2011 cross done, finally

Oh, yeah, check out Art Deco. Lens managed to get a lot of depth from it. Its bred from whites and pinks. The red obviously came from whatever polyantha. I’m guessing Miss Editch Cavell based on its stiples, architecture, and Ballerina’s descendants. Regardless, Art Deco’s stems are rich in anthocyanins. It seems to me that it’d be worthwhile to self Art Deco in order to easily retain the red into further generations.

Is sounds like everyone has done some great crosses this year, with lots of attention to cleanliness. I finally finished up with my crosses about 2 weeks ago - finally getting the chance to do one of the crosses that I had put high on my “to do” list. With their bloom cycles way off, the roses wouldn’t cooperate earlier in the season.

The cross that I really wanted to do, was to use the seed parent of ‘Thrive!’, “G168-2”, crossed with 'Double Knock Out

Max, both Apricot Bells and Patricia Beucher (Rose Marie didn’t make it) are OK. They’re too large for their pots and I’ve run out of room to plant. Decisions must be made. There is a touch of mildew, but that is easily attributable to water stress, which is legion here now. Kim

Speaking of things not making it, after a fairly mild summer, we’re suddenly having extremely hot weather, and I’ve had a number of hips that seemed to have been doing well suddenly die in the last few days. A few on the same plants seem to be maturing early and a couple are already downright red. Should I leave the red ones on the bushes? Or take them off now before anything else can happen to them?

Hi Fara, I’ve been harvesting anything that begins to change color for a few weeks. I don’t know what your vermin pressure is there, but the squirrels and probably some rats get them early here, so I’m trying to beat them to the punch. I’d say if they’re colored properly, or even close to properly, grab them before they become lunch! Kim

If the color is changing, I’d say harvest. An interesting observation I had last year to this, was hips pollinated somewhat later in season, maybe mid-summer, that were harvested right as they turned color- October here- are giving better germ % than those collected earlier from a long summer’s worth of development- Sept harvest. This was all OP Rainbow Knock Out and I inferred the pollination from position in the plant structure so it’s an imperfect measure. But I also got very good % germ from a rugosa (Hansa?)collected Aug 1 and immediately stratified. I wouldn’t chance it that squirrels or other animals might like the taste and eat them as they sweeten before harvest.

Believe me, rodents LOVE rose hips! LeGrice, in Rose Growing Complete, warmed about mice feasting on the rose seeds in the seed flats he over wintered out doors to provide the cold stratification he felt they required. I have often lost seeds to the vermin. It is REALLY frustrating to watch a lovely hip mature, only to find out the buggers ate out the back side and all of the contents. Kim

Rodents… it’s voles that are the problem here. They eat roses from the roots up. Hips are taken by raccoons and deer. And, lately, some insect that looks like a green tank that eats them. I guess I’ll go get the colored ones in, then. Some of them are Cardinal de Richelieu, can’t wait to see if there’s really something inside them.

Don’t know if this would help anyone but I will pass along my method of hybridizing. Once I have put the pollen on the bloom I cover it with a square of bridal tulle which I tie on with a piece of surveyors tape that has the cross and the date written on it. Perhaps this would discourage the vermin. I have lots of squirrels in my yard and I don’t have a problem with anything eating my hips. The tulle comes in 4 inch widths on a spool like ribbon. You can buy it at Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s Fabrics, Garden Ridge Pottery.

Bridal tulle! Great idea!

Hi Fara,

was there any seed in your Richelieu hips? I never had hips on this cultivar.

I used to try a lot with Cardinal de Richelieu as pollen parent (and another triploid OGR, Mme Alfred Carriere) and was not really successful. I got very few hips and low germination%. The small number of seedlings I got are most likely apomicts.

So I am curious for your result…


There were immature seeds in the hips, and one that looked as if it had considered maturing and then decided against it. Oh well, if I keep at it, maybe someday. I’ve never found a speck of pollen on CdR, so only ever used it as a seed parent.

Curiously, though, I have several nice-sized hips of Various Things x Persian Yellow this year.

That’s a great name, Fara, “Various Things”. I like it much better than “unknown” or “seedling”. You should register it quickly and use it as a catch-all for those you don’t really know who the daddy is! Kim

Done for the season:

Rugosa #3 x Rugosa #3

Ruglauca x Ruglauca

Ruglauca x Gil-07-01

Softee x Gil-07-01

Softee x 1-72-1

Illusion x Gil-07-01

Illusion x 1-72-1

Illusion x Texas

Illusion x Smoke Rings

Polka x 1-72-1

Polka x Gil-07-01

Westerland x 1-72-1

Autumn Sunset x 1-72-1

Midnight Blue x 1-72-1

Midnight Blue x Texas

Midnight Blue x Gil-07-01

Midnight Blue x Distant Drums

Skinner’s Red Leaf Perpetual x Gil-07-01

(1-72-1 x L83) x Gil-07-01

(1-72-1 x L83) x Gil-07-05

Quadra x 1-72-1

Abraham Darby x 1-72-1

Distant Drums x 1-72-1

Distant Drums x Gil-07-01

Gil-07-01 x 1-72-1

(Midnight Blue x Cinco de Mayo) x 1-72-1

Smoke Rings x 1-72-1

Smoke Rings x Texas

Smoke Rings x Gil-07-01

((Penny Ante x Tradescant) x L83) x 1-72-1

((Autumn Sunset x (Golden Angel x L83) x 1-72-1

Rugelda x 1-72-1

Keith’s Delight x 1-72-1

I’ve used “Various Things” myself a lot this year.

I bet “Various Things” is probably the most widely grown cultivar on this forum! Kim

Still a month to go and agree this is prime time. The hips develop fast and big in short order with the right cross.

Had a lot of help this year with many types of bees.

Still waiting on Golden Horizen, Alexander Mckenzie and Emons ppf ptr.

Crosses with hips.

Playboy x Strike It Rich

Yankee Doodle x Joseph’s Coat

Yankee Doodle x Play Boy

Yankee Doodle x Living Easy

Crimson Glory x Joicie

Crimson Glory x Gold Badge

Gold Badge x Crimson Glory

Vavoom x Playboy

Octoberfest x Joycie

Octoberfest x Crimson Glory

Matador x “Other Things” 2 Hips

Joycie x Crimson Glory

Joycie x Joseph’s Coat

Blue Nile x Ebb Tide

Strike It Rich x Crimson Glory

Strike It Rich x Playboy

Strike It Rich x Yankee Doodle

The last few days crosses

Rhapsody In Blue x Ebb Tide

Rhapsody In Blue x Rene Des Violettes + Seven Seas

Ebb Tide x Rhapsody In Blue

Seven Seas x Rhapsody In Blue

A lot more untaged, unknown, op or Seedlings


Do you know the ploidy of Artic Sunrise? How are your hips using it in crosses holding on? Thanks


So far as I know from crossing, Arctic sunrise is just your regular tetraploid. It is not terribly fertile (probably a majority of hips fail) but will take pollen from many things and produce some seed (4-10/hip) which germinates at a reasonable rate (20-40 %). I have never used it as a pollen parent. I was focused on getting more yellow by further crosses with any yellow donor I could get my hands on. I do have a couple of seedlings further down the tree but generally when crossed with yellow, the seedlings are B.S. susceptible.

There is a tendency for hips to ripen a bit earlier on A.S. than on some other CVs, such as typical HTs. I just collected this year’s few crosses that I found time to do in between travels in May. Some were already dark, or shriveling, others changing color. But my Carefree Beauty was ready a week earlier, and Carefree Copper was ready in mid August. So it is not very early.

Well, I TRIED to contain myself and the squirrels DID help reduce the number I could harvest. Here is what there are seed from waiting in the refrigerator. Kim

2011 Crosses

(1-72-1 X Grandmother’s Hat) X 1-72-1Hugonis

(1-72-1 X Grandmother’s Hat) X Little Butterfly

(Carlin’s Rhythm X Home Run) X 1-72-1 Hugonis

(Lilac Charm X Grey Pearl) X Magic Wand

(Lynnie X Sevilliana) X 86-3

? X Fedtschenkoana

? X Magic Wand

0-47-19 X Gardens of the World

0-47-19 X Little Butterfly

0-47-19DLFED X Tom Thumb

1-72-1 DLFED X Magic Wand

1-72-1 Hugonis X Little Butterfly

1-72-1 Hugonis X Magic Wand

1-72-1 Hugonis X R. Fedtschenkoana

1-72-1DLFED 6 X LynnPoO

1-72-1DLFED 7 X Little Butterfly

1-72-1Hugonis X Little Butterfly

Apricot Bells Self

Aprilmooncrest X Magic Wand

Basye’s Legacy X (1-72-1 X Grandmother’s Hat)

Basye’s Legacy X (Clinophylla X Bracteata)

Basye’s Legacy X Little Butterfly

Basye’s Legacy X Magic Wand

Blue For You X (Clinophylla X Bracteata)

Burling’s Single Renae sport X Magic Wand

Cal Poly X DLFED 3

Cal Poly X Indian Love Call

Carlin’s Rhythm X R. Hugonis

Cineraire Self

CPDLFED 2 X Baby Love

CPDLFED 2 X Comtesse du Cayla

CPDLFED 2 X Magic Wand

CPDLFED 2 X Magic Wand

CPDLFED 3 X Comtesse du Cayla

CPDLFED 3 X Ladyfingers

CPDLFED 3 X Little Butterfly

CPDLFED X (Clinophylla X Bracteata)


CPDLRED 4 X IW0-47-19

Diablo X 1-72-1DLFED

DLFED 3 X (Indian Love Call X 1-72-1)

DLFED 3 X 1-72-1 Hugonis

DLFED 3 X Little Butterfly

DLFED 3 X Little Butterfly

DLFED 3 X Midnight Blue

DLFED 3 X Mutabilis

DLFED 3 X Pink Gate

Erfurt X (1-72-1 Hugonis)

Gloria Mundi X DLFED 4

Golden Horizon X Mutabilis

Grandmother’s Hat Self

Hall of Flowers X Indian Love Call

Hall of Flowers X Mutabilis

Indian Love Call X 0-47-19DLFED

Indian Love Call X Magic Wand

Indian Love Call X Rabble Rouser

IW0-47-19 X 81-02-09

IW0-47-19 X Indian Love Call

IW0-47-19 X Loyal Friend

IW0-47-19 X Magic Wand

IW0-47-19 X Show ‘n’ Tell

Lauren X Fedtschenkoana

Leonie Lamesch X 1-72-1Hugonis

Lynnie X (Clinoplylla X Bracteata)

Lynnie X 0-47-19DLFED

Lynnie X IW0-47-19

Lynnie X Little Butterfly

Lynnie X R. Fedtschenkoana

Lynnie X Rabble Rouser

Lynnie X Verdun

Magseed Self

Miracle on the Hudson X (1-72-1 X Grandmother’s Hat)

Orangeade X ?

Orangeade X 1-72-1 Hugonis

Orangeade X Verdun

Pink Gate X DLFED 3

Pink Gate X Gardens of the World

Pink Petticoat X 0-47-19DLFED

R. Arkansana “Peppermint” Self

Rabble Rouser X (Clinophylla X Bracteata)

Secret Garden self

Show ‘n’ Tell X (Clinophylla X Bracteata)

Stellata Mirifica Self

Sunburn X DLFED 3

Sunburn X Little Butterfly

Sunburn X Midnight Blue

Too Cute X Verdun

Verdun X (1-72-1 X Grandmother’s Hat)

Verdun X DLFED 3

Verdun X Fedtschenkoana

Verdun X Indian Love Call

White Cecile Brunner X DLFED 4