The quest for Yellow

As some of you would know I am new here and ‘also’ from Australia, which might make some difference to my/our project.

I would like to ‘chase’ the yellow rose(non fading)

Requirements are below, blame Kim.l.Rupert(not realy) my idea, he is the one that said ‘push the envolope’, so here it goes.

Selling feature, color, yellow

Repeat flowering,


weather proof

the one you would take to take home to, Mom, wife, girlfriend

Am I asking for to much, YES, so can we/you/ me come to the party on this.

Yes I am asking for the impossible, but, what the heck, I/we only live once, Regards David.

I wish I could remember Ralph’s quote on the subject of yellow roses; it was a good one.

Do you mean the one where the man was railing about why couldn’t breeders create a good yellow? Ralph listened then stated, “If you knew what it took to get the yellow roses we have, you’d be on your knees thanking breeders we HAVE yellow roses!”

FWIW, Tom Liggett has always stated mauves/grays are “recessive, recessive” yellows, which is why they are always so bad. Kim

I, too am on a quest for yellow. It was my Dad’s favorite color and I am trying to get a good one to name for him. I am having good luck with Honey Perfume, it is good as a seed and pollen parent. Last year I added Nacogdoches but it is still to early to determine how good that one is. I also have Julia Child but have not gotten any yellows from it yet. This year I added Shockwave, it did not set any hips but the pollen was good.

Yes Kim, that is the one! lol

FWIW, I have not yet found a yellow cultivar that can do what you are asking of it. Not one. In fact, precious few are capable of transmitting strong yellow pigment at all, never mind any other traits.

Sharon vanEnoo witnessed that one. It’s her favorite story about him. Yellow Magic gave many yellow seedlings for me, on terrible plants. 1-72-1 gave a number of terrible plants, also with yellow. Mostly, they were whites or “barf” colors which faded dirty whites. There are a few yellows out there now which have lost their tags so I’m not sure what created them. Most are going to be dumped.

Have you ever raised anything from Golden Holstein? I sent it to Ralph years ago from The Heritage, but doubt he ever did anything with it. That yellow was quite lasting in San Jose on a pretty healthy plant. It seemed to go rather “green” in my higher heat. I never raised anything from it. Kim

Carefree sunshine often supplies strong yellow color and good health.

Cs crossed with the sickly distant drums produced a healthy double yellow; even the next gen from this has been healthy.

Did you use Carefree Sunshine as a seed parent or pollen parent, Dave?


The cross mentioned was dd x cs.

A similar cross, quietness x cs, produced a couple healthy yellow/apricot seedlings in 2010; qt defoliates badly here, our plant now is nearly naked.

Toprose :stuck_out_tongue:

I sent some Toprose x Scotch Briar, among many others, back to Paul O. I believe they will germinate. I’m crossing my fingers.

Freedom as a pollen parent will also produce strong yellows. However, its mechanically female sterile.

Betsy, Carefree Sunshine is a great female parent and the seeds germinate readily.

This year, cs x suzanne produced a.couple hips with 2 or 3.seeds each

The reverse cross produced nothing.


I got one yellow seedling from my 2010 crop: ‘Apricot Twist’ X ‘Suzanne’. I was surprised to see that much yellow pigment, and the fact that this seedling bloomed four months from germination. Shocker!


Nice. My 4 or 5 seeds probably wont produce anything like that.

Great seedling and a cool cross, Paul! Thanks for uploading the pics.

My Carefree Sunshine are loaded with fat hips pollinated by an unknown seedling that I call Bicolor William Baffin (BWB). It’s a dog, blooming basically just once and defoliating early from blackspot, but it’s somewhat yellow (pale pink with light yellow centers) and quite hardy and probably has reblooming genetics.

I was disappointed when Bill Radler told me CS had poor germination, but it’s encouraging to hear that Julie has had better luck. It would be interesting to compare Julie and Bill’s methods of seed cleaning, stratification, and sowing to see if there are any possibly relevant differences.


Carefree Sunshine can be particular–I certainly have had some crosses with only a few seeds and poor germination. But some pollens produced very good results. Both EGS1 and 2 (Easy Goin’ x Suzanne) produced over 100 seeds in 5 hips with over 50% germination when crossed with CS as a female. CS x Applejack produced a lot of germinations, as did a very old cross with William Booth. It may be that you just need the right combination. All I know was that with most of these crosses I had way more seedlings than I wanted–mostly because I knew that the bulk of them would be once-blooming. I do try to limit myself to keeping only the very best in these cases and yes, I did get a few that rebloomed–not many but a few. I would not rule CS out as a female. I still continue to use it as a female and have some nice fat hips just about ready for collecting right now.

As far as my technique–it is nothing special. I keep my seeds in seed starting mix at room temperature until all seeds are collected. The bags go into the refrigerator somewhere between the middle of October and the beginning of November. Starting at two and a half months of stratification I checked the seed bags once a week for germination and remove and pot up those that have germinated. Each time I take my bags out to check for germination I leave them out at room temperature for gradually lengthening time periods, starting with a few hours and gradually adding an hour or two each week before they go back in the frig. Towards the end of March they will be out of the frig for about 20-24 hours before being returned to the cold. That is about it. I never do anything special because even when germination seems poor I seem to end up with more seedlings than I need.

Two new yellows for 2013 from Christian Bedard (sp?) that sound like they are on the right track are Butter me Up, and Sparkle and Shine. Does anyone have any experience with these? Sparkle and Shine is a Julie NewmarXJulia Child cross which sounds workable.

Sorry, left out a link for Butter me Up and Sparkle and Shine.


Butter me Up looks like and the description sounds like the flowers right now on Golden Horizon.

Note that the severe color shifting of the image towards deep yellow/orange suggests they felt a need to exaggerate its depth of color. Typical marketing manipulation crap.