What s clean in your garden?

At this time of year in my no-spray garden, the completely clean plants really stand out. This year has been average for blackspot but off the charts for anthracnose. I made a note of the roses that were still completely healthy (i.e. no BS or anthracnose) today, in no particular order:

Oso Easy Paprika

Dakota Sun

Double Knock Out

Pink Double Knock Out

Pink Princess

All the Rage


1G24 (David Zlesak seedling)

Doorenbos Selection

Paloma Blanca


Pompon de Bourgogne

R. arkansana hybrid

Carefree Sunshine

Carefree Delight

John Davis


Rugosas: Pink Pavement, Dwarf Pavement, Fru Dagmar, Belle Poitevine, Snowdon, Will Alderman, Polareis, Trollhattan, Magnifica.

All other Rugosas, Bucks, Austins, and Portlands have a little BS but not too bad. Was not able to check OGRs. Miniatures are all so spotty, they are all on about their 3rd round of new leaves; some don’t bother and just have flowers atop little green twigs…

Here’s a list of the ones I saw with only anthracnose:

R. xanthina spontanea

R. pendulina

R. acicularis ‘Aurora’

R. amblyotis

What is still looking healthy in your garden?


Claude Rabbe

Dentelle de Malines

Amazingly, everything was clean this year (of course, having said that…). Some years, everything gets powdery mildew. Blackspot isn’t a problem here (yet), nor is rust. Boring beetles and carpenter ants are the real problem.

It would help if folks would tell where they are located, too.

Leaf spot (likely cercospora) is really defoliating a lot in my garden now in the Twin Cities. Black spot hasn’t been too bad at all. There was a great paper by Ulrika Carlson and Campbell Davidson documenting both diseases over years on a common group of roses in Morden and Europe and there seemed to be some competition or antagonism between the diseases. The take home message seemed to be when one was high it limited the other. I do have some back spot on the most susceptible roses, but definitely the leaf spot disease is winning the second year in a row here. Everything has at least some on it.

Double Knock Out, Sunny Knock Out, and Pink Knock Out in the garden are still well foliated. Pink Gnome and Snowcone are good too among the polyantha or polyantha-like shrubs. 1G24 is doing well as well as a few other of my seedlings. Oso Happy Petit Pink has good tolerance holding the spot disease back somewhat to have a lot of leaves that are clean at the perimeter and is still blooming well. I wish it was more fertile!

High Voltage is doing well too and is very fertile. Brite Eyes is doing great as well at this time although in the spring it lost a lot of leaves from downy mildew.

Ok, I should have said ‘leaf spot’–I don’t know for sure whether it is Anthracnose or Cercospora or even both! The spots are tiny and purple-black, and some have a white spot in the middle.

I was surprised by two roses this year. Most years ‘Victorian Memory’ (‘Isabella Skinner’) is very blackspotty. I just keep it around because it’s so hardy. This year it’s been quite healthy! It is surrounded by weeds :frowning: so it certainly has had the opportunity to incubate some fungi. Also, my one surviving R. xanthina x Schneezwerg seedling had blackspot in its infancy. Now in its ‘youth’, it is very healthy except for one or two of those leaf spots. Go figure!

Northwestern Minnesota, USA. Zone 3.

The blackspot is not too bad this year, and right now the infected leaves have dropped and there are no new ones forming. I’m not sure how to identify anthracnose.

Clean Roses:


Rainbow Knockout

Dakota’s Song (this has been a real standout for the past two years. Is anybody else growing this rose?)

Knock Out X William Baffin

Little Mischief

High Voltage


My Girl

All the Rage

John Davis


some Apothecary crosses

Belle Poitevine

Carefree Sunshine and Sunrise Sunset are both showing a little spotting.

Therese Bugnet (also Apothecary a little) shows some sort of rusty leaf burn, a slight malaise that may be environmental. It’s worse on R. acicularis ‘Aurora’

Is this picture anthracnose or blackspot?

Oh, I forgot that Morden Belle is completely clean this year, despite having had blackspot in the past.


Your leaf looks a lot like Downey Mildew

The ‘soft blurred edges’ tend to look more like blackspot, or is it just the focus? Downey mildew is kinda hard edged.

Lafter and Easydoesit are completely clean.

Kashmir and MyGirl have a few yellow leaves.

All of my roses were doing pretty well until hurricane Irene, the humidity right before the storm made the blackspot pop abundantly!

Here in Australia(country area) not much humidity, Black spot/Anthracnose is rare for me. My question to all, is, if they grow ‘Peace’ is it normally effected by these problems. IMO I think this rose is ‘nearly’ born with it, mine is the Clb form. I had(dead now) the bush form and it to had it. the other one that comes to mind is’Iceberg’

The newsletter article I wrote is from last year. So for this year I have two plants showing B.S. Morden Sunrise and Teddy Bear. Modern Sunrise is also showing anthracnose as if it was not hard enough to tell the difference.

(In this part of Colorado B.S. is virtually unheard of)

As far as Pm which is my greatest disease

These are fairly clean this year in terms of PM

Rise n Shine x L83 (2 seedlings but one has anthracnose bad)

Hot Tamale

Sequia Gold

Easy Livin (It is not likeing the heat however alot of the foliage is burnt here and there)

Ann Endt

Scabrosa (totally Clean)

Darts Dash (totally clean)

R. foliosa (totally clean)

Rise n shine x complicata (1 seedling)

Gala x William Baffin (most of these seedlings are excellent 2 out of 20 are really bad)

Seedlings of R. foliosa x with many different parents

{(folksinger x Carefree beauty) x Illusion}op (totally clean but not my hybrid this is from Henery


The worst ones on P.M. which pretty much hits everything at least a little bit here are

Teddy Bear

Rise N Shine


Sterling Silver

Dolly Parton

R. foliosa x Cornelia (almost all of these have average or severe PM)

R. foliosa x R. woodsii (most are totally clean but a few look really bad)

Unfortunately , the answer is not much. Rugelda, Home Run, Easy Does It, and Oso Easy Paprika were still clean this evening. AND The McCartney Rose, which boogles my mind.

I’ve got anthracnose leaf spot, powdery mildew, downey mildew, and black spot, plus Japanese Beetles and sawflys.

Most of the seedlings that are still around from last year’s pollinations are looking pretty clean, but they probably have not been challenged by leaf spot yet. Older seedlings that have been in the ground for a few years do show some leaf spot, mildew and black spot are not too bad on most of these, however.

Too early to say here as spring has only just arrived.

There is very high BS and PM pressure in my coastal climate, every year, without fail.

In the new bare rooted plantings:

*Double Knockout(X1) is already outperforming every other rose, it looks sensational, already starting to mass flower!

*Jubilee Celebration(X1) shows BS on its older (overwintered) leaves (I spose that can be excused in all fairness to it!).

*Pope John Paul II (X1) has no obvious disease yet on new growth.

As for new seedlings, all the new R.foliolosa OP seedlings look great(X6), as do all the OP Multiflora seedlings (X10).

The disease free named roses in my garden this season are Illusion and Quadra.

I also have several seedlings that have high disease resistance. One in particular is a 1-72-1 x L83 seeding…not a spot of disease. Another is (Penny Ante x Tradescant) x L83 and several other seedlings descending from Illusion, Quadra, Westerland and Autumn Sunset that I’m keeping a close eye on.

Here in Central Texas after 79 days of 100+ and 10 months of drought I’ve not seen a sign of blackspot. My problem has been sunburned leaves and fried blooms. Earlier in the week we had hopes of drought breaking rain from T.S. Lee but all we are getting is wind gusts from 38 - 61 mph. This evening I will go out and water the foliage of the roses as I have done at least twice a week all summer.

This summer has tested the heat tolerance of all my roses. The blackspot resistance test will have to wait for another year.

I forgot to add Keith’s Delight…spot free so far.

Joan, I do not envy you, but, as they say, Texas doesn’t have ‘climate’, but ‘weather’. If I recall correctly, don’t you grow Ray Ponton’s Miss Bloomsalot? How is that handling this spell? I am to contact him for cuttings when I can root them later this year. Thank you. Kim