What are these roses?! (Unnamed roses of Renzie Park McKeesport PA) BIG FLOWERS!

I got these photo’s of GIANT blossoms on two distinct hybrid tea style roses. The LARGEST Roses I have ever seen!

No names. I am thinking Betty White-Apricot Nectar-maybe even Pearlie Mae by Buck? Mrs. Arthur Robert Waddell? I want to know!

Some of you are very experienced. Maybe these are instantly recognizable. Just thought I would try.

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The other one. Both gorgeous! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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The first one could possibly be Just Joey. I’m not too sure about the second.

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If the second one is very, very large…perhaps Medallion?

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YASSS! I think you are right. I never heard of that rose but I swear the flowers are enormous and gorgeous! Sturdy big flowers! I just check it on HMF and this is a pretty fertile rose. Thank you!

Ok Yes I can see that- a spent pale blush Just Joey blossom. Some of the HMF photos do show a scalloping of petal edges and exposed stamens. This rose mated to Belle Story and produced interesting scalloped offspring. If it is Just Joey this lineage is one of the ones that I have love for. I already have one of it’s descendents Bronze Star.

Just Joey can be mated successfully to bansksia hybrids the records show.