First germination of the winter

Today I noticed my first germination of the winter. It is;

Ramblin’ Red x (Morning Magic x ILC1-72-1). A very hardy (Z3b) red rambler crossed with a yellow shrub. Both parents are very disease resistant. The excitement begins.

That sounds like a great cross Rob. ‘Ramblin Red’ does well at the University of Alberta Botanic Garden.
Looking forward to your report on the outcome.

Congratulations, Rob. Fun times.
This was a year of many aborted hips for me. (What have the bees got that I ain’t got?) I nonetheless have a few crosses I’m looking forward to germinating in the fridge, and more than a few O.P.'s to help me familiarize myself with a new crop of prospective parents. I think I’m actually more excited for the prospective future crosses I’m already dreaming about. (Those future crosses always feel like they have more potential than the ones that have already been made, for some reason… :wink: )


I’m hoping something good comes from this cross. I’m glad to learn that Ramblin Red does well in Alberta. Do you know how Morning Magic does up your way?

I share your excitement Philip! I spend all winter planning and imagining crosses to make in the spring. :slight_smile:

I’ve not seen ‘Morning Magic’ sold in the nurseries or growing in Alberta.

Thank you Margit. I thought I read somewhere that Morning Magic was hardy to zone 3 and had wondered if you could verify that.

Morning Magic has above average hardiness for a reblooming rose. Similar, perhaps, to Cancan. I would estimate 6-8" of live cane here in Zone 3b.

Thank you for the observation Joe. I was hoping that Morning Magic has some decent hardiness.

Rob, I often think I should use MM more than I have. I know Julie O didn’t have good luck with it…some spring frost damage I believe, and perhaps downy mildew. However, I think it has grown decently here for me. It doesn’t really fit the bill as a retail “finished product” for my climate because it is neither a compact bloom machine nor cane hardy enough to be a climber. However, as a hybridizing parent I think it has potential to increase the hardiness of most modern roses while maintaining rebloom.

I would agree with you Joe that it has potential to increase hardiness while maintaining rebloom. It is one of the roses in my garden that is completely disease free. I think it would be a good one to cross with some of the very hardy Canadian roses, like Frontenac or Canadian Shield.

Today I have germination from (Morning Magic x ILC1-72-1) x Never Alone. The seed parent is MMILC3. I’m hoping for excellent hardiness, good architecture and some yellow. With each parent/grandparent having yellow in their background, yellow just might be possible.

Both MMILC1 and MMILC3 are disease free here so I’m hoping that resistance is carried forward.

Good luck! I hope the health follows the line.

Thank you Kim. I’m hoping so!

((R. multiflora x Blush Noisette) x (R. multiflora x Blush Noisette)) x Jersey Beauty was my first - in the fridge, in its baggie at that!
I’d say about 30% of them sprouted in the cold dark icebox.

The reciprocal cross did not germinate in its baggie, and none any of my other crosses did either. Go figure?

I’ll have to do that one again this year to prove to myself it happened because of an error I made.

Anyway, it looks like about two-thirds of the poor pale things after transplanting now have two to three sets of real leaves and are looking healthy, and now I’ve got several more crosses in my germination trays along with them.


Very interesting cross Baxter. What were your hopes for and F1 when you made the cross?

Today’s germination is Italian Ice x Campfire. Hoping for healthy and hardy yellows.

Sounds fun, Rob! That should get you a blossom at a young age.

That’s what I’m hoping for Joe! We’ll see if it blooms during the next few weeks to a couple months.

I’ve got a Jersey Beauty x Autumn Sunset peeking out today - that has a good chance to be a vigorous climber!

Rob, for the previous one I’m hoping for a seed fertile, fragrant, remontant diploid that carries the disease resistance and increased cold resistance from multiflora and wichurana that I can use with some of the old Teas that do so great down here. It would nice to stretch their reach a bit further north, wouldn’t it? Adding a different fragrance component wouldn’t hurt my feelings either. I’ve grown a bunch of the teas and have had a hard time smelling the ones touted for the “Tea” scent. Tall order, slim chances, but why not try…