2009 Pollen Wish List?

As many of you probably know, I have a rather large and eclectic collection of roses at my disposal. Whenever possible, I like to share pollen with people who need it, and I occasionally request pollen of something I don’t have. So, I wanted to start a thread for people who have a pollen wish list for this coming season. If I have it available, I will send pollen to those who request it. Whats on your wish list?


Chanelle, Marbree, Smoky, Veilchenblau, Serratipetala, Sheri Anne, Rosa setipoda, Lady X, Sterling Silver, Complicata, R. gluinosa, Moyesii Geranium or Warm Welcome.

I am not even sure if all of these even have fertile pollen. But they interest me for because of either their color, scented foliage, or some other unusual trait.

I’d like pollen (cuttings, suckers…) from any spotted rose! I’ve already got quite a few, but I know there are more out there. One day I’ll collect them all!

Link: shimbopottery.com/roses


‘Chanelle’ mildewed badly here. I gave it away. I’d use one of it’s cleaner descendants instead.

Yes, ‘Smoky’ is pollen fertile, and even occasionally seed fertile when established. I would guess disease resistance to be average at best. I gave my ‘Smoky’ to Kim Rupert a few months ago. I don’t have the space to explore it any longer.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pl.php?n=66744&tab=1

Why Robert…its PINK! What a shocker, eh? Cardinal Hume occasionally gives me some good colors, but mostly blackish deep reds. I got one purple from it a couple years ago but it has no vigor at all. See URL below.


I can get you Smoky, Marbree and maybe some Veilchenblau pollen. If you want scented foliage, I have R. eglanteria as well.


I can get you Alain Blanchard, Marbree and Song of the Stars pollen, but I suspect you have all of these. I have the Marbled Moss you found also, but you don’t need that one :wink:


Link: www.helpmefind.com/plant/pl.php?n=54851

Yes, ‘Smoky’ mostly gives pinks, reds and russets or did for me. It can also give a few smoky mauve blends.

Do we post pollen that we have available too?

Fara, I am not sure if it produces viable pollen, but I have a Buck rose called Spanish Rhapsody that is spottedstippled. I will have some Sevilliana pollen but not till next year. I think Jadae mentioned that Sevilliana can produce spotted offspring. I could be wrong. Might be a rose worth adding.

Same as last year, I will have some pollens that people trying for hardy roses might be interested in. I will have J5, Williams Double Yellow and Beauty of Leafland pollen. My J5 pollen will be slightly limited but I will have more WDY and BofL pollen than I can handle. Still have some from last year frozen. I should have blooms in early June perhaps late May. I may have pollen from some assorted other R. spinosissima hybrids but cant count on them this year because they are still very young.

Fara, you should get The Imposter. It looks cute :slight_smile: And, yeah, I got spots from Sevilliana.

My wish includes, hmm…

Wildfire 2000

The Scotsman

Paddy Stephens (I was sent Tatton twice as this!!!)

Deborah Reilly

Delta Gold

Keep Smiling

Paul Richard

Yellow Brick Road

…thats all I an think of now. My real list is probably infinite, lol.



I don’t have ANY of those varieties!

haha Paul! You said wish list. I’ll be more realistic when not posting on my lunch break, lol. Although, Yellow Brick Road should be realistic for this group. I actually wonder why no one has jumped on it yet. I saw it at Washington Park an dloved it, but was saddened to find out how difficult it is to track down. I wanted to get one and cross it with Rosa virginiana and Henry’s Blend…and maybe Toprose and Solitaire lol.


I’ve seen pictures of The Imposter, but never seen the actual plant. It looks to me like a really strongly spotted R. arkansana. A nice, moderately-spotted Arkansana grows here, and I’ve got several really nice seedlings from it coming up. Can’t wait to see what they do.

Smoky fans,

I once got a beautiful russet from Smoky, but alas it mildewed so severely I tossed it. I just recently got a new Smoky (that’s about to bloom in the greenhouse). I have tons of plans for it this summer. It’s still my favorite “brown” rose.


Spanish Rhapsody sounds interesting!


Yeah, already have all those, but thanks!

I once found a listing of all the roses bred by Vibert (or many of them, anyway) and I’m trying to track down all the ones whose names indicated they may be spotted. I have a feeling many of them no longer exist.

FA, ‘Smoky’ was always my favorite “brown” rose too.

Yes, offspring tend to be susceptible to mildew.

Speaking of “brown”, as good as 'Hot Cocoa’is, I only kept it one season. There was something about it that just didn’t move me. No doubt I should have kept it longer but there offspring coming along so that will suffice.

‘Hot Cocoa’ doesn’t thrill me as a plant, but it certainly has vigor and blooms well, not to mention far better than average disease resistance. It also makes an attractive shrub without pruning, which you can’t say about many modern shrubs. I keep it for those qualities more than anything and hope that it will prove worthwhile as a breeder. Early results so far indicate it will be.

I have also found McGredy’s ‘Brown Velvet’ is a good pollen parent. I am currently evaluating a number of seedlings that resulted from crosses using it. Rarely do I get seeds from it, but on occasion…

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pl.php?n=77737

‘Brown Velvet’ mildews here, not as badly as some but it still does. The foliage can be spectacular when it’s clean. One in awhile it sets hips. It’s on my list of roses to use in the future. What’s perfect?


I grow Paddy Stephens here near the Eureka Area in Northern Calif. I can send you some pollen once I get some flowers. Let me know if you want some. btw the flowers are orangish-buff colored…very hard to discribe the color, and very disease resistant since it’s a seedling of Solitaire. I am trying to germinate some Paddy Stephens open pollen seeds but I haven’t used Paddy as a pollen parent as of yet.


Alas, Hot Cocoa doesn’t grow here, unless you consider it an annual. Actually, that’s been my experience with pretty much all modern roses, and many folks I know do indeed plant them as annuals year after year. I did like the color for the while I had it; but there’s something about the way Smoky goes from burnt orange to mauve–as well as a wonderful fragrance–that keeps it high on my favorite list.

Is Smoky hardy there Fa?

How do you guys post pollen? I tried using posted ‘Ebb Tide’ pollen and had no luck with it… we just arranged to cut the anthers directly into a small ziplock bag and post it by express post (one-to-two days to most places in Australia). I seemed to arrive in pretty good order but still… no takes…

I’ve got ‘Hot Chocolate’ (Hot Cocoa) on order for this winter along with ‘Ebb Tide’ and a few others…

I wouldn’t pollen/anthers in a ziplock unless absolutely dry. I would rather have anthers dry at room temperature and sent in an envelope or on Q-tips.

Fresh pollen in a ziplock will no doubt spoil quickly due to moisture.