Ralph Moore's Sequoia Nursery is closing

SteveJ posted this in the Rosa bracteata thread, but I think that it needs a thread of its own so that nobody misses it. Sadly, Ralph Moore’s Sequoia Nursery is closing after 70 years in business. The details are on their web site. They will continue to take orders and fill them through April 29th 2008. Now is the time to order those Moore roses on your “to get” list that you haven’t gotten around to ordering previously. They are already out of one of the roses I wanted, Out of Yesteryear. Hopefully, it and other out-of-stock roses will eventually be available from “Moore Legacy Roses” at Texas A&M. According to Sequoia’s web site,

“Very recently, Texas A&M University has made arrangements with Sequoia Nursery to act as a repository for a large part of the Moore collection and to continue to release as yet un-named varieties into commerce on Mr. Moore’s behalf as Moore Legacy Roses. We could not have hoped for a more enthusiastic proposal than the one Dr. Byrne at Texas A&M has offered and we are confident that Texas A&M will make much of the Moore Rose collection available after we have closed our facility here in Visalia.”

Link: www.sequoianursery.biz/

Yeah, I was a very sad panda about this :frowning:

It is truely sad that this is the end. I was wondering what would happen to his nursery. Hopefully his named varieties do not disappear and hopefully his unamed breeding stock will be preserved for the fucture. Best wishes to Ralph in what ever he has planned next.

The two remaining Sequoia employees will carry on at least for a time. They both have plans for relocation of some of the cultivars and breeding stock though I don’t know if they will be offering them to the public. At least one of them may continue breeding roses.

Mr. Moore will be turning 101 years old January 15th. He’s been hospitalized for the past couple of months.

There is talk Mr. Moore’s Son may try to relocate the family home from the current nursery property.

Robert, Mr. Moore spent several days in the hospital a few weeks ago, but has been home being tended by his daughter, Eleanor (for whom his mini was named). While he’s not out jumping corn rows, he hasn’t been in the hospital all this time, but home taking it easy. He’s actually done VERY well for anyone his age, twice hospitalized in his entire life! Both times for less than a week each.

Yes, his son, Keith, has requested the house as he wishes to move it to property he owns. Otherwise, it will be demolished with all the other structures on the property. While his party is on the fifteenth, his actual birthday is January 14. For many years, he deliberately didn’t tell anyone the exact date of his birthday. In his words, “that way, I get cards, calls and visits for an entire month!”

Thanks for the update and clarification Kim. I really need to get up there. If I can make it for the 15th, I will be there.

Apparently this is one of our last chances to see the place as we will remember it.

The nursery is already “changing” as the back half is already starting to be cleared. I cannot stand the thought of the place being demolished and replaced by whatever kind of development is planned…

Among rosarians, Mr. Moore’s nursery is an historic landmark.

Jim Sproul

I know how you all feel. I felt so horrid when Jerry Justice and Ray Spooner passed away all within one year. I miss them and their wonderful nurseries very much. I used to buy a mini or two just to chit chat with them. I don’t even care for minis (a few exceptions, maybe)!

It’s happening sooner than anticipated. See link for article.

Link: www.valleyvoicenewspaper.com/vv/stories/2007/ralphmoore.htm

Can someone check if the newspaper got the closing date correct?

I really don’t want to order for delivery in early January, but will if there’s no alternative.

From what I’m gathering Ann it may be already too late. If anyone wants anything I would order it now and hope for the best.

Now I’m hearing things may not be wrapped up as early as was reported in the article. Still, I think it’s wise to get your final orders in early. It can’t hurt.

The Sequoia web page still says, “We will continue to take orders and fill them through April 29th 2008.” You can order now for shipment later.

Link: www.sequoianursery.biz/

I placed an order yesterday (Friday) and asked for immediate shipment (post Christmas next week) as we aren’t in the cold of winter yet.

Carolyn said they had asked Mr. Moore if they’d be closing as the recent (linked above) newpaper said, and he’d told her “no.”

The answer depends on who you ask. The truth appears to be that no one knows for certain. The web page reflects the official current response, dwindling inventory and circumstances withstanding.

My order is in too Ann.

In the newspaper (see link above) I see the following note -"A public party on Jan. 14 to celebrate Ralph Moore’s 101st birthday is still in the works. When details are final, they’ll be posted on the Sequoia Nursery website, www.sequoianursery.biz. Has anyone heard any more of the details of this gathering? I see nothing more on the Sequoia website.


The closing date is yet to be determined, but it will almost certainly be before mid-February.


I heard from Kim Rupert a couple of days ago that the family was planning an open house for Ralph from January 7-21 for anyone who wants to come by to wish him a happy birthday. Things seem to be in a state of flux there, so you might want to double check before showing up.

Due to the storms here in California, I’ve been without power since 2pm yesterday. The power company says that they won’t even have an estimate of when power will be restored until 6pm tomorrow. The battery on my laptop is running low, so this will be my last post for a while.

Out of curiosity is Ralph planning to write just poetry or will there be a rose book in the works.

Yes, it’s true. At almost 101 years of age, Ralph Moore is finally retiring - sort of! Although I’m not a rose breeder, as Ralph’s daughter I would like to respond to several concerns noted above:

  1. Ralph Moore will be 101 years old on Monday, January 14. Dad’s request was to not have a big party this year, although he very much enjoyed and appreciated his big 100th party. The nursery group is having a no-host luncheon on Jan 15. You can contact Carolyn for info. Jan. 7-21 is an informal Open House at Sequoia Nursery (drop by, look around, enjoy coffee, cookies and a visit …)

  2. The Moores are working closely with Texas A&M to make the nursery transition to A&M as easy as possible. We have been assured that A&M will continue to honor your orders. We like their plans so far for continuing Dad’s work and the availability of his roses. We will be learning more soon.We are still waiting for A&M to decide when the actual close date will be in Visalia.

  3. Ralph Moore has retained a life estate on the front portion of his property from his buyers. He will continue to live there and carry out his own breeding program as long as he is able. He has also agreed to work as a consultant with A&M, so we expect to see grad students and others in and out of Visalia soon.

  4. Dad continues to write his poetry and technical articles. Re: whether or not there will be another poetry book … my husband and I designed and compiled ‘Thoughts of Roses.’ Do you think there is enough interest to work on another book? (Dad has more than enough unpublished poems already!)