Crosses so far 2010

Most crosses so far have been down on Rise 'N Shine and Rose Gilardi because they where inside all winter under lights and then brought out. It is the beginning of the season but so far hear is my list. I do not know how successful they will be, but by the hot weather at night I think I will be less success than last year. Rise N Shine is done with it first flush so I am hoping that I flushes one more time. Since it is the most full grown plant I have except R. glauca which will start in a week or two. My main goal with most crosses is hardy or disease resistant miniature or a parent plant for these goals, but I do a lot of crosses out of curiosity.

Rise N Shine x Rose Gilardi

Rise N Shine x William Baffin

Rise N Shine x Paul Barden’s(Sequia Ruby x Guinee)

Rise N Shine x Lawrence Davis’s CarefreeCoper

Rise N Shine x Paul Barden’s R. nutkana

Rise N Shine x R. woodsii

(All these Rise N Shine was done in larger number mostly cause the seed parent provided the opportunity.)

Constellation (Saville)x William Baffin

Gala (Saville) x William Baffin

Tausendschon x R. woodsii

Tausendschon x Rose Gilardi

St. Thomas China X R. woodsii

St. Thomas China x Tausendschon

(These will probably fail St. Thomas China has yet to produce seed and this plant is very large. Might try it as a pollen later on.)

Rose Gilardi x William Baffin

Rose Gilardi x R. woodsii

Rose Gilardi x Angel Face

(These crosses were all done inside in winter under lights just to see if it would work. I was limited on the parents I used because that is what I had in cold storage pretty much. I had a few more but those where in smaller supply so I did not want to take chances with those. They are in the fridge right now. Waiting for another flush from Rose Gilardi)

Waiting on R. glauca not sure I know what I am going to put on it. But I will do R. woodsii and R. arkansas (from my mother in law) because these where relatively successful last year. Also will try Tausendschon and Rose Gilardi on it.

Hopefully I will get some new breeding stock out of this. I have 5 or 6 seedlings now from last year that show great promise. So hopefully some of these will have that too. Good luck everyone in their efforts.

Oh I made a mistake the one pollen parent is not (Sequia Ruby x Guinee) but its Paul Barden’s (Penny Ante x William Baffin). I was thinking the other because that is one of the plants I weeded out earlier today.

I haven’t done work at all-- but I did some (r. kordesii X Basye’s Amphiploid) X Joan’s Rugosa Tetraploid # 3.

I have done a Gold Medal X R. spinnosima pimpenellia, and I wanted to do several… but I just got one.

I also did a Tiffany X Pacific Serenade.

So, not much…

Today was the first day I could get out and check out what is ready to cross. Stinking rain. I have lots of balled and moldy blooms.

All I managed to do was Cal Poly X Therese Bugnet. The only reason I made that cross was that they were the only two roses available. I didn’t plan on that, but I felt the NEED to spread a little pollen around. If the weather hold I should be very busy this week.

This time last year I had the URGE to start deliberately pollinating even though it was winter here (it was my first crack at all of this LOL), and I had limited roses to play with at the time… In the end I decided those crosses were crap and removed the hips…this time round I am going to do the same thing again, as the winter weather here seems good enough to try out…we shall see.

I’ve been out with the roses almost every day even tho we’ve had a good amount of rain/thunderstorms. I’m hoping for good things from some of these crosses. So far:

Ruglauca x Therese Bugnet

Ruglauca x

Rob I like a lot of your crosses. At least on paper; I have not grown many of these myself.

Somehow I forgot Rise N Shine x Purple Pavement. I only have three hips of this one but this one excites me a lot. If I get anther flush on Rise N Shine I will do another 12 or so crosses and hopefully get another 3 hips.

The only reason I have so many crosses done is that the miniatures were kept inside during the winter. Having them in pots outside is sure death here. I think I will get one more flush of Rise N Shine and Rose Gilradi.

I am hoping that Constellation makes a good parent. It seems to have advantages over Rise N Shine. The main one is it seems to have better powdery mildew resistance, plus it has more petals, and is very fragrant. Many Rise N Shine seedlings get powdery mildew much greater than Rise N Shine. Constellation wants to set op seed, but I do not now if they will grow.

Hi Adam. Like the crosses you’ve planned. I forgot to add Abraham Darby x Gil-1 (a striped Rose Gilardi OP miniature seedling). I am hoping for either a nice striped mini with full blossom or a striped version of Abraham Darby. Rose Gilardi is a nice mini to work with but I don’t have it any more but do have my seedlings Gil-1 and Gil-5, which is a deeper red striped with white miniature. I’ve got a small garden area so I’ve tried to limit roses to those that are hardy, disease resistant and are good breeding material. I hope to obtain more miniatures to work with next season.


How did making crosses under lights work for you Adam?

It worked pretty well. I did not try to many combinations but I did not have too many choices at pollen or seed parent either. I got half of what I tried to set to set. Except for all crosses to St. Thomas China failed. The only reason I tried again this summer on it was that I was bored and nothing else was flowering.

Our spring is two weeks early following a warmer practicaly snowless winter. So no snow protection. Spring came on so quickly that tender roses didn’t get pruned. Nova Zembla is nine ft tall & blooming. It is as tender as a ht so normally there are no blooms until canes reach 8 ft at the end of august. My crosses from yesterday have been rained out. I’ll have to dry off the blooms & redo. Not to be. I can hear the rain. So far:

Apricot Beauty x Prairie Celebration, My Hero. Fragrant Explorer*, Prairie Dawn, Trier, Royal Damask

((Belle de Crecy x Red Flower Carpet) x Fourth of July)1CrecyStripe x Eugene de Beauharnais, (Scarlet Moss x Paddy Stepens)peach, Nova Zembla, Prairie Night*

CalFront* x Metis, Mutabilis

Corylus x Metis

(Delany Sisters x Mme Isaac Peirere) x Singin’ in the Rain

(Fourth of July x Scarlet Moss) x Apricot Beauty

Fragrant Explorer x Rugelda

R. glauca x CalFront

Hume’s Blush x R. primula (some aborted), Williams’ Double Yellow, Therese Bugnet, CalFront

Indigo x Fragrant Explorer

(Mme Isaac Pereire

x Henry Kelsey)1 x (Fourth of July x Apriot Beauty)russet

(Mme Isaac Perere x Henry Kelsey)2 x SamVirg2*

another MIP offspring x John Cabot

My Hero x Fragrant Explorer

(Rosa Pendulina x Prairie Dawn) x Cal Poly

Rugelda x Nova Zembla

Prairie Celebration x Prairie Night, (Scarlet Moss x Paddy Stephens)peach, (Nuites de Young x Prairie Dawn)2no mossing

Rabble Rouser x Rugelda

Royal Damask x Apricot Beauty

(Scarlet Moss x Paddy Stephens) x Apricot Beauty

Sweet Vigorosa x Arethusa

Therese Bugnet x Williams’ Double Yellow, CalFront, R. primula, R. roxburghii

White u/k Austin x 1CrecyStripe

*Fragrant Explorer is likely an op seedling of George Vancouver. It is dark pink, cupped, fades lighter & has a gallica fragrance.

*Prairie Night is (Nuites de Young x Prairie Dawn). It has very fragrant soft moss, pale pink flowers of soft

substance & a subtle unique scent.

*CalFront is a blend of a selection of Calocarpa op & R. paulii rosea op. It blooms in clusters like R. paulii rosea & sets op hips readily. Hips are small. I’ve never grown them out. R. paulii rosea op refuses to accept foreign pollen, but will set generous op hips. The offsprings are clones of the parent with small flowers. Most of my other Calocarpae op selections

refuse foreign pollen.

*SamVirg - are seedlings of Samba Kordana x Maroon single Virginiana. There are 5 seedlings from the Virginiana. Alas she expired from neglect. Only SamVirg 1 & 2 are recurrent. The non recurrent ones are cane hardy so far. Sadly Samba Kordana has been deemed no good for shelf life by the Kordes firm, but she’s a really good mother. SK was the only rose available when the late lamented Virginiana hybrid was in bloom.


Try Rugelda x Rabble Rouser. I found RR to be way better as a pollen parent. It didnt seem to like setting too many hips =(

Thanks Michael. I’ll try that. Rabble Rouser is one of the few minis that survive here, even when they’re grafted.

As Lydia mentioned, it is an early crossing season for us this year. Quite a change from last year, when it was towards the end of June before things got started. So far this is what I have done.

Prairie Celebration x Baby Love

Prairie Celebration x Pretty Lady

Carefree Beauty x Pretty Lady

Carefree Beauty x Baby Love - I tried this combination 2 years ago and most of the hips aborted. We’ll see what happens this time around.

Carefree Beauty x Champlain

Carefree Beauty x L83

Carefree Beauty x Jim Lounsbery

Alberta x L83

Alberta x William Baffin

Carefree Wonder x L83

The McCartney Rose x L83

B14 (Folksinger x Baby Love) x L83 - B14 is an apricot mini

Yellow Magic x L83

B3 (Fairhope x Carefree Beauty) x L83 - B3 is a pink mini

Midnight Blue x L83

B24 (Gemini x Baby Love) x L83 - B24 is a yellow blend mini

A1 (Morden Sunrise x William Baffin) x Prairie Celebration

Yellow Magic x Carefree Copper

Luis Desamero x Carefree Copper

Outta the Blue x Baby Love

Baby Love x Pretty Lady

Paintbrush x Henry Kelsey

A lot of different crosses out there. I still feel like a kid going to an advance level course when I see what others are attempting.

Liz when you write L83- B24 is that 2 different crosses? I am not sure on your short hand.

I’m pretty depressed about this season. It wont stop raining. I dont have that many crosses yet and it’s about 10 days when I usually stop.

I have this so far:

Amber Flower Carpet x “Carefree Copper”

Coral Drift x mixed pollen of Therese Bugnet/Nigel Hawthorn

Toprose x Yellow Brick Road

Royal Amethyst x (Rosa canina x Baby Love)

Rememberance x (Sevilliana x Pretty Lady)

Violet Mist x Henry’s Blend

I am hoping to do the following this week if it will stop raining =(

Playboy x Shadow Dancer

Playboy x Double Treat

Summer Wind x Persian Flame

(Solitaire x Baby Love) x Electric Blanket

I hope I can make more than thta this season but the majority of it is up to nature since I dont use a greenhouse.

Definitely some great crosses out there and quite a bit of diversity too.

Adam, sorry about the shorthand. B24 is a ‘keeper’ seedling number for that Gemini x Baby Love seedling, which happens to be a yellow blend mini. I used it as a seed parent with L83 as the pollen parent.

Jadae, you have my sympathy about the rain…

Encouraged by one hybrid glutinosa X palustris seedling (which required freezing the pollen and almost a year of storage), I’ve been hammering away at glutinosa some more this season. Hoping for unusual foliage scent seedlings, I’ve used pollen from multiflora, helenae, and ‘Mutabilis’ and just for kicks ‘Home Run’.

Also been putting ‘Home Run’ pollen on two hybrids:

“Jefferson” (found Damask) X ‘Carefree Sunshine’

and ‘Fragrant Cloud’ X carolina.

Now, I’m getting ready to start putting various pollens on the local strain of palustris which is just starting into bloom.


one hybrid glutinosa X palustris seedling

Tom, do you have any pictures of this one?

This season I put glutinosa pollen on Scarlet Moss and use Scarlet Moss and Orange Moss pollen on glutinosa. It’s a crap shoot because of the canina mieosis, I guess, but nothing ventured…

Hi Don,

I’ve taken a few pictures but the seedling is still pretty small. I’ll see if I can find and post them anyway. I’m nearly certain of the intended hybridity though, because of an unusually vigorous growth habit compared to other glutinosa seedlings and most importantly… it has a foliage scent that closely resembles the flowerbud scent of palustris - and that was my primary goal!!!

Good luck with those glutinosa crosses. And don’t be too worried about the Caninae meiosis. There are plenty of cases of this working itself out as the generations advance.

More later, Tom