R. Spinosissima Altaica

I am searching high and low for an Altaica rose. I’ve been on the waiting list at High Country Roses for 4 years, but apparently this is very difficult rose to strike from cuttings.
Is anyone on this forum aware of a nursery that carries this rose in the US or who would be willing to ship to the US? As a last resort I’d even purchase seeds and give them a shot. Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

Hi Tim,

This is a slight diversion of your question, but for whatever it’s worth, it isn’t entirely clear to me that plants sold under as Rosa spinosissima var. altaica in the U.S. are the same as the taxon used by breeders in the past. One of the reasons for my (rather strong) suspicion is the decidedly linseed oil-like note in the fragrance of many hybrids reported to be derived from it, such as the Kordes “Fruehlings” series, which the plant I once grew from U.S. nursery stock (Ashdown Roses?) certainly did not possess. My plant seemed to be a fairly typical R. spinosissima to me, with a very sweet, wild rose-like fragrance that was devoid of any linseed oil notes. The supposed hybrids of that species have other features that seem suspiciously reminiscent of some other background as well–foliage, hips, and prickles. My hunch is that some other species allied to R. laxa may have been what was actually employed in those past breeding efforts, being called R. spinosissima var. altaica. Whether or not it was faithful to the original type of that taxon, it does not seem to have been closely related to genuine R. spinosissima, or to the plant of commercial origin that I received and grew under the name R. spinosissima var. altaica for as long as it could withstand the conditions here. Unfortunately, for all of its initially vigorous growth, suckering, and beauty, it ultimately succumbed to pressure from cane borers and the cane diseases that subsequently attacked the weakened remnants.

All of that said, I hope that you are able to find a source for the plant, and I will definitely keep an eye out in case it appears anywhere!


Altaica. Is in here. Maybe of use?

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It’s all over Northern Alberta. Propagate by suckers. one of the easiest of roses to do. And yes I have and love this rose

I maybe able to get you seed from Altaica. To trade I am looking for seed of ‘Canary Bird’ Yes I know it will not come true that is part of the point