Updates on a couple of hybrids

Hi all,

I’ve been a little out of touch for a while but am trying to get caught up…

I’ve got a few pictures and text posted at the following links if anybody wants to check out how these hybrids are doing this season.

('Fragrant Cloud x Rosa carolina) X ‘Carefree Sunshine’

Rosa rugosa x ‘Hazeldean’

Rosa glutinosa x palustris

Rosa palustris x ‘Home Run’

Thanks, Tom

Thanks for showing Tom!

With your Rosa palustris x ‘Home Run’, there seems to be a few white lesions on some of the leaves, and also some sorta spot disease as well??

I think thats reflection, water, and possibly tree pollen.

It’s been a long time…I’ve missed those cool crosses of yours, Tom.

Tom both those Palustris crosses are beauts,

Fascinating crosses! I’m looking forward to seeing how the next generation turns out.

Thanks guys!

And George, you’ve got good eyes! Most of the white is water reflections (and poor photography skills) like Michael had mentioned, but none of these seedlings is as disease free as either parent. Don’t get me wrong, they’re VERY healthy compared to the average rose, but they usually have just a little mildew somewhere on each plant and also some degree of spotting (don’t know if its blackspot, anthracnose, or what).

I’ll be sure to post flower pictures when they open [if the deer and beetles don’t eat them all first]

Tom, I’ve always been a fan of your species crosses. Thanks for sharing! Do you have photos of the blooms too on the last two crosses?

Thanks Philip!

These two finally just opened their first bloom.

palustris X ‘Home Run’

glutinosa X palustris

There are still a few other seedlings of palustris X ‘Home Run’ that haven’t bloomed yet, but I’ll be sure to get pictures posted when they do.

Thanks again for your interest!

Well, the HR baby’s blooms may leave a little to be desired, but I still think it’s a pretty darned cool crossing. And I can’t help but wonder what kind of cultural flexibility the addition of palustris to the glutinosa might add… A swamp-pine-sented rose?

Beautiful plants, Tom.

I need to spend a little time perusing your blogspot to check out any updates on your earlier species crosses too!


I’ve always loved your crosses Tom, very cool update!

  • Max

Thanks guys!

Here’s davidii x virginiana which is blooming much better this year. Last year it only had a few blooms. I guess it just had to build up enough size to bloom well.

and a few more pictures of two of those Rosa palustris X ‘Home Run’ seedlings:

Oh, NOW we’re talkin’! I didn’t expect the yellow pigment to get expressed in the palustris baby. Very intriguing.

May I ask where you plan on taking these babies in future crosses?

I also forgot to inquire about the rugosa/hazeldean cross. What kind of fragrance do the blossoms emit? Any foliar fragrance? That’s a pretty darned neat plant too.

Hi again Philip,

There IS a liitle bit of yellow visible at the centers and I’m guessing from the warmish coral look of the pink parts that there might be at least a little yellow hidden behind those too. I was kind of hoping I’d get at least a little yellow from ‘Home Run’. Sadly fragrance seems to be almost non-existant in these seedlings.

That’s a good question about where I plan on going with them… I’m not really sure. I think I’d like to keep working at the diploid level and either intercross them or cross them back to reblooming diploids (something relatively healthy like maybe polyanthas or Chinas). It would be fun to try to generate a reblooming diploid population that I could try to use for a “horizontal resistance” selection experiment.

Rugosa X ‘Hazeldean’ has decent scent - sort of like ‘Scotch Rose’ if I’m remembering it right. I don’t think it has much if any foliage fragrance, but I’ll recheck it next time I’m out there. I’m currently crossing my fingers that one of the open-pollinated flowers will set a hip. So far, it’s been completely sterile.

One of my personal favorites is just starting to bloom for the season. It’s (‘Fragrant Cloud’ x Rosa carolina) X Rosa virginiana:



Hey Tom,

Awesome as always!

I’ve got a couple of virginiana seedlings here from op seed collected at our local arboretum. There were other roses (modern and species) around and the seedlings seem to show a bit of variability but I’m still picking them to be selfs. One feature I’ve noticed that differs between seedlings is their autumn colour. I’ll get a photo tomorrow to add here to show what I mean. One in particular is quite awesome. Have you found autumn colour to be passed on from virginiana? I’ve not grown carolina (yet) but am interested in working with virginiana given it’s tetraploid. I really want to keep the autumn foliage colour of this one seedling in particular.

Just taking a break for lunch :slight_smile:

Here are the virginiana seedlings. The first one shows the excellent autumn colour and the second looks like what most of them look like.

[center][attachment 717 virginiana1.jpg]

[attachment 718 virginiana2.jpg][/center]

When I go back out into the garden this afternoon (feeling over-full on pumpkin soup atm and may need a siesta :wink: ), I’ll be planting the plum-foliaged one in the ground. The other one will probably be discarded along with the other 7-8 of them. I have one in the ground already that was the biggest of the batch and this one which has the best autumn foliage. How likely is it that this seedling can pass on this trait?

Hi Simon,

Nice looking seedlings. It’s been my experience that the native North American species DO tend to pass along nice Fall color, but you have to keep in mind that I’ve usually crossed them with other species (most often with some Fall color also). If you have the room I don’t know if I’d be so quick to toss those other seedlings - they might still be nice yellowish Fall color, especially once they get some size to them.

Best of luck with them.

Oh and my carolina is a little set back from digging and moving, and I’m still hoping I can try fedtschenkoana pollen on it if it recovers enough, but if I get OP seeds on it this year I’ll send you some.

Good luck with those virginiana seedlings!


A current picture of glutinosa X palustris:

Simon, That purple is simply stunning, ravishing, eye candy! As a mature bush it is ‘knock your socks off’ material.

I was about to ask if the (‘Fragrant Cloud’ x carolina) X virginiana seedling had good bronze tones to its foliage. They look nicely dark and lustrous in the photo, and do set off the blooms well.

I was wondering if it might potentially work with some of the rugosa/glauca or fedtshenkoana hybrids. I don’t know how much potential for remontancy that seedling could have inherited though. I suppose with 1/4 HT, it has about a 50/50 chance of even having the potential to create a reblooming offspring in the next generation?

We’re starting to get germinations here now and the open-pollinated seeds I collected off of the 3/4 native hybrid -

(‘Fragrant Cloud’ x Rosa carolina) X Rosa virginiana - are coming up nicely (seed germinating). I’d be thrilled if any one of these turns out to be a repeater.