Today, at Heirlooms, I bought Sevilliana.

Has anyone used it before? Im not sure what I would cross it with but I like the fact that stippling even shows in the summer heat when handpainting does not. I chose Sevilliana over the others because it seemed like the healthiest of the bunch, I wasnt interested in the hybrids he used that had weak roses like Gingerspap or Just Joey in them even if they are more colorful.

I also picked up Pink Abundance. I already had Red Abundance. It has been the best red floribunda in terms of health and a good floribunda model that I have had. I have been wanting Pink abundance, too, because it is similar to Sexy Rexy but not a backspot mess here. I have gone there before and they have told me that they did not have it even though there is a nice display of it in the garden. So I matched up codenames and figured out that they lied to me and that the Lady In Waiting that they were selling was Pink Abundance. Their re-naming practice is horrendous!

I’ll be sure to see if it works in crosses, too. Hopefully it will not pass on blackspot in ample doses to future generations like Sexy Rexy does.

There are 2 roses with that name. I have the French one.

It is a great shrub rose. I have had it for many years. It is in my front yard as a “show off” rose so that my neighbors think that I know how to grow roses.

Although it sets open pollinated hips and I normally try to germinate the seeds, I do not recall any “keepers”. I also do not remember any successful takes with its pollen; but I have not tried to use the pollen very often.


Yeah, that one is used a lot in landscaping still. The spelling is different, though, because the Buck version has an extra “i” in it. What Im interested in is: dominance of the stippling, dominance of any type of seedling health and what colors work well to bring out the stippling.

Im thinking of using my own seedling nicknames “Waves of Moo” on it. It is HC Anderson x Playboy. It is orange-red with a red reverse. The petal edges turn russet in color weather and blackish-purple in the heat (like Coupe de Foudre). Im also thinking of using Livin Easy with it. I was trying to avoid roses that have pale reverses because I noticed that, among it’s known seedlings, that it can pass the stippling onto the reverse as well. My pet peeve about striped roses is that 50% of them are only striped on the face due to heavy influence of handpainteds used in the crosses for them.

Things Ive noted so far:

Sevilliana peduncles are too long.


Frontier Twirl- Sevilliana x Just Joey. No stipples. Blah foliage. Good color expression.

Gee Whiz- Gingersnap x Sevilliana. Stippled on face only. Reverse is darker. Good color expression. Average foliage.

Incredible- same as above. darker colors. blah foliage.

Spanish Rhapsody- Gingersnap x Sevilliana. Stippled on all sides. Average color expression. Decent foliage.

Sevilliana has a sister named Freckle Face. It is a lighter pink but does not display much stippling.

Dorcas- Minigold x Freckle Face. Moderate stippling. Good foliage. Quite pastel.

Grace Note- (Tiki x Marigold) x Freckle Face. Light stippling. Average foliage. Poor color tone.

Prairie Sunset- Sunsprite x Freckle Face. No stippling. Good foliage. Good color expression.

Habanera is the third sister in the group. It is not stippled. It’s only seedling is Aunt Honey (Music Maker x Habanera) and it is also not stippled.

Freckles is a fantastic rose. Its nicely hardy and a prolific bloomer.

It does have the stippling but hugely pronounced.

Doesnt produce a lot of pollen for me and only set 3 hips with pollen I had applied.

I cant compare it to Sevilliana as I have never grown Sevilliana.

Previous discussion on stippling


Heyas Steven. Everything I saw on Freckles showed no stippling. Weird, eh?

The majority of the stippling soucres seem to be from the Cinn section with one exception from the Pimp (lol) section.

Ive noticed that the stippled line has a lot of roses higher (relative to that time frame) in pelargonidin and flavanol. Is the color break occurence higher in roses that provide these or just one of the two?

Also, has striping ever occured in species roses? Ive never noticed any but I could have missed one.

It is blooming today.

The face is light pink with light red freckles. The freckles follow the vein lines. The base has a peachy glow. The reproductive parts are gold with a slight touch of rose to the female parts. The reverse is light red.

From what I can guess, the freckles are best expressed when the red meets the peach. My best guess is that peonin (cyanidin in mottled gallicas?) over flav. brings out the best striations. In any event, I doubt I will use pure yellows or yellows with all gold reproductive parts. I think some form of red expression (peonin, cyanidin or pelargonidin)is essential. Livinin’ Easy, Ebb Tide, Pretty Lady and Paddy Stephens seem like prime canidates for hybridizing with it so far. Also, I would like to try it with handpainted and striped roses out of sheer curiousity. I think I will use Scentimental and Regensberg.

Sorry to spam again but the subject is new to me and kind of fun.

The striation pattern in Scentimental in a normal striped petal (as opposed to the mainly red petals) is highly similar to the striation pattern in Sevilliana. The main difference is that, like hand painteds, Sevillana’s striations disappear exactly where handpainted dont “paint themselves” (all but the petal base and edges) whereas the stripes in Scentimental envelop the entire petal.

I am fairly interested in this subject as well. I hope that some of the offspring I get from Applejack end up with stippling.

It will be a while for me though. Just as I started to get some seedlings from my own crosses, I decided to move to Idaho. I am in the process of re-establishing my roses.

If I end up with some roses with the freckles, I will keep them and try to encourage a more drastic expression of it. I think its kind of neat.

I like unique things which is why I love Ralph Moore roses.

I did notice a type-o in my previous post.

“but hugely pronounced.”

was supposed to read

“but not hugely pronounced.”

The freckles on Freckles are very light if present at all.

By the way, here is a photo of Sevilliana I took during one of my many trips to Ames

Cool. Two heads are often better than one. I’ll be sure to write back on what roses express it and which dont (if I can remember to).

I harvested some self pollinated hips off Sevilliana (the buck shrub) this year just out of curiousity. It has been setting quite a few hips, though I think mostly too late to use. I wasn’t actively planning ahead. Next year I’d like to try using it, becuase I LOVE the stippling. At least on mine, it is very prounounced, all year round, and persists even if the petals are dried! My only complaint about it is that the flowers themselves last a relatively short time, otherwise I think it’s a wonderful rose. I am very interested to see what comes up.

Mine is still blooming under the eve of the house. What I notice as the plant has matured is that the foliage is REALLY clean and fairly aesthetic.

I still do not know what to cross with. I do know I will try New Year X Baby Love on it for sure. Also, Purple Heart because I noticed that PH stiples in cold weather. I want to know if that can be expressed (the whole purple with violet stiples combo, that is).

Ha ha! Mine has one lonely little semi-abused bud on it, that just made it through the rainstorms we had. The foliage is sill lovely though, I really appreciate the hardiness of Buck roses. As to what to cross it with, I just don’t know. I don’t really understand the inheritance of stippling…which is partly why I’m curious to see some of it’s seedlings from the self crossing. I’ve seen that Paul Barden bred a really neat rose called ‘song of the stars’ from a cross of Alain Blanchard x Alain Blanchard…and the spotting on Song of the Stars is much more pronounced then in it’s parent. But of course, that’s spotting, not stippling, and Alain Blanchard is a Gallica/or Centifolia depending on opinion. But nevertheless I wonder if the same or similar would hold true with stippling?

Another thought that occured to me was crossing it with roses selected for hardiness/disease resistance, then seeing if any stippling showed up in the seedlings, then try crossing them with each other to see if you could get some more prounounced stippling that way.

Hmm, I see no reason why not to cross stipled x spotted.

I want to cross stipled x striped and stipled x handpainted

Sevilliana x Scentimental, Sevilliana x Regensberg would be examples.

SO, the offspring could in theory be strippled?, or stiple painted? lol

I have noooooooooo clue! With my luck they’d all be dark pink selfs =P

I know that handpainteds are in the majority of striped roses.

Pro: more vivid, varied striping.

Con: many have a self reverse which looks really fake.

Sevilliana has a dark reverse much like Duet or Tournament of Roses. I have no clue what that could mean, in theory, tho.

Oh, I wasn’t saying you shouldn’t try to cross them together, only that I wasn’t sure that the heritability would work the same way. In otherwords, if crossing sevilliana with itself would produce more intense stippling or not, and whether the result would be more likely to pass it on or not. I’m assuming that whatever genes cause spotting are different then those that cause stipling.

Are they? And how much different if so? That’s part of what I want to see.