Self ( probably) fertilized : Mixed results?

The LFC Souvenir de Claudius Denoyel’s seeds have given me mostly near copies of its self. Oddly, in the mix of offspring there is a miniature now going on three years old with Hybrid Perpetual type blooms and a medium growth HT with the same blooming features of SdCD but in a dark pink also three years old now. Is this typical?

I would imagine that few (if any) people will be able to report on what is typical for open-pollinated seedlings of ‘Souvenir de Claudius Denoyel’, but since it is a hybrid tea, I’m not quite sure how to interpret your question without more information. In any case, if you have observed a fair amount of uniformity among its seedlings except for two very distinct exceptions, I would guess that there is a good chance that you are witnessing the results of occasional/rare outcrossing events. You could possibly learn more by performing some deliberate, controlled crosses with miniature and modern hybrid tea cultivars and observing the seedlings.

Flower form is not really a direct factor of class (i.e. what one person calls “hybrid perpetual type blooms” can theoretically occur in multiple classes). Growth form and flowering habit tend to be more indicative of genetic background than flower form alone; for instance, miniature appearance/growth habit would be pretty atypical for a hybrid tea, and would probably be grounds for exclusion from that class.


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