2011 cross done, finally

2011 Rose Crosses

American Honor x Bride

btw, I think Tom Brown is awful. It aborts easily, and it blackspots quickly. Koko Loco is healthier, but the stupid blooms face downwards!!! sigh @ russets, lol. It fades to a pretty mauve tho. Tom Brown’s saving quality is the cool reverse.

Leonie Lamesch x Plaisanterie sounds wonderful. Hardier ‘Comtesse du Caya’ almost. Good match.

Therese Bugnet x Plaisanterie too.

Anything with Plaisanterie. Isn’t it just an awesome rose?

I’ve thought a Plaisanterie x Crepuscule might be worth investigating, the idea really makes my heart beat a bit faster.

Here are some of mine.

Coffee Bean x Carefree Sunshine, Sunny Rose, (R. pendulina x Prairie Dawn), Mme Isaac Peirere, (Nuites de Young x Prairie Dawn), (Samba Kordana x Maroon Virginiana seedling) #4

Rose Gilardi x Apricot Beauty, John Davis, (R. pendulina x Prairie Dawn), (Nuites de Young x Prairie Dawn)

Apricot Twist x J P Connell, Sunny Rose, Apricot Beauty, Carefree Sunshine, (R pendulina x Prairie Dawn), John Davis, (Samba Kordana x Maroon Virginiana seedling) #3

Arethusa x Red Fairy, Sunny Rose, Coubert op, Mutabilis, (Fourth of July x Apricot Beauty), John Davis, Rainbow Knockout, Topaz Jewel (2 pollinations failed)

Comtesse du Cayla x rugose Virginiana seedling, Mutabilis, Topaz Jewel, Coubert op (both hips dropped)

Sweet Nothings x (Samba Kordana x Maroon Virginiana seedling) #3

Perla de Montserrat x R primula (one hip holding)

Comtesse du Cayla x rugose Virginiana seedling, Mutabilis, Topaz Jewel, Blanc Double de Coubert op (both hips dropped)

Most of the hips on the chinas are very small so I’m anticipating some hip drop. On the minis the failed pollinations seem to have dropped already.

Most of the hips are looking good. Now if I can just keep the squirrels away… Here are some of my crosses:

Prairie Celebration x Persian Flame, Everest Double Fragrance, Paint Brush, Topsy Turvey

[(Fairhope x Carefree Beauty) x Baby Love] x Prairie Celebration

(Alberta x John Cabot) x Baby Love

(Gemini x Baby Love) x Prairie Celebration

(Gemini x Scarlet Moss) x Paint Brush

Outta the Blue x Persian Flame, Pretty Lady

Everest Double Fragrance x (Loving Touch x Baby Love)

Easy Does It x (Loving Touch x Baby Love)

Carefree Beauty x Persian Autumn, Persian Flame, Topsy Turvey, Midnight Blue, Home Run, John Cabot, Julia Child

Midnight Blue x John Cabot

(Prairie Harvest x Red Fairy) x Prairie Celebration, Home Run

Jim Lounsbery x John Cabot

Prairie Harvest x Everest Double Fragrance, Julia Child

Alberta x Midnight Blue, Pretty Lady, Home Run, Karma, Julia Child

Here are some of my crosses this year, from memory:

Morden Fireglow x (Knock Out x William Baffin)

High Voltage x (KO x WB)

Orange Fire x WB

Orange Fire x (KO x WB)

All the Rage x (KO x WB)

Cuthbert Grant x (KO x WB)

Prairie Joy x (KO x WB)

Hardier OP Winnipeg Parks x (KO x WB)

Prairie Joy x Carefree Sunshine

Hansa x William Baffin (any chance of this working?)

Carefree Sunshine x Bicolor Baffin Seedling

Prairie Joy x Sunrise Sunset

Prairie Joy x Carefree Sunshine

Prairie Star x Carefree Sunshine

Sunrise Sunset x Prairie Star

Prairie Sunrise x William Baffin

Winnipeg Parks x (KO x WB)

Emily Carr x (KO x WB)

Rambling Red x (KO x WB)

John Davis x (KO x WB)

Unfortunately all of my Prairie Joy hips in the field are very small, including the OP hips. If they take there will only be a few seeds in each. Too bad because it’s one of my favorite mothers. On the other hand, Morden Fireglow and High Voltage have already set fat hips…I love using them for that reason. I go out and pinch their hips every day.

Ah crosses… spring was delayed by three weeks this year, so I only managed 93 hips before everything succumbed to the heat. Some have already fallen off, but some have, to my great surprise, taken!

My main goal is to expand the color palette of my spotted roses, so I crossed “Fa’s Marbled Moss” with… just about everything in the garden, including ‘Botzaris’. I did a number of crosses, both ways, with ‘Golden Celebration’, and several FMM x ‘Playgold’ and FMM x ‘Flower Carpet Red.’

I’m also using ‘Plotz of Spots’ (should be registered by now, I hope…) but only did a couple hips this year, as I’d rather the plant concentrate on growing so I can propagate it.

Of the hips that took, other crosses: (excuse the lack of ')

Dragon’s Blood x Basye’s Purple

Dots Enough (r. arkansana) x Autumn Damask, local feral alba, L

Wow, really, Fara? Morden Fireglow seems like it’s exploding with fertility here. Fat, fat hips with almost any pollen. I have a number of remontant MF x William Baffin seedlings, and the orange and red shades have carried through pretty well. I’m pretty sure they’re not ALL accidental selfs, though it can release its pollen early.

So far MF seems to be doing much better than Morden Sunrise in my gardens (though that’s not saying much). I had developed a prejudice against it, but might revise that prejudice, at least as a breeder.

In the greenhouse, Morden Fireglow is a showstopper. Anyone who sees it is completely taken with it and will ask what it is. When you tell them you get a blank look–sort of “Huh??” Pretty much anyone who grows MF in this area is very familiar with its horrible susceptibility to blackspot, which is missing in the greenhouse. Few grow it more than a season or two. However, I will second Joe’s experience as Morden Fireglow will cross with just about anything–lots of hips and lots of seeds. It produces some stunning looking seedlings–nearly all with the same susceptibility to blackspot. These seedlings will live in your memory though–enough so that I have revisited MF fairly recently–only to discard it again due to the lack of disease resistance. It is truly a shame. I will be able to see a bit later this year if anything in the last batch has better disease resistance than in the past. Once again there are some stunning blooms so I will keep my fingers crossed. For those interested in red-tinged foliage it does seem to pass along that attractive tendency to some progeny, along with much better hardiness than Morden Sunrise.

Hunh… maybe it just doesn’t like me…

Summer came early in Central Texas. After April 22, I made 42 crosses, none of which set hips. The earlier crosses which did set hips are now in the fridge. I spoke with Ray Ponton recently and he said his crop of crosses was dissappointing this year also. I did however harvest these crosses:

Honey Perfume X About Face

Othello X Shockwave

Dame 'd Coeur X Phaleonopsis

Othello X (Julia Child X Mons. Tiller)

(Julia Child X Mons. Tiller) X Othello

Othello X Ginger Glow

Othello X (Heritage X Outta the Blue)

(Julia Child X Heritage) X White Heritage

White Heritage X (Julia Child X Mons. Tiller)

Nacogdoches X (Heritage X Honey Perfume)

Pumpkin Patch X (Heritage X Honey Perfume)

(Julia Child X Mons. Tiller) X Distant Drums

(Julia Child X Mons. Tiller) X Honey Perfume OP

2011 Rose Crosses

Solitaire X Remember Me

Solitaire X Melody Parfumee

Solitaire X Olympiad

Solitaire X Fragrant Cloud

Solitaire X Dick Clark

Olympiad X Solitaire

Olympiad X Fragrant Cloud

Paddy Stephens X Dick Clark

Dick Clark X Solitaire

Dick Clark X (Lynn Anderson X Solitaire) cherry red bi-color

Granada X Solitaire

Marilyn Monroe X Solitaire

Marilyn Monroe X Paddy Stephens

thanks to everyone for posting…it’s way cool to see how other people are trying for perfection…ha ha ha

Good Luck on all your crosses

Discussing only crosses where I can see hips forming:

Rainbow Knock Out pollen on Winter Sunset, Golden Slippers, Feu Joseph Looymans, Angele Pernet, Goldmoss, New Dawn x Goldmoss, ND x yel mini, [Carefree Beauty x Sunbright= pinky]x Doubloons, Carefree Copper= (Carefree Beauty x Austrian Copper).

RKO is triploid, as may be Strawberry Crush and Paprika. Note all have given hips on Buff Beauty, a diploid, and on others that are tetraploid. Seed germination will be the real test.

Strawberry Crush on ND x Goldmoss, NDx yel mini, CB x Joseph’s Coat, Buff Beauty, ([Carefree Beauty x #84= Arctic sunrise] x Sunflare) x CC,

Paprika pollen on pinky x Doubloons, Arctic sunrise x CC, Edith Schurr, Buff Beauty

Austrian Copper on [CB x Rise N Shine= PS], Goldmoss

CC on Arctic sunrise

Carefree Beauty accepted pollen of Golden Slippers, CC x Carefree Sunshine, Coronado, ([Carefree Beauty x #84= Arctic sunrise] x Sunflare) x CC. I did not try easy or obvious ones or ones I’d done last year on CB.

New Dawn seems to take Strawberry Crush and Paprika pollen.

Other crosses are still too early to say for sure. And there are a number of unnamed recipients that I’m too lazy to try to write out pedigrees.

Larry, if I remember aright, Cardinal de Richelieu is also triploid. I’ve never gotten pollen from it, but I have had it set hips and produce seeds. None have germinated. Yet…

Fara, I LOVE both of them, they’re very disease resistant for me here in Maryland. I get much less disease on them I think than any other roses in the garden. ‘Crepusucle’ is VERY slow to get acclimated and somewhat tender, I’m going to try to propagate it and establish it in a sunnier, hotter spot, but the foliage is quite pretty and aside from bug chews doesn’t really get blackspot. ‘Plaisanterie’ is a bit hardier and thornier and less strangely immaculate but it’s a gorgeous plant.

Kim has ‘Plaisanterie’ cross sisters, Apricot Bells and Souvenir de Rose-Marie. I wonder how they’re doing so far for him.

I may have actually crossed them together this year, I put what I could get from 'Plaisanterie; onto most everything that seemed like a good idea. I was very, very casual with hybridizing on my main flush, just took a small paint brush around, nothing special and flitted around like a bee…so we’ll see. I’m still pretty lazy, but being (almost) 22 I figure I have a long time to experiment later with the emasculation, collecting pollen, business.

I also remember doing

Arethusa x Lynnie

Lynnie x Arethusa

I marked these with string, they both have hips. Lynnie always has hips, but at least I knew I put pollen on there. Arethusa is forming two hips right now I think, one is the Lynnie pollen.

I put some ‘Crepuscule’ onto ‘Arethusa’ and ‘Plaisanterie’ ‘Crepusucle’ has one or two hips forming, I might have done something right. Second flush I’ll mark them much better.

‘Pacific Pearls’ might have made it into that mish-mosh, as it right next to them and bloomed for a long time.

‘Roseraie de L’Hay’ is literally bursting with OP hips again this year, and they are maturing pretty quickly, I’m quite shocked.

Larry, I hope you get something good out of Rainbow K.O… I have a Livin Easy X Rainbow K.O. seedling from 2008 that is probably my best seedling so far. It has a couple of flaws that I am trying to breed out but it is very disease resistant and blooms like crazy. Good luck.


Only counting the crosses that seem to be working, I’ve got this:

R. glauca x Bonica, R. multiflora, ((R. palustris x Apart)xOP)

New Dawn x alba semiplena, Stanwell Perpetual, Buff Beauty, Baby Love, Iceburg, Mme. Ernst Calvat, Black Jade

((R. palustris x Apart)x OP) x R. glauca, Golden Wings, Crepuscule

Bonica x Golden Wings

Mme. Ernst Calvat x Black Jade, Baby Love, Stanwell Perpetual

Buff Beauty x Black Jade, Baby Love, New Dawn, Mme. Ernst Calvat, Bonica

2011 Crosses - Still hanging on for now:

Chihuly x

Tom Thumb, Earth Song, Yellow Brick Road, Powerhouse

Everblooming Pillar 124 x

Hannah Gordon, Earth Song, Chiluly, First Impression, Tom Thumb, Powerhouse, Sweetness, Corylus, Veterans Honor

Earth Song x

John Dickman, Everblooming Pillar 124

(Carefree Beauty x Hannah Gordon) x Metis o.p. #4

Lafter x

Yellow Submarine, Earth Song, Veterans Honor

Carefree Beauty x

Powerhouse, First Impression, Darlow’s Enigma, Everblooming Pillar 124, Hannah Gordon, Veterans Honor, Tom Thumb, Corylus, Yellow Brick Road, Sweetness

Darlow’s Enigma x Sweetness

Abigail Adams x

Party Girl, Chiluly, Yellow Submarine, Everblooming Pillar 124, First Impression, Veterans Honor, Powerhouse, Earth Song

Corylus x R. Wichuriana


I’m considering using Lafter next year on mauves.


Leonie Lamesch is terribly clumsy, even on its own. Its architecture is lop-sided and heavy, especially in relation to its bloom size. It must be tip-pruned only because it hates to be pruned, and the colors it breeds are often disappointing. Its major virtues are its leaves, its rebloom, its ability to dwarf roses, and the unlikely chance to give something other than pink. That said, I got a nice, true primrose colored polyantha from it. Unfortunately, due to too much “life upheaval”, it got neglected. I’m growing it back to life now. The other parent was Danae. Plaisanterie, I am assuming, will be equally annoying to work with. However, it has better plant virtues. I do intend to mix all of these cultivars up a bit over time, but I’m not optimistic. Tea-yellow genetics are an uphill battle. I also have to watch for mildew proneness. However, I do intend to use Sunshine Vigorosa, a yellow wichurana groundcover shrublet from Kordes, as a pollen parent onto these fun diploid types. It should, in theory, be a triploid. The yellow is of R. foetida descent.

As for Plaisanterie itself, I think its a finished product onto itself. Its among the few tea-china types to thrive here, and the architecture is nice. In fact, the architecture is nicer than Trier’s architecture – its less stiff. Also, it, as far as I have witnessed, does not anthracnose spot like Mutabilis does.

Another long-term goal is to mix Sanguinea, the red poly types, and some source of pelargonidin (NOT Coral Drift!!! yuck!) in the same fashion. This specrum of roses has simipar problems. They often mildew worse (Cherry Oh! is clean so far, though), they fade badly, they’re often garish, and the colors are lacking in depth. The upside is that theyre often less tender, and they tend to not resent pruning so much, except for some of the chinas.