Collection of very rare spinosissimas free-for-digging

This may not be particularly appropriate on this forum however the recent thread on R. spin altaica makes me think it is of interest. Posting here with permission. Information source is Facebook group Spinosissima Roses.

From Len Heller
“I started this group years ago. I am now 77 and can no longer garden. I have over 70 different spinosissimas remaining in my garden. I also have about 10 Prairie Peace’s, the others are mainly one of a kind. All must go. Free to anyone who can come to Starwood Washington and dig them out.”
Here is the link to his HMF page and rose listing.

My mind runs wild to bring them home …

… rental cube van : check, hired US international phyto certifier: check, reserved rental HomeDepot 36inch wide mini digger : check, 3 hours reserved car wash bay in Blaine Washington for soil and other removal : check, portable nursery trimmer and bailor : check, nursery shipping bags : check … etc.

Good to see he is offering his life work for people to carry on, but age and border a barrier or l would do massive road trip.

I would be interested as well Not sure how to contact him,

By the way Margret the double arkansanna you gifted me is doing very well here in Hudson, WI, I am wondering if anyone has done any attempted breeding with it? mine has yet to set any hips

Sorry i mistyped Margit

Hi Tim
I’m glad the rose is doing OK.
Len has given permission to share his email on this Forum so here it is.

lhellerniin at

Makes me sad to see the wholesale loss of an obvously beloved collection.

Thank you for sharing this information! I couldn’t believe when I read down and came across Stanwood, WA, as it is straight across the mountains from where we live.
It would be sad for such a collection to disappear. Hopefully there will be enough people who are interested to find homes for these: I know I would love to grow and work with some of them.

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