When do you start collecting hips?

Hi all,

Quick question:

  1. When do you all start collecting hips from the bushes?

  2. What do you do with them after you have removed the hips?

ie: do you store the hips for a while or do you remove

the seeds right away?

  1. What date do you start sowing seeds?

Thanks, I just want a quick and easy guide for this year.


Here in the netherlands i collect the hips in october. The hips has to be colored. Because of the low tempature and don’t want to have sprouds to early i store the hips for 8 weeks in the fridge. All in a sealed bag. After that i take the seeds out of the hips and clean them. I put them on white sand in the fridge and waith for germination.

In east Tennessee, a lot of species hips ripen in July (after bloom in April, sometimes in late March). Were I to wait to harvest them, there’d all drop off and be squirreled away by our rodent population.

The time to harvest hips will depend partly on when the cross was made and partly on the parents and partly on the part of the country (which will influence both preceding factors). You didn’t say where you live, so it’s hard to give an answer for you.

First, you can be sure that a hip is as ripe as it’s going to get when the stem turns yellow or brown. Usually some hips with some viable seed start dropping 60-80 days after pollination, so it’s good to patrol the garden to make sure that the critters don’t eat the dropped hips. Hips from hardy species crosses may drop a lot earlier–some are fully ripe 6 weeks or less after flowering.

Second, crosses of most other varieties (HT, FL, etc) are fully ripe by 14 weeks (or whenever the hips change color) if the hips hang on that long.

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