Saturated orange/ yellow parents

I’d be interested to hear recommendations for really good saturated orange or yellow parents; ideally I’m after something floribunda-ish, reasonably disease resistant, not too double, scented & with good fertility; I’m wanting to cross onto Pearl Drift, which seems to set hips reasonably here, but PD, would, I imagine, strip the colour out of any other parent. Joycie looks good, but it’s not available here in UK

Joycie is not disease resistant here. How about “livin easy”


Livin Easy and Baby Love can produce carrot orange tones. New Year and Top Notch can, too, but theyre far more disease prone.

I am willing to bet that Julia Child can produce orange tones if crossed with the right roses…

I suspect Julia Child may be a good avenue to explore. Joycie has neither fragrance nor disease resistance, but it CAN pick up these traits from the pollen parent used on it. Joycie is very malleable, which I really like about it.

Golden Angel often produces highly disease resistant offspring, but most are also very s=dwarf, so that may not be a desirable thing, depending on your goals.

In general, Strong Yellow + Fragrance = Blackspot proneness, so its hard to recommend a strong yellow that has fragrance AND disease resistance. The best I have to recommend is Arthur Bell, which has some fragrance and some disease resistance, and a pretty good track record as a breeder. Golden Celebration may be worth trying as well.



‘Julia Child’ has been good for both yellows and oranges, as well as the more golden tones. I have also noted some good fragrance in some of its offspring.

Also, I have ‘Marmalade Skies’ X ‘Baby Love’ seedlings that show good orange coloration with semi-double blooms, though not strongly fragrant. ‘Marmalade Skies’ was a very fertile seed parent for me and can give seedlings with good blooming power.

Though not clean with respect to blackspot, ‘Kardinal’ has good powdery mildew resistance and produces very strong orange colored seedlings.

For saturated yellows, I have really liked ‘Henry Fonda’, however, it might take a couple of generations to clean it up a bit more. It has only worked as a pollen parent for me.

You might also consider ‘Home Run’ for some good orange tones.

Jim Sproul

Toprose is the best fragrant yellow for me.

‘Henry Fonda’ definitely worked as seed parent for me. I only used it one season as I found it was prone to PM.

Sunsprite (aka Fresia) might be worth a try. It holds up better to blackspot than most yellows, is very fragrant and holds its color. I have not had success with it as a seed parent, but it has fertile pollen.

A 2008 Compassion X Julia Child is a bright orange semi-double; looks a lot like Westerland. Probably not worth keeping beyond this year.

Compassion is BS free in my no-spray garden, and its seedlings are healthy too.

Jadae, you mentioned Toprose in another thread, and you are starting to pique my curiosity. I have no other real sources with experience with this one. (But how BS-resistant is it really?) Who did you acquire yours from?

I’ve been underwhelmed with my Fresia despite her awesome reputation, and she warrants replacing to my mind.


Hi Philip. It is extremely healthy here. I dug out Sunsprite a while ago. I loved the blooms, and nothing else about it.

Another one to consider: Shockwave.

Also, Amber Queen can give both orange and yellow, depending on what it is crossed it. AQ really is a jack-of-all-colors producer.

Not really yellow, and not flordibundaish but what about Crepuscule or Buff Beauty, I know both are more or less apricot blends, but I think with the right crosses you could get some really saturated yellows or apricot-orange maybe? Arethusa might be in that boat too. Just a suggestion. Crepuscule is very very healthy for me here. Just tender.


I’m thinking Henry Fonda, Sunbright (seed parent), Charisma (small flowers), Golden Slippers and maybe Ann Harkness.

I used a lot of Hot Cocoa this year but I would like to go back and try Southampton.

I would love to find Amber Queen. Does anyone know where to buy it?

Tatton is a good substitute for Southampton. Im guessing theyre related, too.

Not a response, but a question: I was wondering about folks’ experiences with St. Patrick, which was highly praised several years back, but about which I have heard little of late.

(Frankly, I had wondered, given its green undertones, if it might be a better candidate for the red-with-yellow-yields-mauve approach, rather than for breeding yellows…)

It produces pale colors with ease, which looks washed out.

I would go the Sunstruck route, which has chlorophyll but a stronger color. Also, it is healthier.

One that I have not seen mentioned yet that seems to produce a high number of yellow and orange seedlings for me is ‘Day Breaker’. It is also quite disease resistant here in Pennsylvania and has done a very good job of passing that on to it’s progeny in my experience to date. I’ve also had some surprisingly good results with seedlings from ‘Honey Bouquet’ and ‘Honey Perfume’. In fact, my most disease resistant seedling to date is a very fragrant cream colored seedling from a ‘Shocking Blue’ x ‘Honey Perfume’ cross. However, it is possible much of that disease resistance is from ‘Shocking Blue’ since I have had great results from it relative to disease resistance in many other crosses.

Julia Child OP seedlings have been a real mixture of petal counts and color density. I de-petaled a cream yellow one that had probably a hundred petals today to make a cross onto it. This one is semi-double with probably the deepest pigmentation I have seen so far.

I’m going to have to get Julia Child some day. I love that color. Here’s first bloom on a Hot Cocoa seedling from today (sorta a saturated orange or coral)…

Alas, no fragrance tho.


Hot Cocoa will definitely make some great colors, particularly Chinese reds, often with a different shade on the reverse. However, don’t expect much in the fragrance dept.