First germination

After 4weeks of cold treatment the first germination is Cal Poly x Rayon Butterflies. A healthy yellow or peach that is at least semi-double would be nice. excited to see what comes up next.

Congratulations Rob! I’m excited about this cross, but it’s even neater than that. It shouldn’t be “Rayon Butterflies”, but Rayon Butterfed. It’s a cross between Rayon Butterflies and Fedtschenkoana. Even more interesting, isn’t it? I didn’t use Butterflies this year, but put Butterfed with virtually everything.

Hi Kim. I followed your link to Rayon Butterfed and saw this: “After observing this seedling this summer, I am fairly sure it is a self seedling of Rayon Butterflies. It IS a very good rose for this area!” I’m confused…and that’s not hard to do…about the actual parentage for Rayon Butterfed.

Your write up on Rayon Butterfed is very interesting!

Sorry about that! When that was posted, that was the impression, but there is enough “wrong” about it, something else is involved. Instead of round hips, Rayon Butterfed’s are more elongated. This photo from just a few moments ago doesn’t really show it to best effect, but this summer when there were bazillians of them, they were very much like those of 0-47-19DLFED.

[attachment 1266 rayonbutterfed2.JPG]

The prickles are “wrong”, more down turned, smaller and the foliage is quite narrow, much harder and more heavily embossed.

[attachment 1267 rayonbutterfed4.JPG]

The differences between Rayon Butterfed and Rayon Butterflies are rather parallel to those observed between 0-47-19 and 0-47-19DLFED.


Very cool. Since the cross actually involved Rayon Butterfed it makes it even more of an interesting cross. Thank for the seeds!


What can you tell me about the growth habit of Rayon ButterFED?

Best of luck, Rob!

It’s very poly-like. So far, the entire plant isn’t two by two and a half feet, and it flowers continuously here. It will throw out a cane, terminating in large clusters of blooms. Just below that cluster, another, shorter cane, terminating in another smaller cluster, forms. It almost appears to grow in layers, like a Loropetalum. The main cane grows out flat, then produces perpendicular laterals as new flowering stems. It has some buds now, with lots of weeds and dead alyssum, but this is what it looked like just a few minutes ago.

[attachment 1292 DSCN3161.JPG]

[attachment 1293 DSCN3172.JPG]

[attachment 1294 DSCN3173.JPG]

It’s a difficult spot, lots of heat, direct as well as reflected, radiated heat and the blamed moles keep the soil churned up like mad so water stress is constant. But, it keeps pushing growth and flowers!


Thanks for sharing the information on this one and for posting pictures. It appears very healthy looking and doesn’t seem to be overly thorny. I like the shape of the leaves.

You’re welcome Rob. It definitely has its share of prickles! But it is dwarf and ever flowering, making a very attractive plant, at least to my eyes. I have good hopes for it in breeding.

Dwarf and ever flowering work for me. :slight_smile: I have several of your Cal Poly x Rayon ButterFED seeds that have germinated and am excited about what might come from them.

I’m really excited about that one, too, Rob. I’m picturing a dwarf, healthy, thornless version of Mutabilis, but Nature has a sense of humor…

I’m hoping for yellow/peach and a healthy hip setter!

That could work!

Next up to germinate is:

({Halo Today x [Geisha x (Tobo x Singin’ in the Rain)]} x Thrive!) x Indian Love Call

The pod parent is a seedling belonging to a member and I’m not sure if I can ID it on here. It’s a pretty red single that blooms it’s head off and is very healthy. It’s also an excellent seed setter.

The pollen parent is one of Kim Rupert’s creations. Indian Love Call descends from Basye’s Legacy which is exciting. The bloodline contains R. Moschata var. abysinnica Crepin, R. rugosa Rubra and R. carolina var. alba Raf. Seeds from this cross were obtained from Kim. Hopeing for thornlessness and health to be used with some of my own miniatures.

The weather has been quite a bit chillier and wetter than the previous two and the seedlings show it. These have been under soil a bit over a month now and many already have true leaves.

Blue for You X Cal Poly

[flickr_photo src= nsid=67995840@N04 id=8289942456]DSCN3217[/flickr_photo]

Cal Poly X Fedtschenkoana, and there IS a bit of a “smoky” scent to the foliage!

[flickr_photo src= nsid=67995840@N04 id=8288882861]DSCN3216[/flickr_photo]

These next two, I really have my fingers crossed about! Cal Poly X Banksiae lutescens

[flickr_photo src= nsid=67995840@N04 id=8289942684]DSCN3215[/flickr_photo]

Cal Poly X R. Minutifolia

[flickr_photo src= nsid=67995840@N04 id=8289942760]DSCN3214[/flickr_photo]

Pink Parfait X 1-72-1Hugonis

[flickr_photo src= nsid=67995840@N04 id=8288882783]DSCN3211[/flickr_photo]


[flickr_photo src= nsid=67995840@N04 id=8289943006]DSCN3210[/flickr_photo]

42-03-02 X Hugonis

[flickr_photo src= nsid=67995840@N04 id=8288883347]DSCN3209[/flickr_photo]

There are a lot of holes in the two boxes, but this really isn’t bad for such early results!

[flickr_photo src= nsid=67995840@N04 id=8288883083]DSCN3213[/flickr_photo]

That is pretty nice looking growth you have going there! The weather is really making all the difference, and this bit a rain did not hurt at all.

Reading some of the crosses that can be made out Kim there are going to be some nice plants amongst them, well done.

Here is what I have coming up so far.

Hot Tamale x (Rise N Shine x L83)

Gene Boerner x (Rise N Shine x L83)

Sequia Gold x Love & Peace

Gala x Easy Does It

Sequia Gold x (Rise N Shine x L83)

Incantation x (Rise N Shine x L83)

Scabrosa op.

R. multiflora op.

Gala x (Rise N Shine x L83)

Suntan Beauty x Eyeconic Pink Lemonade

R. bracteata op. (thanks to Natalie)

90-82 op. (thanks to Natalie)

Anne Endt op.

Hot Tamale x Eyeconic Pink Lemonade

Westerland x (Rise N Shine x L83)

R. foliolosa x Gala

Bonica x Sequia Gold

R. foliolosa op

Cole’s Settlement op. (thanks to Natalie)

Roxie x (Rise N Shine x L83)

(Rise N Shine x L83) is a plant that is a climber or large shrub with lax canes. Thorns are hooked mostly. Hardy to zone 4 or 5 whatever I am anymore. Dark red with black tints. Semi double and fragrant. Once blooming. No signs of disease except a little pm in late fall. Slight fall foliage. Summer foliage dark green with a shine to it. Very pollen fertile but difficult female parent.

Roxie is not the two listed on hmf I think. This plant came from davidzlesak. It has been very healthy and vigorous.

The underlined op seed I plan to try to use preen to increase the chromosome count. Just to experiment on it.

R. bracteata is at the edge of hardiness here so I plan to mass plant it out and hopefully find a few that are hardy; keeping one or two are really protecting them just in case.

You have some great crosses there Adam. I hope you will post some results from your crosses using (Rise N Shine x L83).