Red Cascade

Is Mr Moore’s climbing miniature ‘red cascade’ a diploid?


I would guess diploid.

If I remember correctly this one can mildew pretty badly. FYI

I counted it to be triploid from a root tip squash.


Thanks David and Robert. I am not going to use it then.

I am after a mini that is diploid.


Hi Simon. I know, but I can’t find one!

many of the early ones are diploids. Oakington Ruby would be an excellent choice.

David, thanks also for adding the ploidy of Red Cascade on the HMF database! You are marvelous.


Could you please send me your email details through this email link facility. I want to chat to you about an off topic rose thing. Thanks.

Hi Paul. I can’t get OR either. Are there any others you can list, please?

Oh, I just found this link to diploids, great!


How reliable is this list of diploids (see link below)…it lists Constance Spry as a diploid???


email link added… I have been told Thomas for Roses has ‘Rouletii’ though I keep missing them when I call or get home too late to bother trying… I’ll find it one day :slight_smile:

email sent to you Simon, via this site.

I have about 100 red cascade plants here at the moment almost ready for the local school fair and it set op hips for me last season (that I didn’t collect so I can’t comment on germonability). It’s pollen didn’t work on anything I tried. Didn’t try it as a seed parent. It has descendants on HMF but they look to be mostly OP or deliberate selfing decendants.

100 plants??? WOW!!

Anyway, it doesn’t really stack up as a proven parent as you suggest… too bad. Does it also mildew in your climate Simon?

Nope… I’m in the path of the ‘Roaring Forties’. If I get something with a mildewy reputation I’ll put it in the windier parts of the garden… mildew doesn’t really stand a chance in the wind here. I can’t really fault it here and love it… a bit of sentimental favourite as it was a gift from a dear friend many many years ago and I’ve carted it around with me across nearly 2000km of moves ever since. After nearly 20 years it finally has a spot in the garden to put down permanent roots. The small cutting grown plants are to be donated to my children’s primary school to sell at their school fair’s plant stall next April. You are welcome to a plant of it if you would like.

Thanks Simon.

I have plenty of material of it, but I now relise after David’s assessment as triploid, that it is not what I am after as I would prefer mostly ‘even numbered ploidy’ parents at this stage.

I am sure your school will be proud of you, congratulations!

George, a triploid should give both diploid amd tetraploid pollen so you may be able to use it with a diploid mother.