2 seedlings from late last summer germination. The plants are still small, obviously. I dont graft or heavy duty fertilize.

Daybreaker x Josie Whitley

I kept this because it has the typical kordesii/HT combo foliage in gold. No disease to date. As it ages it gains a salmon-ish edge, which should be in 2 days or so.

This was the best out of Princess Alice x Freedom. It is also young. I have a Selfridges x Freedom that should bloom soonish. I made a ton of Freedom crosses before it got shovel pruned. So far, I dont see any of its faults in the last of the selected seedlings (minor blackspot, canker, stubby growth, semi-doubled seedling form, dislike of cool weather, etc)

Those are pretty :slight_smile:

I love yellows!



Wow great seedlings Jadae!

There must be some good yellow and hardiness genes to use in the future. The Princess Alice x Freedom have a very deep yellow centre, excellent!


Nice yellows! I saw them on the RC this morning and was hoping that you would post them here as well. I’m guessing that they are non-fading?? Any scent to them??


They only fade slightly, I was mad that they marred white. What happened was that we were having 70degree weather + rainy days and then all of a sudden it hit 80-90 in dry heat, and all the roses just busted open.

I havent been able to smell them yet. I try not to sniff too much in pollen season for obvious reasons. Now to figure out where to take these 3 yellows (the HT one isnt photo’d yet). I know that I will probably be using Solitaire, Rabble Rouser, Toprose and Baby Love.

What do you think of Rabble Rouser?? I bought one last year and it is looking good this spring. Last year it did show signs of disease. Any experience with it as a seed parent?

That’s a beauty Jadae! Congratulations!

Oops, I forgot that Princess Alice x Freedom had a sister seedling. It popped open today:

Rabble Rouser is okay. It is smaller than Baby Love. The disease resistance is the same for me. Major differences: more petals, dark color, and true clusters, closer in size to a mini, smaller petals.

I remember trying it as a seed parent with zero luck. I believe the pollen works well though. I think I have it’s pollen on “Henry’s Blend”, Rosa virginiana. Rosa rugosa alba and Sevilliana.

Jadae your surely got another excellent yellow in that sister seedling!

Solitaire and Toprose sounds like a very good choices to use, as they both got lots of interesting genes, I think.


Bo, Toprose had its first bloom today, and it was beautiful-- buttery gold, informal, no fading. I am so glad I bought it. I have always wanted Benson & Hedges Gold or Yellow Pages for years, but they have never ever been available. It wasnt until this past winter did I realized that Toprose was pretty much a modernized replica of that lineage, and that I better buy it asap before it was replaced by some lame rose.

Has anyone tried Mellow Yellow? I think it is ugly, and that it’s parent, Midas Touch, produced pure crap (every seedling I had from it was mildewed and formless), so I am hesitant to try it in breeding.

I also considered Henry Fonda, but it gets really leggy here. Also, I think it is from the New Day/Sunbright line, which makes me wary.

Jadae I just saw the pictures of Toprose on HMF, and it is really a very nice yellow, I must say. I haven’t seen it in Denmark, but will keep my eyes open for it.

In the meantime I will try to do a Chinatown x Adolph Horstmann cross. A lot of genes of both those roses are found in Toprose.


Jadae, good to hear that Toprose has a good strong yellow. Like you, I added it this year. Looks like I will get first blooms in a couple of weeks.

I have several Buck roses that will be blooming about the same time. I hope the temperatures are cool enough. We have has some ups in downs. Last couple of days its been over 90 and near 100 yesterday. I didnt bother collecting pollen. Its hard to catch blooms in the right state anyway. Buds when I leave for work and completely open and fried when I get back.

Did you check to see if Toprose produceses a decent amount of pollen?

Bo, have you tried the UK area for it? It was bred by Cocker. I dont know how EU shipping works…

Steven, it produces a lot of easy to collect pollen sacs. It’s drying in the window now, but I think it is too young for massive amounts. I’d rate the pollen as average, but doable. I am better that it will be more valuable as a seed parent like the majority in this line are. But it is too young for that-- it came with one stem and a tap root (no joke lol) from Hortico. It already made a small basal haha and seems vigorous. At least when you get tiny scraps from Canada, they fill out better in maturity :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, it is going on Candyland first cause that is what is available atm to use it on.

Thanks Jadae. I can see it is available at Cocker’s own webshop, but maybe it could be found in Denmark too, so I will first try to look around here this summer.


I checked last night and have a bloom on Toprose that should be ready to go today. Not sure what I am going to get to try it with. Most likely Autumn Sunset. Looks like I am going to miss using it with Golden Glow, its about done for the year.

Going to have some mild temps for the next week so am going to be getting as much pollination work done as I possibly can.

Nice seedlings, Jadae. I don’t have seedlings with a form and colour like that. I’ve got only a few blooming but most of them are fading yellow or apricot colours. Ah well, at least I got the ‘yellow’ part, LOL.


That sister seedling has great color! It looks almost the color of a california poppy.

Jadae, I really like the coloring of that last seedling. Very pretty!

Jim Sproul

Selfridges x Freedom. I am so happy with this one. Sorry it hasnt burst open yet, but it rained this weekend. This is my first step in creating a good yellow HT. So far it has had no disease!

This one is not yellow, but I am also proud of it. It is Cherry Meidiland x (Dortmund x Circus). The wonderful plastic-like foliage of the pollen parent carried over perfectly. And the color is nice–watermelon pink w/ white reverse.

Those look great Jadae.