Peal la S

Hello you all, group of scientific poets,

I would like to cross Pearl La Sevillana (=Meichonar) with some gallica of my garden, and perhaps with Stanwel Perpetual.

I also plan to cross her with blush Noisette if I can get some pollen of it and some more diploids.

I choose PLS it because it is described as pretty much disease resistant and

I have a photos posted at HelpMeFind of this cultivar. The parentage is intriguing.

Pearl Sevillana seems poorly adapted to my climate and growing conditions so I never even experimented with it.

The blossom are unimpressive here and blow very quickly.

I’ve never tried sowing the seed.

The blooms rot here =/ (Oregon)

Im trying to think of something better but Im coming up short.

ok, Thanks, :frowning:

It seems that I wasted 12 dollars. I bought it in France at Meilland under the name ‘Tutti-Frutti’ (Meichonar). Too bad. I also bought ‘Rodin’, Meigadraz, a pink sport of Knock-out I will try as male parent on diploids (multiflora), Home Run beeing not yet introduced to France

Thank you Robert and Jadae

Jadae, please persevere, I need a good seed parent :slight_smile:

I’d go ahead and try it.

Many times I’ll sow OP seed to get an idea of fertility when testing a new seed parent and before I put any time and effort into it.

There is good stuff behind it. You should be able to generate some worthy seedlings if you get fertility.

What are your breeding objectives?

Yeah, I’d try regardless.

Oh, what about some of the Lens hyrbids for your OGR crosses? I just dont know which ones. Ive had poor luck with Bukavu (my only Lens rose). But, then again, Ive been sticking highly infertile things on it.

Robert, my breeding goals approach the landscape roses type, higher growing, very resistant to blackspot (not an original goal), nice looking shrub but also pretty when seen closer.

Musk roses and low climbing Noisette are the closest habit I am looking for, with arching canes. The double forms are unfortunately balling to often here.

Gallicas are in my garden the best plants as for the flower quality and perfume, and are not balling. I do not appreciate the plant habit. I also love some rugosa cultivars, but ditto for the plant habit.

Jadae, I grow and love some Lens Hybrides, as ‘Plaisanterie’, ‘Alden Biesen’ or ‘Walferdange’ which are quite healthy, and some others musk or multiflora from others breeders like ‘Mozart’ Ballerina or ‘Trier’

You are right, I could try Gallica on them, but I thing most are diploids. I will try, the result could be closer to my objectives than the Peal Sevillana X Gallica I planned (as an intermediate step, for selection on remontance in the F2)

Thanks a lot


Among Meidilands/Meillandecors the best at blackspot resistance here is Crimson M. with a larger flower, strong petals and easy parent. Deborah is very fertile also. Both tetraploid large growing and recurrent. Both will throw large plant and flower progeny. Up to Ht size often cabbagy flower.

Armada is a very easy seed parent. I’ve seen it mildew, but only once and only very lightly.

Ice Meililand maybe? btw, does it have to be white or blush? I was narrowing it down to that.

Arnold, don’t think you’ve wasted your money. I wouldn’t hurt to keep a rose in your garden if it is pleasing. It only means nobody else has tried it out.

I’m using several roses that don’t have listed decendents and I’ve keeping many of those seedlings. I have seedlings of Cologne, Pacific Serenade, Orange Ruffels and others that have limited or no offspring.

Have you’ve looked in the the Hybrid Musks? For me, a few are like small growing Noisettes. Perhaps breeding hybrid musks with noisettes will result in nice spray type of roses such as David Austin’s Francine?

I have often thought about buying Trier so that I can cross it with Champney’s Pink Clusters in order to obtain Noisettes with smaller growth and bigger clusters.

Pierre, Crimson Meidiland MEIouscki sound good for me. I am not much attracted by this color in general, but don’t mind having to discard part of his progenies. Deborah is blackspot prone in my region (Ain, east of France)

Robert, Armada HARuseful gave you some nice seedlings. I appreciate your Armada X Lila Banks # 1, #3 ,#6. My question, if I do not abuse of your time : Armada is sometimes describes as once-bloomer.Are the F1 with remontant roses repeaters ? I found a source of Armada in UK (Harkness)

Jadae, I indeed prefer soft colors but it has not to be white or blush. Ice Meidiland MEIvahyn would be also sometings great for me and easy to get. Is it female fertile ?

I dont know if it is. I was taking a random stab.

In addition to Enrique’s suggestion of Trier, Danae works similarly.

Trier is supposed to be very easy and it’s already a part of my modern hybrids of course it gets big.

Danae is a wild thorny thing in my climate. The blossoms fade and blow rather quickly.

Enrique, I haven’t seen your post before replying. Probably simultaneaous posting. Thank you for your encouragement. I will give it a try, as also suggested by Robert and Jadae.

Noisette X Trier sound good to me. Thanks.

Jadae I found that Ice Meidilland forms Hips in medium quantity, approximately 1cm in size and near Orange-Red. See link below (scroll down to the end). I order it tonight, along with Crimson Meidilland.

Thank you Robert for the informations on Trier.

OK, a beginner year is preparing with Meilland Roses, Noisette Gallicas and Multifloras. Very exciting and lots of fun in preparation.

Thanks all. I will report on the results.


Same here re: Danae but I had good luck with seedlings. Unfortunately it bit the dust due to herbicide drift (oops…) and I didnt get to use it more. i kept two from that year. Both were Danae x Pretty Lady (it sets easily. One had salmon pink blooms in a polyantha style. The other had yellow-green blooms with HT-like form on a 2.5" bloom. Neither faded really. I still dont know what to think of them. If I still had it, I’d cross Danae with purple OGR’s out of sheer curiousity.

I found the Danae seedlings, Robert.

Theyre horrible pics from my old camera in the hot August sun, but you get the drift.

Not bad but not great huh? I keep Danae out of sentimentality as it was given to me by a dear friend but I haven’t considered using it.