2009 Pollen Wish List?


Smoky is fairly hardy here, if it’s in a protected location. At my old house it used to be the first rose to bloom each year. I may grow it as a greenhouse plant, though.


Pollen MUST be dried before mailing and shipped in a paper envelope so the pollen can “breathe”, or, as Robert says, it will spoil in a hurry. I take a 3" X 3" square of paper and make a tiny envelope for the pollen and seal it with scotch tape. Then I ship this in a regular business envelope. Pollen shipped DRY will travel just fine.

Alternatively (and less desirable) you can ship flower buds that are about a day away from opening, in a ziploc bag, and the recipient can take then anthers out and dry them when it arrives. Sometimes people have sent pollen to me in this way, but it is riskier and often it spoils before I get the buds. Best is drying the pollen thoroughly and ship dry anthers in a paper envelope.



I have the spotted rose, ‘Morden Ruby’, and you’re welcome to pollen or cuttings from it. However, I will warn you that it isn’t the healthiest Canadian cultivar ever introduced.



Yes, I crave cuttings from every spotted rose there is, and am not picky about hardiness. Will email you off list!