Crosses 2008-2009

Crosses so far:

R. Xanthina x Perdita

R. Rugosa x Springtime

Springtime x livin easy

Xanthina x UNK23

R. Rugosa x Livin Easy

R. Rugosa hastrub x Springtime

Dagmar hastrup x coral dawn

Springtime x coral dawn

R. Rugosa hastrup x Livin Easy

Rosa spinosissima x Springtime

Rosa spinosissima x R. Xanthina

Old Blush x Fedtschenkoana

Nevada x unk0801

Nevada x Roseraie de l’H

That’s quite a list Timo. :slight_smile:

Mine so far:

Abraham Darby x Golden Celebration

Abraham Darby x J5

Abraham Darby x Red Eden

Abraham Darby x New Dawn

Abraham Darby x Therese Bugnet

Abraham Darby x (Rugosa #3 x Louis Riel)

Abraham Darby x Be Bop

Abraham Darby x Fourth of July

Abraham Darby x Belinda’s Dream

Childs Play x New Dawn

Childs Play x (Rugosa #3 x Louis Riel)

Childs Play x J5

Golden Celebration x J5

Golden Celebration x Abraham Darby

Golden Celebration x Midnight Blue

Golden Celebration x Belinda’s Dream

Golden Celebration x Red Eden

Golden Celebration x Eden

Golden Celebration x New Dawn

Golden Celebration x Therese Bugnet

Golden Celebration x Fourth of July

Golden Celebration x Pat Austin

Be Bop x (Rugosa #3 x Louis Riel)

Be Bop x Abraham Darby

Be Bop x Golden Celebration

Be Bop x Therese Bugnet

Be Bop x J5

Be Bop x Therese Bugnet

Be Bop x Purple Tiger

Be Bop x Rhapsody in Blue

Be Bop x Fourth of July

Ebb Tide x Golden Celebration

Ebb Tide x Abraham Darby

Ebb Tide x Purple Tiger

Rhapsody in Blue x Purple Tiger

Rhapsody in Blue x Abraham Darby

Rhapsody in Blue x Be Bop

Rhapsody in Blue x Abraham Darby

Rhapsody in Blue x J5

Rhapsody in Blue x Fourth of July

Pat Austin x Ebb Tide

Pat Austin x Abraham Darby

Pat Austin x Golden Celebration

Red Eden x Abraham Darby

Red Eden x Golden Celebration

Night Owl x Purple Tiger

Night Owl x Midnight Blue

Night Owl x Ebb Tide

Therese Bugnet x (Rugosa #3 x Louis Riel)

Therese Bugnet x Be Bop

Eden x Abraham Darby

Eden x Golden Celebration

Purple Tiger x Fourth of July

Purple Tiger x Ebb Tide

Purple Tiger x Rhapsody in Blue

Fourth of July x Abraham Darby

Fourth of July x Golden Celebration

Midnight Blue x Ebb Tide

Midnight Blue x Purple Tiger

Midnight Blue x Night Owl

Midnight Blue x Abraham Darby

Midnight Blue x Pat Austin

Midnight Blue x Golden Celebration

None of my crosses on Rugosa #3 x Louis Riel took. I do have several OP hips that are hanging in there. I hope they stay on and ripen. I’m waiting for some of my own seedlings to bloom so I can use them in crosses.


Here’s my list. These are the crosses that took:

Champagne Cocktail x Paul Ecke, Jr.

Fabulous! x Mixed Minis

(Fabulous x Seedling) x Paul Ecke Jr

(Fabulous x Seedling) x Pricilla Burton

(Fabulous x Seedling) x Dorcus

Frivolous Pink x Paul Ecke Jr

Gemini x Rt. 66

Incognito x Something for Judy

Incognito x Frivolous Pink

Loving Touch x Frivoulous Pink

Loving Touch x Glowing Amber

Loving Touch x Priscilla Burton

Loving Touch x (Sorbet Bouquet x Seedling)

Loving Touch x Dr. John Dickman

(Loving Touch x Seedling) x No Worries

Lynn Anderson x Dorcas

No Worries x Marriotta

Route 66 x Dorcas

Route 66 x Paul Ecke Jr

Route 66 x Tropical Sunset

(Sonia x Blue Girl) x Priscilla Burton

Rock Star(Sorbet Bouquet x Seedling) x Incognito

Thanks to Henry I’ve added the following crosses:

Abraham Darby x (Rugelda x R15)

Golden Celebration x (Rugelda x R15)

Midnight Blue x (Rugelda x R15)

Rhapsody in Blue x (Rugelda x R15)

Be Bop x (Rugelda x R15)

Childs Play x (Rugelda x R15)

These are included today:

Sutters gold x Joro

Comte de Chambrord x Joro

Rhaposy in blue x Westerland

Rhaposy in blue x joro

Humanity x R. Fedtschenkoana

Westerland x R. Fedtschenkoana

Westerland x Joro

Complicata x Joro

I’ve onl done very limited crosses…

Persian Sunset X Betty Boop

Cesar Chavez X Betty Boop

(R. kordesii X Basye’s Amphidiploid) X (Abraham Darby X Basye’s Amphidploid.)

Ruguosa # 3 X (R. kordesii X Basye’s Amphidiploid)

Secret X (R. kordesii X Basye’s Amphidiploid)

I’m so jealous, I don’t even have any blooms yet!

I’m already finished.

Ya’ll are way ahead of me. Im onlike cross # 14 of 60-100 or so…

For the most part, I am finished too, but will probably do a few experimental crosses onto some of the new seedlings that look like they are setting hips well. I always like to try a few that way. You never know what you might get. My best hulthemia so far (K201) came from such a cross when its seed parent (J93-3) was still a new seedling.

I think that nearly half of my crosses this year were involving hulthemias. I’ve found 5 good seed parents among the repeat blooming hulthemia seedlings. The most used hulthemia pollen parents were “K201”, “K206”, “K34-1”, and K211-2". I was very happy to find that most of the hips pollinated with “K201” have “taken” and the hips are swelling nicely. Last year all of the crosses I tried with it as the pollen parent failed (it is scant on pollen production).

Most of my crosses involve my own seedlings crossed with one another, but I am still using ‘Midnight Blue’, ‘Gemini’, ‘Pearl Sanford’, and ‘Julia Child’. Also, I used a non-repeat blooming hulthemia of Mr. Ralph Moore’s, code name “Tigris 2”, and a striped un-named shrub of his as pollen parents.

Roses that I used last year, but were dropped this year include ‘Fairhope’, ‘Stainless Steel’, ‘Sam Trivitt’, ‘Black Magic’, ‘Caliente’, and ‘Home Run’. Most of these are excellent parents, but I decided to try some of their seedlings this year instead of using the parents.

Jim Sproul

Here’s a partial list:

Danae X Mutabilis

R. gigantea X Mutabilis

Gilbert Nabonnand X R. gigantea

Happy Chappy X Plaisanterie

Plaisanterie X Happy Chappy

Lyda Rose X William Allen Richardson

R. clinophylla X (The Gift X unknown)

(The Gift X unknown) X R. clinophylla

(Livin’ Easy X R. kordesii) X Ebb Tide

Purple Tiger X Ebb Tide

Ebb Tide X Purple Tiger

Midnight Blue X (Royal Amethyst X Pinstripe)

Midnight Blue X Purple Heart

(Armada X Precious Platinum) X Olympiad

(Schoener’s Nutkana X Coral Dawn) X Olympiad

Apricot Twist X Julia Child

Apricot Twist X Sonia

Stainless Steel X ((Magenta X Lilac Charm) X Cafe Ole)

((Magenta X Lilac Charm) X Cafe Ole) X 86-3

Armada X 86-3

Fabulous! X 86-3

Golden Angel X 86-3

Joycie X 86-3

Lilac Charm X 86-3

Soeur Therese X 86-3

86-3 is Dr. Basye’s amphidiploid of R. banksiae X R. laevigata. Some of the 86-3 crosses have aborted, but most are still hanging on for now.

This hasn’t been a good year for my planned crosses. Many of the parents that I wanted to cross with each other didn’t bloom at the same time. I’ve been doing a lot of unplanned crosses with whatever happens to be in bloom. We have a long pollination season here, so I might be able to do more of my planned crossed during the next flush.

Interesting Jim, we use some of the same seed parents. I’ve already made banksia hybrids using Armada and Lilac Charm.

I was offered 86-3 last year and decided not to acquire it, mainly because I’m out of room, and I spoke to Ray Ponton and he said he hadn’t managed to get anything out of it.

I had at least a dozen laevigata hybrids of my own out of two different seed parents earlier this year. Each of the seedlings slowly died off till I only have one left.

It is a hybrid of Riverbanks x laevigata. It is slowly making new growth so I am holding out hope it will survive.

I have to confess that I am far less interested in laevigata since I learned it can mildew here. THAT was a big disappointment. Clinophylla can mildew too but bracteata does not.

One of the crosses I made last season was Amber Cloud x Mutabilis. I got no repeaters. Obviously we think a bit alike.

I have made two crosses of (Livin’ Easy X Robusta) X Rugelda.

Rugelda has the bad reputation of making bad seedlings with a few exceptions. I hope that mating it with a distantly related Robusta seedling would overcome a few problems.

I’m trying to time the new few blooms so that I can make a few (Livin’ Easy X Robusta) X (R. kordesii X Dr.Basye’s Amphidiploid).

from this day:

Hot Chocolate x Clare Grammerstorf

Sutters gold x Westerland

Rhaposy in blue x Clare Grammerstorf

Black bacarra x Clare Grammerstorf

i have done 10 crosses so far but had to stop we are having a heat wave here in

new patio area was about 98 on saturday i was worried the pistils would burn!. so now i have pollen sunday to use on what?, i hope it cools down in a few days so i can start again. i did use hot coaco 3 times and gemini 3.

good luck to all! pat.

jealous, jealous, jealous! After a very cold, wet spring, my roses have not even opened yet!

My crosses this year will all center around understanding the genetics of spots in roses, and adding more colors to the spotted moss line I’ve got going.

Assuming the rain stops and anything ever blooms!


Hello Jim Turner:

I note that you have a cross with r. Gigantea as seed and as pollen parent. Because of our warm climate it is one of the roses my daughter has on order and hopes to work with. What has been your experience with it and what are the goals of your current crosses? Also how large has your gigantea(s)grown? Finally, any special tips on using it or does it have any peculiarities she should be aware of when attempting to use its pollen or as a seed parent, e.g., is pollen scarce or does it drop early, does it set hips readily, etc.? Many thanks.

Bob of New Orleans currently in N.C.

Here’s what I have so far:

Henry Kuska’s Hansa/acicularis seedling x R paulii rosea op

Pale pink rootstock rugosa x R paulii rosea op

(Samba Kordana x purported R. virginiana) #2 x (Delany Sisters x Paddy Stephens)

( " ) x yellow florist rose

Morden Blush op x William’s Double Yellow

Therese Bugnet x R. paulii rosea op

Therese Bugnet x R roxburghii

R roxburghii x R paulii rosea op

Carefree Beauty x (Fourth of July x Apricot Beauty)

William Booth op x (Rugelda x R15)

Chuckles op - pale pink x (Rugelda x R15)

JP Connell(stamens retained) x William’s Double Yellow - just to see if it will take

Un named Kordana apricot x William’s Double yellow

(Fourth of July x Apricot Beauty) x JP Connell

We had 2 months of a very cold spring and then got hit with a heat wave yesterday. Rosa primula bloomed a month late. R. Roxburghii is almost finished after 2 days. I had hoped to put R primula pollen on it, but will have to wait until tomorrow to put thawed primula pollen on whatever is available. The species and species hybrids are blooming, but most of my modern roses have very small buds, including the potted roses planted this year. William’s Double Yellow planted bare root this year produced one measley, but highly desired flower. The explorers and parklands, with the exception of the William Booth seedling which only had two mature buds, are not quite ready to bloom. The big surprise is that my own root JP Connell from last year is in full flush. In the heat it has very nice white flowers. Since it’s a triploid I’m hoping to see if it would set hips at all. I got a first bloom from a climbing form seedling from Lavender Dream. It has ample anthers, & while the flower is small, is big enough to work with as a seed parent. It’s a purplish maroon with a white eye. Unhappily the plant itself is not reliably cane hardy in my garden, but I’m pleased to get a pretty bloom that is not teensy.

An op seedling from Blanc Double de Coubert produced a tiny flower with sepals like that of Lavender Dream seedlings & kept producing flowers each time I pinched it off. Considering that rugosas don’t usually produce flowers at the tiny seedling stage, I’m thinking of using Lavender Dream seedlings whenever my rugosas bloom. Most have been deeply pruned because of dead canes from last year’s drought & flowers will be few for awhile.

Since R roxburghii is not reliably cane hardy here and needs to be renewed every few years, I’m only using pollen from cane hardy roses on it. It tends to produce unimaginably thorny offspring from foreign pollen.

re: JP Connell, stamens intact, x William’s Double Yellow.

I rescued a sad looking dried up hip & discovered 5 good sized seeds inside. That was the only cross that took. My own root plant has produced a long cane with a cluster of buds at the tip, so I have rebloom on new wood on a second year plant. The newer leaves are clean despite our record rain & humidity. So far this has proven a good rose for my cool garden as JPC blooms in a generous flush between the early species and modern hybrids when little else is in flower.

I also have several big round hips on Mme Hardy. This plant has ample damask crud on it, which isn’t the case in a drier season. I made sure to use only healthy pollen on it. No colour yet.

Samba Kordana x purported R. Virginiana #1 is completely clean despite trying conditions.

Therese Bugnet x R. roxburghii has a round red hip.

Wm Booth op seedling x (Rugelda x R15) produced several hips. No colour yet.

I rescued the R. roxburghii x R primula hip. It’s still intact in the fridge.

I have made a number of