[attachment=0]new bed 001.JPG[/attachment][attachment=1]new bed 002.JPG[/attachment]So satisfying the way last seedlings are developing.
new bed 001.JPG
new bed 002.JPG

Looks fun! If you’re anything like me you spend way too much time out there examining them…

Great garden enjoy to Neil, I assume this is the front garden, if so it would be a pleasure to walk past.

Regards David.

A few photos.
5-23-04 003.JPG
5-23-04 004.JPG
5-23-04 011.JPG

All are from the last two years. The white one took three years to bloom.Some real eye candy here also.
5-23-04 009.JPG
5-23-04 007.JPG
5-23-04 001.JPG

None of my business, but have you been using Hannah Gordon to get those picotees?

My back would hurt from bending over to smell each one.

No, the blotch comes from Playboy, which died over the winter, and I think the picotee comes from Rainbow Sorbet, both pollen wise.

Some have “the look” and need to be duplicated this year.

I didn’t have and don’t have the time to add compost or fertilizer, which really brings out the colors, but what a year with big BIG flowers.

I’m also looking close at those that hold petal color till droped even if it’s only a seven thin petal yellow.


Some more.
2013 seedlings 004.JPG
2013 seedlings 003.JPG
2013 seedlings 002.JPG

2013 seedlings 007.JPG
2013 seedlings 006.JPG

Some yellows.
more 020.JPG
more 017.JPG
yellow 002.JPG

more 014.JPG
more 024.JPG
more 018.JPG

Nice! And ooo, those dark yellows are delicious!

Judith, A couple from Keith’s Delight and one of the Dalia type.
yey 001.JPG
yey 003.JPG
yey 004.JPG

I put this one on HMF as N-28. Last years seedling, second flush, one of the plants with six inch flowers, bloom on plant is at four ft.
good one 001.JPG

This is N-29 on HMF.

Happy 4th of July.

Try these.
more 2013 004.JPG
more 2013 005.JPG

From the casual and occasional gardener.

It’s hard to catch the essence of some of these.

This whole plot has turned into a living soil experiment of no water or feed since planting last year. If careful a foot can just make it in there.
essence 002.JPG
essence 001.JPG
essence 004.JPG

This has an almost identical twin and the second is like a 3D candelabra.
candilabra-twin 002.JPG
candilabra-twin 001.JPG

Maybe you have some sort of synergy going like this: [url][/url]. I find this carbon in the soil idea really makes sense, but how could one apply this to roses? Roses are well known for depleting the soil and theoretically this manner of growing would take so much less water, if applicable. Maybe a little trefoil, some vetches, and a little alfalfa growing under and around the roots of each rose?