Photo Gallery UN-available

Sorry to report that the photo gallery has been taken offline. At some future but not-soon date a replacement will be available.

In the mean time please continue posting photos with your messages. The plan is to scoop these up into the new gallery when it’s ready, and also to move existing photos from the old one to the new one.

Hi Admin,

The “choose file” option doesn’t appear to be available in the image gallery.

Jim, you wouldn’t happen to have been using a mobile device when you had that problem, by any chance?

Images wont upload from my mobile device

I haven’t tried uploading anything from a handheld device, but from my laptop, as long as the image size doesn’t exceed the limits, both individual and multiple uploaders work fine.

[attachment 82 2011-11-12_16-40-26_687.jpg][aq putt ztachment 81 2011-11-12_16-43-00_101.jpg]

[attachment 82 2011-11-12_16-40-26_687.jpg]

Above pics from my phone gallery.

havent figured how to transfer from phorum gallery to a phorum post.

So far, the gallery is working perfectly for me. I reset the camera so all the images are taken at the file size necessary for ease of uploading and they just pop right in! My Gallery I REALLY like this new forum! Thank you!

Kim, I see how to reset my camera for the right size but there is no way on the computer to downsize what I already had to 615KB. There is nothing much to photo in the way of roses here at this time of year, so later. Neil

Neil, I’m sure somewhere in your photo handling program there is a way to resize images. Of the several installed on my computer, the fastest, easiest is Microsoft Office Picture Manager. I open the image I want to resize, click on “Picture” on the overhead tool bar. In the drop down menu, I click on “Resize” which opens a box containing the various ways to resize. I’ve resized many existing ones to the 600 X 800 px size and they uploaded quickly. I reset the camera to 640 X 480 which speeds emailing as well as uploading both here and on HMF, too. Hope it helps.

I LOVE being able to upload photos directly to posts and the gallery here without having to use Flickr. Thank you!!!

Point taken Kim

You’re welcome David. I hadn’t set the camera for smaller px images but then got to thinking. I don’t print them, so why mess with the larger files? It saves me the effort doing the type of things I don’t generally LIKE doing and makes the entire process faster and easier. Two things necessary for me to want to be involved doing it.

My gallery . This is a nice option to have. Any chance that we could make this viewable to other members of the fourm?

Hi Liz,

Thanks for putting up those pics. Fun to see some cold weather crosses.

The galleries are viewable by other members of the forum, in one of two ways. Either they post a link to the gallery, as you did, or one clicks on their name to see their member profile and then clicks on the “Gallery” link.

Efforts are being made to make the galleries more accessible, such as in an improved “member showcase” section, but that is a ways off.


After testing out the keyword search function, I’d like to encourage everyone to add lots of keywords, including for instance the parents of any seedling. That way we could type in “Baffin”’ for instance, and find pictures of roses with William Baffin as a parent.

I’m not sure if it is technically possible, but I think it would be great if that gallery search function was expanded to search not only keywords, but titles and descriptions as well. I am lazy to type in redundant keywords after typing the description.

The current design spec calls for just that. It also includes the option to sweep photos from individual posts into the gallery. Other ideas are welcome.

Thanks for the info Joe. It will be nice to take a look at combinations that other people have made.

Hi Elizabeth, might you have known Bruce Rennie, the mini breeder who lived (may still for all I know) there in Guelph? I corresponded with him twenty-five years ago. Very nice gentleman.

[attachment 136 Austen10.JPG]

There is a chance we might have jumped another computer hurdle

This my Rosa Banksiae Banksiae, which if you can see it underneath is my chookhouse

[attachment 137 PA130318.JPG]