Ploidy of Flower Carpet Scarlet NOA83100B

I have purchased one FCS plant and keep deadheading it to encourage growth. It has grown hugely in a matter of a couple of months, it is in a large pot, and ready for hybridizing “action”. So far, its disease resistance to BS is phenomenal in my very high pressure BS location. Maybe this BS resistance could break down in time (I hope not!!).

Has anyone come across any published information about the ploidy of Flower Carpet Scarlet (NOA83100B)?

I know Simon V recommends it as a pollen parent.

Does it produce 1x pollen or 2x pollen, or even both???


Nope but my money is on triploid.

It’s pollen has worked this season on both diploids and tetraploids. Haven’t tried it on triploids.

Oh really??

The only reasonable female fertile rose I currently have in “useable condition” is Fourth Of July…Brown Velvet had to be chopped back and relocated, ditto for Jude The Obscure (weird name!!!).

A lot of my other roses have been shovelled, to make room for better quality ones, like CHEWfragbabe, and a few new OP seedlings from several horrendous EE/WEC runs I did a few weeks back now.

Garden space here in the middle of suburbia is entirely minimal, so I have to shovel and replace many roses to make room, rather than enjoy the luxury of just adding and adding to the lot of 'em. I am reasonably happy with that, too. I don’t envy all the hard work it would require maintaining hundreds, or thousands of some of these prickly “+/-beauties”…ughhh!!

Sooooo, I am thinking of doing FOJ X FCS.

I wrote not too long ago that I was gonna use OP Clino and OP clino/bract as pollen parents, until they maybe developed stronger growth, but I think with FCS proving such a fickle seed parent in some of your controlled crosses, Simon, I might have better luck throwing FCS pollen onto the two Viru/clino seedlings, than doing it the reverse way…maybe I’ll try the FCS+Viru seedlings combo both ways, one never knows which way (if any) may prove more successful in what look like such fickle situations.

It worked on Rosa longicuspis var. sinowilsonii… so might be worth a shot on clino or clinobracteata??? Depends what your goals are. I was thinking I’d love to get wich. into longicuspis to add some extra substance to the leaves and I was hoping that it makes a mix of n and 2n pollen so I might get a diploid seedling out of it that might have a bit of fertility too. Will be a long term project.

Paul put his clinophylla onto a 0-47-19 seedling and got the beautiful pink with a white eyed seedling on his blog (see link). Essentially a similar cross that would likely have similar results except FCS is double so you’d likely get some semi-doubles/double seedlings. Also, FCS has ‘Immensee’ in it which has ‘The Fairy’ in it so there is polyantha lurking around in there too as well as floribunda from the FCS pollen parent. My prediction is that you’d probably need a fair bit of room to test these seedlings too :wink: Get in early with the clinobracteata/clino seedlings. If they are anything like the longicuspis flowers they self long before they even open.


George, read below why the name for Jude. Kim


Sad story-yes. David Austin often uses English Literature for his rose names. Many of his early Austins were named for characters in Chaucer’s “The Canterbur Tales” and then later characters or titles in Thomas Hardy novels… Tess, Jude, etc. Actually I prefer these to some of the others breeders have chosen.


Aw, Jim, you don’t find “Happy Butt” poetic? LOL! I do LOVE “Sweet Revenge”, though! Kim

Playgirl is by far the most scandalous by American terms, lol.

X Rated isn’t that great, but along those lines. I’ve wanted to create an insipid pink OGR with big, inflated, rounded flowers and call it something like Souv. de Mme Douche-Bag. Kim

Jim has erased his message and shall remain silent at this point! LOL

Kim, you ol’ wordsmith, that does have a ring to it.

I think your humor is, possibly, even more sarcastic than mine.

I can even think of a appropriate registration code name, but we best not go there! lol

I don’t think I could force myself to put a ‘Happy Butt’ to my nose for a good whiff…

Oh well…and when I woke up this morning, I saw a whole bunch of new postitngs since my last one here, and thought I was going to be told more about FCS!


How about Rose a Parfum d’la Feh?

:0) @ Kim.

Hey Simon,

You asked about goals for clino/clnobrac + FCS (in any sequence)… well… @ this stage just getting a hybrid will be ok LOL!!

Also, the clino and clinobracteata seedlings are so far refusing to set OP hips… this might change in time as the season progresses, we’ll see.


Mea culpa,


Hi Jim P.

My understandnig of Latin is zero, so I google searched “mea culpa” to work it out!!!

LOL…not at all!! Your idea makes sense.

Also on a tangent, if I hanged pots the size SC requires in my climate for it to be real happy, people would be bumping their heads on them, and maybe worse roflol!!

LOL I just did:

x1 (OP Clinophylla X Bracteata) X FCS

x9 FCS X OP Clinophylla

Then of course, ~30 min later the sunny afternoon was replaced with a huge dumping of rain, thank you!!

roflol, the fun continues…

George, I usually cap fresh work with strips of tin foil that I remove the following day. DO NOT do this in heat though. I only use the caps during the rainy season though. Its not ideal but it works bette than plastic and it allows for an extended pollination window.

Hi Michael.

Thanks for trying to help!

Yeah I have tried aluminium foils used in the kitchen, but gave up on them…it all gets to be too much fuss in the end. …sometimes rain water had even found its way in, if the flower tipped sideways in the wind and with the extra weight sitting on it…in the end, I just “got over it”!

In case you are interested in the climate here, the typical pattern here in pollinating season is that it starts off warm/hot in the morning, then dumps a brief rainshower in the afternoon (plus a cool change)…I am very used to, and love this weather pattern as a person born and bred in Sydney, but as an amateur rose breeder without a greenhouse, I just have to put up with it LOL!! It’s all good!!