Rugelda X R15 is blooming, Pollen available

Today, I looked at Rugelda X R15 pollen with the microscope. There are a number of grains that did not stain (dead pollen). Most stained grains were in the 43 micron region so are tetraploid. A few grains were in the middle 30s micron region - I am not sure what this means.

For those who already requested pollen, I will be sending it out as it dries in a first request, first send order.

If you missed my initial offer, please e-mail me a request that includes your post office address in a form that I can simply cut out and tape to the envelope.

I will mark on the envelope “contents rose pollen”.

There is no charge for the pollen.

If you go backwards from the link below you will see the other pictures (seven total so far) of Rugelda X R15’s pollen.

Henry Kuska


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I had good hip set using Rugelda x R15 this year Henry. I had one seedling that lacked vigor from last years attempt. It eventually died.

Thanks for the pollen information. Sounds like saturating the stigma is the best hope for success.

Henry, what do you stain them with and how?

Can you describe the process?

This is very interesting,


Dee, you can following the historical development of the procedure that I am now using by looking at the following thread:

For staining see David Zlesak’s post on Fri, Sep 7, 2007 in the above thread.

An experimental point that I am still working on has to do with slide preparation. As I mentioned in the other thread, I have been able to purchase a large number of glass slides at a local trucking salvage store at a very low price. So, I have been using 2 slides per experiment instead of 1 slide and 1 cover slip. The function of the cover slip is discussed at:

I am trying a number of ways to hold the 2 slides together. One way that works is to put a thin line of super glue almost all of the way around the sample drop (sort of bottle shaped - a small opening is left so that excess liquid can escape).

Another way that I just tried using today is to use silicon grease to form the “bottle” shape.


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I received your pollen package yesterday Henry and I look forward to using it in crosses this week. Thank you very much.




I received the pollen. Many thanks. It’s in the freezer, as only the earlier blooming species are in flower at this stage.

I received mine, too. It was liberally painted on 2 roses so far–

Belle Epoque x Belle Epoque


Rabble Rouser

…this nasty La Nina has my roses blooming to a slow halt, so I have little to choose from. I hope the la nina lifts soon so we can get some sunshine (and not 98 degrees again!).

I hope Tequila blooms soon as that is my next choice for this pollen.

All 3 of these are quite BS tolerant and heavy repeat bloomers, so they seem like good choices to use with this sort of pollen :slight_smile: