Rugelda x R15

I decided to start a new thread for this one. I got my first remontant seedling using Hnery’s Rugelda x R15 today.

I’d like to say it was easy, but it took a considerable amount of work.

Keep in mind this is a first blossom. It should improve. There are a few others yet to flower. Most seedlings are non-remontant as once would expect. At least it’s yellow.


that looks fantastic-- and it will get better.

Is it thornless so far?

No, there are prickles.

Robert, congratulations, it’s -beautiful!-

Thanks, just accomplishing the task is the goal. If anything eventually come of it, more the better.

Here are a couple more. I threw the pollen at just about any seed parent I had ready at the time.


As a reminder here is Rugelda x R15 taken this morning. It really is lovely. There’s not much fragrance and the shape of the plant isn’t very good, but it is very vigorous.

What a beautiful rich color, and the red stamens contribute even more beauty. Very lovely rose indeed.

That’s great that you were able to a remontant seedling from that cross. I see the purple stamens didn’t get passed on to it from Rugelda x R15. That would have been icing in the cake.

Paul, the stamens did pass through to this seedling. This is Playtime X (Rugelda x R15). Photo taken yesterday.

I like the color combination of it. She’s very nice. On HMF is there two or three different seedlings? There is this picture and one that is either the same rose or one that is very similar. It looks like the all red one has purple stamens also, they’re just harder to spot against the red background.

Awesome, Robert :slight_smile: I liked the female parent, too.

Paul, there are few more remontant Rugelda x R15 seedling yet to flower from this cross and other seed parents.

The most productive cross in terms health of seedlings was Prairie Harvest x (Rugelda x R15), but it only looks like one will be remontant.

The cross I assumed would be one of the most productive, Dornroschen x (Rugelda x R15) was a total wash out. I didn’t get one germination and had LOTS of seed. I’m always surprised when this happens. I think Paul Barden mentioned he also had a cross that completely failed to germinate.

It’ll be intersting to see what kind of ratio you get for remontant seedlings from these crosses. If you get about 1 out 6 (16%) as remontant seedlings then Regelda x R15 has two copies of the remontant gene, assuming the seed parent has four copies. If you get closer to 50% remontant seedlings, then Regelda x R15 has three copies of that gene.

Now I wish I had taken Henry up on his pollen offer last year. If anyone offers this pollen again this year, I’ll probably take them up on it. Even though I have plenty of material to experiment with that I haven’t used yet, I see that Regelda x R15 has a lot of potential and will add it wish list.

I have about 12 crosses that didn’t produce any seedlings. There were about 300 seeds between them, so none of them had large numbers of seeds though. One of the crosses I repeated from last year because the seedlings showed potential, so I was surprised that I didn’t get any this year.

Paul Geurts, I also can send you some wood for budding or for trying to root. Last summer I was able to get three “starts” from cuttings, but they have been sent to others or promised. Yes, I will have pollen available also.

Thank you Henry,

I’d love a cutting of it along with some of it’s pollen. I see that up to 2006 you hadn’t had any luck with it as a seed parent, have you had any luck since then?

Rugelda x R15 failed as seed parent the few times I tried it.

Paul Gerts, the following link has outlined in yellow what seedlings I obtained from last years crop (called 2007) that contained R-15.


Henry, Thanks for this info. I’m encourage Prairie Harvest x R15 worked as seed parent. (remontant?) I found a second bud forming on those of that cross I made last season. I will have at least two remontant seedlings, but the great majority of this cross were non-remontant for me.

Thanks Henry,

I counted 8 seedlings with Rugelda x R15 as the pollen parent and one with it as the seed parent. Did you keep records of how many seeds you had from these crosses? Just to get an idea what kind of germination rate you had with it as the pollen parent?



Paul Gerts, I have the number of germinations but not the number of seeds. See: