First seeds harvested

The hips are coloring at about the same time as the number of days (110 - 120) from pollination. I collected, cleaned and refrigerated these this afternoon.

Blue for You X 1-72-1Hugonis
Blue for You X Banksiae lutescens
1-72-1Hugonis selfed
1-72-1Hugonis X Grandmother’s Hat (hopefully!)
1-72-1Hugonis X Joyberry
DLFED 3 X Midnight Blue selfed
Golden Horizon X 86-3

I hope something germinates from the Golden Horizon X 86-3 so I can compare it to the Cal Poly X 86-3 which germinated last year and is beginning to grow vigorously. It outgrew its mildew issues as all of the new foliage is large and spotless. No flowers yet, unfortunately, but it is definitely NOT a Cal Poly self!

BFY x banksiae sounds fun. I like those crosses where you just have no idea what might result. (Although I suppose Murphy’s law dictates that the seedlings will be single, bland pink, thorny, once-blooming, non-hardy, and mildewy)

Have you grown OP banksiae seeds? Does it seem to be self-fertile or might there be variation due to self-sterility? I haven’t germinated the seeds you sent me on the presumption that they germinate better if stored for a year first. I wonder if I’ll be able to keep one alive in a pot until it blooms. It’ll have to survive in storage at 34-45 degrees for about five months.

Thanks, Joe. Yes, I’ve raised one self Lutescens seedling for several years now. It has yet to flower but it’s out growing a fifteen gallon can so hopefully soon! There are two selfs which germinated this year from OP seed. Only a very few of the pollinated hips I did on Lutescens remain on the plant. I pollinated a BUNCH of them (what a pain!) in hopes something would set. Oh, well. You may be right about them germinating better after a time of storage. Ralph theorized the seeds from once flowering types which germinated quickly were more likely to be capable of repeat bloom and would be less hardy. Those requiring two seasons to germinate would probably be once flowering and hardier. I can understand his logic, though I have no idea if it’s valid or not. I did experience that with the Xanthina seeds. None germinated the first year, but several have come up the second year in surrounding seedlings already repotted. The remainder I planted this year has two seedlings from this year’s planting. I like the idea that those germinating faster should be more “temperate” with greater repeat potential.

I have been resisting harvesting the hips although some of the earlier ones are beautifully colored. Am watching the sepals etc., and do not want to lose any hips to the ground squirrels. Something, probably a vole, did ‘harvest’ a couple of low growing hips this past week. Those were still green. That is the first time I have actually noticed a green hip getting ripped off by a rodent. I say noticed just because this may have happened without me noticing, although I try to keep the area clear around the bases of each rose to discourage just that happening. June feels to early to harvest hips here, unless these are late winter bloomers. In order to get a few more hips to replace the large amount aborted, I have been quite busy getting a few replacement pollinations done. If you get any seedlings to post from Hugonis x Grandmothers Hat, I would love to see them. I have at least a dozen successful seedlings from Grandmothers’ Hat that are from 2" to one ft. tall and not one of them has bloomed nor has any a bud. These are with varied seed parents, from 0-47-19 to Roundelay to Cafe Legacy, among a couple others. At least one of the 0-47-19’s is a self, I think, but Grandmothers Hat seedlings have mostly inherited either the unique and large leaf + the upright growth pattern, or the leaf pattern along with the very dark foliage. What is up with the failure to bloom do you think?


“Have you grown OP banksiae seeds? Does it seem to be self-fertile”

This question is not intended at me but I can answer banksiaes are self fertile. To get hybrids one could better use its pollen.

Thanks, Jackie. I’m REALLY intrigued with the possibility of getting blooms from the 1-72-1Hugonis crosses with Grandmother’s Hat and Joyberry. My hopes are to achieve something like Dr. E.M. Mills. I’m also quite eager to see the flowers on the already germinated Hugonis and Fedtschenkoana crosses. There is an ULTRA vigorous IHTxLB X Fedtschenkoana. That’s a Robert Rippetoe seedling of (International Herald Tribune X Lila Banks) with Fedtschenkoana. The top two feet of growth is out of the shot. That’s from seed germinated since JANUARY!
I can’t wait to see what Ping Dong Yue Ji X 1-72-1Hugonis becomes!
There is a whole line of Pretty Lady X 1-72-1Hugonis, all with very similar, beautiful foliage.
There are also seedlings from Secret’s Out, the white sport of Secret X Fedtschenkoana; Pink Petticoat X Fedtschenkoana and Golden Horizon X 1-72-1Hugonis.

Almost all of the Lutescens hips I pollinated have fallen, though self set ones remain. We’ll see if the remaining hips on other roses from Lutescens’ pollen actually are crosses or not. I certainly gathered enough buds and pimped enough pollen for SOMETHING to result. There are hips on Ping Dong Yue Ji tagged as being from Lutescens. That should be quite fun, too!

Joe, I have seedlings from self set Lutescens hips. One from several years ago which is large in a fifteen gallon can, and several from seed set last year and planted this winter/spring.

Those are some pretty impressive thorns on (IHTxLB) X Fedtschenkoana. The other cross in the photos, Ping Dong Yue Ji X 1-72-1Hugonis sounds even more intriguing-that one could lead to a real beauty, and sounds like a rose that should be tried in many different crosses.

Thank you. That’s what I was thinking…

I’m sorry, Jackie, I meant to comment on your question about the large size needed for Grandmother’s Hat seedlings to flower. I raised a number of selfs from her last year. Two have become substantial plants and only one has flowered. ONE, whole flower on the more mounding, “ground cover” type plant. It was pretty much what I would have expected from her.
There was scent to the flower and most of the seedlings have varying degrees of scented foliage. I’m wondering if they simply need to grow larger to support flowering?

Some interesting prickles Kim, nice foliage, the crosses are also interesting, will wait for the flowers ?

Thanks! I know I’m waiting with baited breath!

I know I’m waiting with bated breath!

Me too but I’ll have to wait longer than you folks. If anything comes of these one gets to be named CanFederate Union - :male_sign: R. fedtschenkoana, :female_sign: Cannikin.

I am still about a month away from harvest but it will be a dismal one this year. After several years of high summer temps and drought, a colder than normal winter and a March 4 ice storm that froze the spring new growth and buds to turn to mush I had few hips set. I had the same problem with seed set on my daylilies. I think the roses are tired and decided to take a year off. Hubby says I need a year off too. I do have a few OP hips that have set on last year’s seedlings so will play with those. I’m also watching hips of

Cinnamon Dolce X Alexander
Liebesperle X Ginger Glow
Fairy Dust X raspberry Kisses

Being a Farmer’s Daughter I do have the “maybe next year will be better” attitude.

I reduced my rose crossings this year, as I havent been in Florida much. I did make some Peggy Martin X Chrysler Imperials, looking for a thornless Don Juan type climber. Plus Reine de Violette, Clotilde Soupert, and Darlows Enigma got pollen from almost everything else, just because I was curious.

Finished my harvest yesterday. Last year my germination rate was very low and I wonder if it had to do with harvesting hips too early so this year I gave them all 115 days. Hip set this year was dismal and many set hips aborted. Roses here are stressed due to prolonged drought, high heat summers and a late season ice storm this spring. I did harvest the following crosses:

Blue Girl X Cinnamon Dolce
Blue Girl X Ginger Glow
Fairy Dust X Raspberry Kisses
Dame 'd Coeur X Sugarbooger
Old Blush X Ebb Tide
Blue Girl X Ginger Glow
Cinnamon Dolce X Alexander
Liebesperle X Ginger Glow
Old Spice X Sugarbooger
Sugarbooger X Old Spice

Old Spice is one of my breeding stock plants a cross of Cameron Bohls X Soncy it is a very dark red single flowered rambler. I am happy that 7 of 10 of the crosses that produced seed include one of my own hybridized roses. It is an indication to me that I’ve been blessed with some roses that grow well in my climate. I will continue to add new blood for variety but my own roses will form the backbone of my breeding program.

Congratulations, Joan! That does make you feel as though perhaps you’ve “arrived”, doesn’t it? It’s a LOT more fun using your own creations than simply commercial types, isn’t it?

Thanks Kim, don’t know if I have actually “arrived” but I have made progress in the last 10 years. Just wish I had started at a younger age.

You’re welcome. I understand that feeling, but we were both engaged in more pressing matters at younger ages, as many people are. I honestly think we end up doing what we’re supposed to be doing, when we do them. We weren’t the same people then as we are now. Who knows if we would have been as intuitive, insightful or talented at it then?

Ditto the feeling-I find myself thinking that very same thought and I haven’t been doing this for even ten yrs. If only many things, but there were so many pressing things to do then. Now that I have the time to devote I do find myself a little short on energy at times.
Regarding the heat, drought etc., I noticed yesterday that more than a couple of the more established roses are definitely going into a forced (by the heat) dormancy right now. Good to hear that your crosses are tailored to the heat.

My regret is that I should have bought a bigger property :stuck_out_tongue: