2007 confirmed takes

I just complied hip takes and losses, and this is the 2007 final list:

2007 Crosses

01-07 White Drift x mixed diploid pollen

03-07 Henry’s Bend x mixed tetraploid pollen

05-07 Rosa californica x Royal Amethyst

06-07 Sevilliana x mixed tetraploid pollen

08-07 Rugosa alba x mixed tetraploid pollen

09-07 Rose Rhapsody x Scentimental/Renaissance

10-07 Princess Alice x D.K.O/P.D.K.O./40 Heroes/ Rainbow KO

11-07 Rosa californica x Rosa multiflora

12-07 Livin Easy x Sevilliana/Gold Medal/Baby Love

13-07 Purple Heart x Livin Easy/Sevilliana/Pretty Lady

14-07 Solitaire x Candy Land/Home Run

15-07 Rosa californica x Baby Love

16-07 Tatton x Pretty Lady/Purple Heart/Rosarium Utersen

18-07 Renaissance x Funny Face

19-07 American Honor x Rosarium Utersen

21-07 American Honor x Sevilianna

23-07 Tatton x Sevilliana

24-07 Escapade x Scentimental

25-07 Gemini x Bukavu

27-07 Sally Holmes x Night Owl

30-07 Shocking Blue x Henry’s Blend

31-07 Whisper x (American Honor x Veterans’ Honor)

32-07 Sheer Elegance x Pride of England

33-07 Toprose x Pretty Lady/Baby Love

34-07 Cherry Meililand x mixed tetraploid pollen

35-07 Autumn Sunset x Solitaire

36-07 Wild Blue Yonder x Elina/White Lightnin’

37-07 Solitaire x (Princess Alice x Freedom)

39-07 Carefree Marvel x mixed diploid pollen

40-07 Tatton x Ebb Tide

41-07 Easy Goin x (HC Anderson x Playboy)

43-07 Candy Land x Tatton

44-07 Sheer Elegance x Hoagy Carmichael

45-07 Tequila x Tatton

47-07 Night Owl x Oranges & Lemons

48-07 Toprose x Candy Land

50-07 Autumn Sunset x Candy Land

51-07 Autumn Sunset x Night Owl

52-07 Rotary Sunrise x (Selfridges x Freedom)

53-07 Solitaire x Rotary Sunrise

54-07 American Honor x Rosarium Utersen (same as #19 for some reason)

55-07 Dream Pink x Elina

56-07 Sheer Elegance x Rotary Sunrise

57-07 Playboy x Pride of England

58-07 Betty Harkness x Ebb Tide

59-07 Belle Epoque x Firefighter

61-07 Dream Pink x Touch of Class

62-07 Belle Epoque x St. Patrick

63-07 Purple Heart x Firefighter

65-07 Ebb Tide x Fragrant Cloud /Firefighter

That was way more takes than I had expected… I have mixed pollen on roses I considered gambles. My greatest pride is that I got 4 huge hips from Purple Heart. I could not get it to set in 5 years…and now it sets for 2 separate crosses, lol. My biggest mistake was using Dream Pink with anything. I don’t know what I was thinking…

Great list Jadae with some very interesting crosses. What are you hoping will result from Night Owl x Oranges n’ Lemons?

Wow, you have been busy. What is Henry’s Bend/Blend??

Henry’s Blend is the nickname I gave the Rosa acicularis hybrid that Henry gave me the seeds for :slight_smile: It’s the violet colored one. I thought the name was appropriate.

Night Owl x Oranges and Lemons was basically because I wanted something new to work with that was striped. But I couldnt figure out what to use Oranges and Lemons on. So, i gambled on Night Owl since A) it was unique B) the growth is stiff, which is O/L’s major fault and C) theyre both bred from stripes. Also, I figured Night Owl is good for mildew resistance, and I dont trust anything related to New Year for that.

I’ll try it with Candy Land next year.

It’s an excellent cross…one that I would have done as well for the same reasons. How about yellow and purple stripes?

I thought of it, but I wasnt gonna give my hopes up. I figured it would be in my better interest to get a collection of healthy stripes first, then go for aesthetics. So many stripes are highly bs prone here.

Jadae, congratulations on your choice of using the mixed tetraploid pollen on suspected tetraploid acicularis X R-15.

I wish that I had thought of that as I tried individual tetraploid pollen, and the hips aborted (a season wasted for that line).

I did like 9 pollinations and got 7 successful hip harvests. Thanks! The pollen is mixed, but includes things like Ebb Tide, Baby Love, Purple Heart, etc. I tried to pick things that were highly repeat flowering, healthy and somewhat dwarf. I have Blue Skies now, so next year I can try it on Blue Skies.

Great crosses! I’m envious of your R. californica crosses, especially R. californica x Baby Love. I’ve tried hundreds of crosses on R. californica using a variety of fertile tetraploid and diploid hybrid pollens, and never got a single hip. My only hips using californica pollen were from very fertile tetraploid seed parents. It’s too soon to tell for sure, but it looks like I’m going to get some hips this year from

(Armada X R. californica) X (Armada X R. californica)

Did you try Oranges ‘n’ Lemons as a seed parent? I tried it for the first time this year and most of the hips aborted. There are still two hips on it from

Oranges ‘n’ Lemons X Lilac Charm

but it’s too early to know for sure whether they will make it. One cross that did take was

(Playboy X Scentimental) X Oranges ‘n’ Lemons

The seed parent has orange and cream striped flowers.

I also tried Night Owl for the first time this year. It set hips well with a variety of pollen, including

Night Owl X Ingrid Bergman

Night Owl X Fragrant Cloud

Night Owl X Purple Passion

Night Owl X Hot Cocoa

Night Owl X (Schoener’s Nutkana X Coral Dawn)

Some of the other crosses that took this year:

Purple Passion X Night Owl

Lavaglut X Night Owl

Lavaglut X (Livin’ Easy X R. kordesii)

(Livin’ Easy X R. kordesii) X Lavaglut

(Livin’ Easy X R. kordesii) X Europeana

(Livin’ Easy X R. kordesii) X Olympiad

(Livin’ Easy X R. kordesii) X (Fragrant Cloud X Lavender Pinocchio)

Radway Sunrise X Julia Child

((Magenta X Lilac Charm) X Cafe Ole) X Oranges ‘n’ Lemons

((Magenta X Lilac Charm) X Cafe Ole) X Midnight Blue

((Magenta X Lilac Charm) X Cafe Ole) X Stainless Steel

(Lilac Charm X Purple Heart) X Royal Amethyst

(Lilac Charm X Purple Heart) X Orangeade

(Lilac Charm X Purple Heart) X (Schoener’s Nutkana X Coral Dawn)

Orangeade X (Lilac Charm X Purple Heart)

Anytime X (Lilac Charm X Purple Heart)

Royal Amethyst X Pinstripe

Gemini X Gold Medal

Stainless Steel X Sunset Celebration

Sunset Celebration X Stainless Steel

Mons. Tillier X William Allen Richardson

William Allen Richardson X Mons Tillier

Plaisanterie X (Mons. Tillier X Mutabilis)

(Mons. Tillier X Mutabilis) X Plaisanterie

Danae X Mutabilis

Plaisanterie was bred by Louis Lens from

Trier X Mutabilis

Danae is also a seedling of Trier.

I used two different seedlings from the cross

Livin’ Easy X R. kordesii

I grew them from seed that Enrique sent me.

I must say that some of you have been busy this spring/summer, with lots of interesting crosses.

Sadly I have lost a lot of hips this season, maybe because of some strange weather conditions here in Denmark.

Actually nearly only Westerland have kept its hips for me, so I will really hope these crosses will be exciting :slight_smile:


Jim, is your Europeana doing well?

I have it for 2 years now and it’s a useless plant.

It had a few blooms and never set any hips. If it blooms the flowers are hanging down. The petals are nice but it’s not healty here.

I’ve had Europeana for 8 years. It is pretty healthy here, but isn’t as vigorous or as floriferous as I would like. It doesn’t set hips well, but I have had some seedlings from it as a seed parent. I got one in a pot this Spring to try in the greenhouse. It is more vigorous and blooms better than the one outdoors, but strangely has a lot of mildew. There are other differences between the two, and I’m not convinced that they are both Europeana. I’ll try the potted one outdoors next year to see if it the differences are due to the different environments.

Many of my hips were cut by my neighbors… and the gardeners who come during Tuesday to sweep up.

After months of telling them to not cut the roses with the pipe cleaners, I have found another… they weren’t happy, but neither was eye…

What they haven’t cut though were one hip of each:

Persian Sunset X Baby Love

Perle d Or X (OP Bract X Clino)

Teddy Bear X Laura Ford

Pacific Serenade X Multabilis

I had done so many fabulous crosses with livin easy… crosses of foetida.

I did a few crosses on both Europeanas. I just checked, and there is one hip left on each. The one outside is

Europeana X Scentimental

The one in the greenhouse is

Europeana X Royal Amethyst

I don’t know why I did the second cross. I must not have had much choice of pollen when that Europeana was blooming.

Nah, I figured Oranges & Lemons would be an annoying seed parent.

I like these ones:

Stainless Steel X Sunset Celebration

Sunset Celebration X Stainless Steel

Plaisanterie X (Mons. Tillier X Mutabilis)

(Mons. Tillier X Mutabilis) X Plaisanterie

Danae X Mutabilis

Danae itself gets mildew, but Ive never had a disease prone seedling. The issues has always been horrible vigor in the seedling, which ironic cause Danae is a weed =P

lol Im already working on my 2008 ideas. So far Im up to Penny Lane x White Lightnin’, Solitaire x Rosa californica & Penny Lane x Wild Blue Yonder.

btw, rosa californica is very different in each area along the west coast. My particular clone is a climber. It will scramble 15’ up tree lines in forests if allowed to. Mine is currently sending up 10’ basals as we speak. It is pastel violet with a blush to pastel yellow eye (like like how some Gourmet Popcorn has a tiny amount of yellow in it, but the sun eats it up immediately).

I wonder what selection of Rosa californica that LeGrice used in his crosses? I wonder this because his studies may only apply to his selection. For instance, his selection, Jim’s selection and my selection could produce different results and patterns if using identical seed or pollen parents with it. I like trying to look up Rosa californica on google image, yahoo, HMF, etc. All the pics are almost always different, lol.

I read recently that it’s thought the californica used by LeGrice may have actually been an early Geschwind californica hybrid, something like ‘Theano’.

I wonder if Peter Beales knows for sure?

A few of mine:

Red Eden x Fourth of July

Midnight Blue x Fourth of July

Golden Celebration x Red Eden

Polka x Red Eden

Eden x Red Eden

Eden x Fourth of July

Fourth of July x Fourth of July

Earthquake x Earthquake

Scentsational x Scentsational

Black Jade x Black Jade

Charles Aznavour x Charles Aznavour

Charles Aznavour x Fourth of July

Where did you get your R. californica from, Jadae? What is the distribution and shape of prickles on yours? Mine have dense straight prickles on the lower 1/3 of the stem, and sparser, slightly downcurved prickles on the upper 2/3. There is a lot of variability in all of the native California species. R. californica typically grows 5-7 feet tall here, and forms large dense thickets. The petal color varies from plant to plant, and some have pinkish stigmas. There is one californica in the area that has double flowers.

I wonder where Geschwind got his californica from? I think that the cultivar called “R. californica plena” was distributed in Europe before the species. “R. californica plena” is a diploid; the species is tetraploid. I read a Japanese study a few years ago that did DNA tests and concluded that there is no R. californica in “R. californica plena”.