or pink, no scent and die back to the roots! LOL!

The wildest crosses I made this year were mostly made with the hulthemia lines. they included: Eyeconic Pink Lemonade x R. wichuriana, Eyeconic Pink Lemonade x Abigail Adams Rose, Darlow’s Enigma x Bullseye, and VANasong x Bullseye.

The other wild crosses included: Charles de Mills x Alain Blanhchard (tried from a discussion on the Forum - there’s a hip actually forming), and Thrive! x Abigail Adams Rose.