new blooms for 2013

The new blooms for 2013 are stacking up fast-here are a couple on nicer and more healthy plants:

[attachment 1490 2013MamartxCarefreeCopperMix865.jpg]

[attachment 1491 2013MamartxCarefreeCopper875.jpg]

And of course a yellow, nice color but channeling Dorola’s miniature background.

[attachment 1492 2013DorolaxJuliaChild869.jpg]

Not seeing as many new postings of flowers-surely we aren’t going to patent all these?

Not much is blooming here on the Central California Coast. One that I’m looking forward to here is a four year old OP seedling of Closer to Heaven. It hasn’t bloomed yet, so I’m hoping this is the year. I have Paul Barden’s Persil next to it and I’m just waiting to make this match both ways.

Love the coloring of the first one. What is the parentage if you don’t mind. I see carefree copper but don’t know the other. How has Carefree Copper been working for you?

No blooms here yet but I’m probably about 3 weeks away from the first on this year’s seedlings. I can hardly wait!

I finally have a couple of tiny buds which I keep looking through the sun room windows down to the seed tables to see if there is any color yet. The first to open should be Cal Poly X Pretty Lady. It appears to want to be pink. Go figure.

Jackie the colour combo on the second bloom is bloomin marvelous, I like this as it gives variation , compared to a solid colour. Great work.

Love the orange-edged stamens on the yellow bloom. Very striking!

I absolutely love the first one, Jackie. I could not get Carefree Copper to stick, due to the heavy rains in June the past 2 years.

I havent shown any seedling blooms for 2013, because my seeds germinate 100% outdoors in bins filled with soilless medium.

Very nice blooms Jackie, I like the form of the top one and the colors of the other two. It’ll be great if the yellow doesn’t fade too much.

Here are a few of my latest to bloom. These three are all from the same cross: Goldbusch x A3101. The last one is more of a peach color and has stripes which are more noticeable on the back.

[attachment 1494 GBxA3101-2-1800x600.jpg]

[attachment 1495 GBxA3101-3-1800x600.jpg]

[attachment 1496 GBxA3101-4-1800x600.jpg]

Here are a few more. The top one is the back of the peach colored rose and you can see the stripes. The second one is ((William Booth x Summer Wind) x Morden Snow Beauty) OP and I suspect it’s a cross with Snowdrift which is right next to it. All of the other OP seedlings from 04-017 have been singles. And the third is Hot Wonder x (William Booth x Carefree Sunshine), I didn’t expect white from this cross.

[attachment 1497 GBxA3101-4-2800x600.jpg]

[attachment 1498 04-017OP-1-1800x600.jpg]

[attachment 1499 HWx3-001-1-1800x600.jpg]

You have a wide mix of colors from those crosses Paul. I like that when you cross something like Goldbusch x A3101 you can get a rainbow of colors.

Thanks Adam,

I was mostly expecting yellows and oranges from this cross. But they’ve ranged from light pink to red with only two that are either peach or salmon.

Very nice blooms Paul, I like the withe one ((William Booth x Summer Wind) x Morden Snow Beauty) OP

[flickr_photo src= nsid=78328976@N05 id=8593018249]HPIM6028[/flickr_photo]

Picture of the snow we recieved this past week.

[flickr_photo src= nsid=78328976@N05 id=8593017731]HPIM6063[/flickr_photo]

My set up.

[flickr_photo src= nsid=78328976@N05 id=8593017973]HPIM6055[/flickr_photo]

[flickr_photo src= nsid=78328976@N05 id=8593017863]HPIM6061[/flickr_photo]

Two pictures of Gala x Easy Does It

[flickr_photo src= nsid=78328976@N05 id=8593018063]HPIM6053[/flickr_photo]

[flickr_photo src= nsid=78328976@N05 id=8593018143]HPIM6043[/flickr_photo]

Two pictures of Sequia Gold x Love and Peace. The first one has a lot of green in the flower but you can’t tell too much by the picture. The secound one has a wonderful rich color but something is wrong!!

Cal Poly x fedtschenkoana

[flickr_photo src= nsid=66449618@N07 id=8594324570][/flickr_photo]


The first seedling is really a bit more electric in person. it opened fully with an orange center, and a nicely formed flower. The seed parent was one of my crosses from 3 yrs ago, Mme Bravey X Rt 66, and she does produce a lot of very old fashioned ultra doubles. kept one from last yr that might be too double. Carefree Copper and Carefree Copper Mix ‘stuck ’ to everything I crossed it with. Of course I only have fog to contend with, not outright rain. It does have some pretty nice colors, many somewhat bi colored, mostly warm pinks, orangey pinks, and I see a couple of reds coming on, and one yellow with some red. The second above bloom doubled its’ size, and held its’ color well. Some of the plants are outrageously sturdy, nicely branched, and also quite outrageously bristled, but not all. In fact, the Mamart crosses seem to have a tempering effect on the bristles, even though she is of average thornage. I have to wonder what I am doing with Prairie Peace, the Carefree Coppers, and Spinnossisima altaica and still wanting to develop low thorns/bristles. But I am strangely attracted to the ultra bristled stems and how they look in the sunlight. The Acicularis hybrids I’ve got have the same look.

The yellow has deepened into a gold/yellow, and is a miniature for sure. I see more of that same cross yellowing up, much larger, so not all of them will be small. One other has opened and looks like a ’ Baby Love’ clone. Dorola is a good non fading yellow with very good yellow pigmentation. Just doesn’t always cooperate with setting hips here. I am looking forward to the first blooms on some Gemini x Altaica from last yr. Two of them have a few buds, they are very spin. in appearance, and look to be early bloomers. The rest might be taking a pass for another year.

Jackie, Ive been considering revisiting Golden Wings as a pollen parent.


Whot kind of fluorescent light you used?

Thanks Lukasz,

The mother, 04-017 is a white single and all of the other OP seedlings from it have been single as well, but most of those have a strong sweet scent that I haven’t noticed on the mother. Sadly the double seedling doesn’t have scent either. I suspect the double seedling is a cross with Snowdrift which is very double and is planted right next to 04-017. I have a few 04-017 x Snowdrift seedlings, but none as nice as this OP seedling.


I hate late season snow storms, but it usually warms up quickly and the snow melts fast. Your set-up looks a lot like mine, but I don’t have any beer cups. It looks like you had one hell of a party:). That’s’ too bad about the vegetative center on the yellow seedling, it has good color. I really like the color of the top one.

Cal Poly x fedtschenkoana I can’t wait to see what these will look like.

I do think Golden Wings has a lot of potential.

Lukasz I have mostly T12 but as the light fixtures go out I am slowly replacing them with T5. The T5s are becoming more available and the price have been dropping. I also like how they last longer and are more efficient. Plus the T12s are disappearing slowly but surely. Make sure you either get a fixture with a reflector or make one with a reflector. The more light you can bounce back at the seedling the better. I think I am going to box in the selfing-unit on three sides some how in order to box in more light. Perhaps cardboard with aluminum foil stuck to one side.

Paul I like the coloring of both seedlings real well. This is one of those crosses I have to do more of. The second seedling seems like one of those high pointed buds that never seem to open, but it is good to know that the color combination is in there. The first one will make it outside and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. The second one I think will make it out but ultimately will be in the compost because I expect the flowers will never open well.