1st germination of the season

Well I’ve got my first germination for the season and it’s ‘Marriotta’ x ‘Marriotta’. The mother plant is pretty, healthy and a good blooming minature. Another positive thing is that it has two doses of 0-47-19 via ‘Seaspray’ and one dose via ‘Little Artist’. This is my first germination in 3 years so I’m a bit excited and look forward to other crosses germinating soon.

How’s everyone else doing with germinations?

Link: www.helpmefind.com/gardening/l.php?l=2.4151

I love Marriotta and Alisha! Oregon Mini’s sold them by the truck load each spring. Everyone LOVES the white picotee effect. They make wonderful border plants, sans the blackspot, but theyre definitely light years away from the blackspot of Eyepaint. In the 90s, I used to have a border row of those two, Why Not, Simplex, Beauty Secret, Little Artist and Make Believe. I liked them cause they were compact but made nice whimsical sprays for the garden.

I’d love to see these types of minis (Space Oddysey, Playgold and a few others come to mind too) bred with cold hardy, disease tolerant roseswith the goal in mind of retaining the quirky color patterns, nice sprays and compact habit.

I think Moana, Seaspray’s parent, is where Sexy Rexy got its ability to pass on mildew resistance, and likely blackspot proness LOL. Sexy Rexy’s parent, afterall, is a highly mildew prone rose, Dreaming. Likewise, J/P used Sexy Rexy to dull out the mildew on Iceberg to create Fabulous! An almost awesome yet blackspot infested mess.

I like both Marriotta and Alisha but the latter is my fav of the two.

I’m with you on breeding these types of minis with cold hardy, disease tolerant roses. Due to my space limitations I want compact habit but with nice color and sprays. Let’s see what comes from these Marriotta seeds.

Happy New Year…


My seeds are still in the fridge, and I generally don’t get many germinations until I take them out, but I have had 7 germinations from
R. roxburghii normalis X Mons. Tillier
and 1 each from
(Lilac Charm X Schoener’s Nutkana) X (Schoener’s Nutkana X Coral Dawn)
Armada X Duet

Hi Rob,

It’s good to hear that you are having some germinations after a too long hiatus! ‘Marriotta’ is a great little rose. You should get some nice bloom clusters on that new baby.

I’ve decided to wait until the week after next to plant our seeds. I usually try to get them all done by the first of the year, but had too much going on.

Happy New Year!

Jim Sproul


I’m hopeful that something decent to work with will show up from this seasons crop. I really like you new orange/yellow speckled beauty! Great color combination and bloom form. Happy new year to you as well.


The second to germinate is ‘Ebb Tide’ x ‘Rhapsody in Blue’. Hoping for healthy, double, deep purple or mauve with a strong spicy/clove scent. I’m excited to see what the first bloom looks like on this cross.

Third in line:

Westerland x (Golden Angel x L83) Hoping for a really nice and healthy yellow, peach, apricot, orange or Russet…not sure how russet would happen but just threw that on in. This is one of the crosses that I’m hopeful about.

Im assuming salmon and warmer pinks would be dominant, followed by random colors with orange and/or yellow.

The first seedling made itself known on Christmas, from Thanksgiving Day sewing. “Christmas Baby” is a Hall of Flowers X DLFED cross. It’s now joined by two more siblings. Mrs. Oakley Fisher X DLFED popped up today as did White Delight X DLFED 3. Interesting how the Fed. crosses come up earlier than more “traditional” ones do. Kim

The (Golden Angel x L83) seedling is a peach color so I’m hoping that combined with apricot color of Westerland, the colors I’m looking for will be more dominant than salmon or pink. I’m usually not fond of salmon or pink. I’d be interested in your thoughts that salmon and warm pinks might be dominant Michael. I’ve got no clue when it comes to predicting colors in seedlings. I did look at the ancestry of the parents involved and they seemed to be heavy on yellows and oranges with some pinks/salmons and red and white thrown in.

Today I found ‘Midnight Blue’ x ‘Cinco de Mayo’ germinated and it’s now under lights. What are the likely colors from this cross?? I had hoped for a nice russet…

Lord knows what. Cinco de Mayo has every color lineage possible, in essence, in it. It should have nice plant structure though. In theoretical pattern, you should get fun colors. And like most purples, pinks, too, lol.

Darn those pinks! lol

i now have 3 seedlings up one is very small i hope its a mini. the cross is cunundrumXblackcherry . the other 2 seedlings are black cherryxmixed pollen.

also belle story open pollenated. this is early for me. february is when i get seedlings so this is great. russet is different you should get honey dijon i got

an old gold color seedling last year.

There is an odd florist HT out lately thats pastel russet like beach sand, with a slight blush reverse. I think it is aboslutely ugly, but it combines well in arrangements as a contrast.

One of my Westerland x (Golden Angel x L83) seedings has a solid DARK purple stem and cotyledons. Is this an indicator of potential flower color? I’m wondering if I didn’t mix in a seed from Midnight Blue…

It usually means anthocyanins are present somewhere in the plant as a whole, but who knows how its expressed.

Can’t wait to see how it’s expressed!