Test Tube Baby Love / Simon Voorwinde

Ok Michael.

Simon, your Test Tube Baby Love (OP Baby Love) seems to have semi-double flowers, as it matures.

This deviation from its single-flowered seed parent (BL), makes me believe there is a definite chance it is not a selfing (I am assuming BL itself is a true single).

This is not a big deal of course, but I am interested in any ideas/comments on this hypothesis?

Link: www.helpmefind.com/gardening/l.php?l=2.64033&tab=1

I’d agree with this. Any hips that form on this one will be crosses too I feel as all the OP hips have so far aborted. If it makes any it will be with cross pollen.

‘Baby Love’ itself didn’t do well at all here either (near Washington D.C.) - it was sickly looking and defoliated continuously until it was dead.

A second generation derivative, ‘Home Run’, however is as healthy as can be, so might be another breeder to consider as a source of ‘Baby Love’ powdery mildew resistance genes.

‘Home Run’ is:

(‘City of San Francisco’ x ‘Baby Love’) X ‘Knock Out’

I haven’t raised any seedlings yet - I hope to have my first crop this Spring from pollen of ‘Home Run’ on one of my own seedlings - but I’ve heard that it passes mildew resistance on to some of its offspring.

Hi Tom. Home run would be a another great one to get here, alas!

Perhaps someone who grows it has some hips they can shell and send? Would that work? I would, but I don’t have it yet. Want some Lynnie selfs? Carlin’s Rhythm selfs? Legacy selfs? If it’s OK with Robert, I can send some Carlin’s Rhythm X Home Run selfs. Kim

Hi Kim. You are too kind!

'Rosa moschata var. abysinnica Cr

OP Home Run seed would be wonderful to play with, and is ok to bring in, (as far as my reading of the rules goes LOL)…Simon, is that the way you read the AQIS list, also??

“Ve haf vays…!” LOL! If it’s that specific rose that’s a problem, we’ll just have to make sure it isn’t “listed” in the pedigree, now, won’t we? Otherwise, what’s required to send you goodies? Kim

Kim… if you send OP Carlin’s Rhythm… send a lot. Unfortunately I’ve found so far that the OP seedlings were weak and mildewy. I’ve kept about 15 and pumped them full of fungicide to see if they pick up and out grow it. Some are starting to pick up and shoot away. It’s like Commander Gillet… a lot of seedlings were very poor but I now have a few from it that are really good too. I would actually love to see you put some of the persica hybrids onto your Carlin’s Rhythm…

George, if it’s possible to send anything (depending upon what hoops must be jumped through and whether it’s worth the expense), I’ll be happy to send everything there is, which may not be much after all this rain; “Purina”, the hopefully soon to finally be useful rabbit and the danged squirrel who eats everything he can find. He and Purina are the main causes for me to consider using systemic pesticide…

Now, you were telling me what I need to do to get goodies through your Customs…Kim

Seed is easy. The AQIS (ICON) allowable imports list states that seed present on the lisat can be brought in without a permit in sub-commercial quatities. It needs to be dry, completely free of moulds, no insects, no dirt or pulp left on the seed, and no leaves. It needs to be labelled with the name “Rosa ‘hybrida’” (and any other code like a number so that different cvs can be identified from each other). They need to have the senders name on the seeds and where they came from (a self-addressed envelope/package would be fine). It needs to be written on the front of the parcel “Attention quarantine: Contains rose seeds” so the parcel can be intercepted and inspected. If they are happy they send it on in the mail. If they aren’t they’ll destroy it no questions asked. So far taps head I haven’t had this happen.

That’s it.

Simon said,

“I would actually love to see you put some of the persica hybrids onto your Carlin’s Rhythm…”

I did a similar cross a few years ago using Jim’s “189-2”.

Check out the lineage it’s interesting

Seedling #2 is now setting tons of OP hips, There are a few deliberate crosses on it out there that I need to get harvested.

I need to update the photos. It actually didn’t turn out too bad now that it’s matured, but the seedling I kept is too double to see the blotch most of the time.

Unfortunately it’s very prickly.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/gardening/l.php?l=2.46354&tab=1

You guys really crack me up… I can just hear you saying “Ve haf vays…and means!”…ROFLOL!!

As far as this thread goes, everyone has been very helpful, as usual, and it has made it easy for me to place BL in my mind very well.

Here are the solutions I am happy with ATM, regarding how to resolve my own BL questions:

*I’ll get CHEWfragbabe today (Healthy in my climate, as per what my rose grower also confirMEd to me on the phone…it has Baby Love as pollen parent).

*Maybe get CHEWbabyblues again (healthy in my climate, with BL as seed parent…I originally got rid of it because I did not care for the flower bi-color combo)

*Simon Voorwinde’s Test Tube Baby Love is possibly on the way, and could prove a healthy one to use, who knows!

*OP Home Run and OP Baby Love seed would both be fun to play with, but to be honest, I now think I have plenty of local options to actually play with, so there is no need to send seed, JimP and Kim.

Again, y’all are such a generous bunch, why…thank y’all!!

Kim, do you use persica in your breeding?? Now that is OP seed I would bother to get a permit for, and in no time!!!

No, George, I don’t use any Hulthemias, though I’ve had all three of the Harkness ones here and all of Ralph’s. I even had Persica itself, grafted on a cutting of Silvermoon. That didn’t live very long but was a lot of fun while it lasted. I’m very satisfied to watch others play with this one. I’d much rather explore the Legacy line and play with Fedtschenkoana, Mirifica and Minutifolia. No one was doing anything with any of them until I began playing with them. Makes it a whole lot more fun. Like growing roses no one else grows, it enables me to visit others and enjoy what I see instead of being bored with more of the same.

I just did a quick run through the pot ghetto to determine what rotting hips are left. Here is what I can shell and clean…

Again, with Robert’s permission as these are from his seedlings he’s shared with me…

Robert’s stuff:

Mine and others:

'CarlRunHat' Rose Photo Seedling number 1, fragrant, clean, thornless

Carlin’s Rhythm, about seven hips rotting on the plant

Lynnie, LOTS of hips! As I said, she a ho!

Sunburn, surprisingly disease free out there! Have NO idea what’s behind it as it is from the age when rodents stole tags frequently in the chaparral.

Red Fairy

Fresh Pink


If any of them are worth the hassle of what you have to go through, they’re yours (or anyone else who wants to play with them). Kim

I can vouch for Lynnie OP being worth the effort - I have saved quite a few for breeding on.

Kim, I’d be up for Show n Tell and Sunburn OP if they haven’t already been spoken for.

You spoke first, Don. You can send the address to Roseseek at america on line. Thanks. Kim

Hi Kim!

You are too generous to believe. A very positive, humorous, happy image of you exists in my mind!

Just to let you know what I am intrigued with currently:

At the moment I am working with clinophylla, clinobracteata, and soon bracteata as well as gigantea (from Viru, and some of this seed was generously distributed to me by Simon Voorwinde in early 2010)…my how time flies!!!

I am not trying to reinvent the wheel by doing this, however most such species hybrids do not exist here, in Australia, so we have a reson to reinvent the wheel…so why not start from scratch!..(there are a few gigantea hybrids available here of course, but really they do nothing for me)…

Soooo, I find these goals real straight forward and simple for me, right now. I have pretty much already got all the rose “germplasm material” I need to get on with breeding the F1, just waiting for the gigantea and bracteata seed to arrive in the mail from Viru!!!

This Baby Love thread pretty much was my last major “rose breeding issue” to solve, at leat for now, in my current “armchair hybridizer” mode!!!.. and with all your collective help my BL issues have been resolved, to be sure!!

Yes, I am also hooked on persica and will use Euphrates again next year, when I can get another plant (I keep giving up on it, then the urge gets me back onto trying with it again…LOL!!!).

I am sure in the future, there will come that moment I will ask you for something, it just has to be that “magic moment” when some “penny drops” and a connection happens in my head, to get asking you. Trust me I am not shy to ask…roflol!

Take care!!!


Hi Simon.

Just to let you konw, I just got one plant of CHEWfragbabe a few hours ago. It was grafted unfortunately, but otherwise seemed fairly healthy, well foliated, with minimal blackspot. I would not be surprised if the blackspot goes away once it hits real soil in the ground!!

I am guessing it is probably a few weeks from the next round of flowering.

I removd a few OP hips off it, and there were only like one or two seeds in each, but in any case, it does seem to show potential for at least some female fertility.

Simon if you want pollen form CHEWfragbabe or any of my “Viru roses”, don’t hesitate to ask!

Baby Love selfs all of the time here. It MUST be hip pruned mid-summer if one wants more blooms because of this. I get a lot of doubels from it as well. Do not be deceived by its 5 petals. It can create highly double seedlings. Part of Baby Love’s charm in breeding is that it could probably create any color class, as well as a multiplicity of bloom forms.

As you can see, New Year x Baby Love was highly double.