Season 2023/2024

December I took all my hips from the freezer, soaked the seeds in peroxide and put them in some nice sand. So now the waiting begins!! So exited to see results of the crossing last summer! I didnt have to wait very lomg because the first seed popped open!:tada: First of this season is Newsflash x White after Rain.

Keep you all posted in his thread.:+1:


Congrats on the cross germination, great feeling! Excellent start!

… and with a Knudsen pollen parent spino hybrid, l think ? Not familiar with seed parent.

Mine was discovered yesterday, an OP of a white beggeriana from donated seed to join the nigrencs (sic) species version l hope

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A lot Warm Welcome going to show up. I flipped the 3 who where ready to getting removed and a lot sprouted…so going to get busy soon.


great setup of germinating area.

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I also have some warm welcome still in the fridge. OP or crossed?

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All crossed.:+1: Are yours OP or crosses? It has some descendants so its safe for crossings only.

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Mine are OP so not that excited, just had room in the fridge

I had a big daylight LED batten in my livingroom and set it up. Lets see if this light also do the trick.

PPFD also suited for roses.


I have kinda an explosion of germination right now, they popping up by the hour. Ive created a new setup McGuyver style and a LED growlamp is comming via the mail soon hopefully. Ive a lot seedlings stored at Rob…but there are a lot. A few White after Rain didn’t make it but last few days more popped open and are greenish. The first two where pale/albino.

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Nice use of stiff? pvc? piping.

Used similar structure when setup a misting system using thin, light, plant irrigation tubing and tiny rotating sprinkler heads - plastic covered enclosure and had run off recirculation. Used when had many out of zone cuttings - retired it as moved away from large number of cuttings.

I should of done something similar for my crosses that I brought in this year.

It’s piping of a pop up canopy i modified. Its aluminium material. It works like a charm so far. Lets hope it holds when I put more lights on the structure.