New seedlings for 2005?

I figured I’d start it out since no one else has yet – maybe up north they’re still waiting for germinations.

I’ve got a few germinations occurring in my seeds planted in plastic containers last fall and wintered outdoors.

So far:

Quite a few ‘Rose de Rescht’ X ‘Carefree Sunshine’

3 found damask X ‘Carefree Sunshine’

1 ‘Cherry Meidiland’ X ‘William Lobb’

5 (‘Fragrant Cloud’ x carolina) X ‘Carefree Sunshine’

and what I find most interesting 2 seeds (out of the five “sinkers”) from three hips on an otherwise sterile seedling of Rosa bracteata X (rugosa X palustris). All three hips occurred in the same section of one branch. All other flowers on this plant and its three other sister seedlings aborted. The fertile sector has died over the winter, so I’ll never know if it had doubled chromosomes or what. Maybe these two seedlings will someday help answer my questions.

I have one seedling of Cologne x Constance Spry that is blooming-- nothing special, although it’s leaves are pretty.

I have a palustris (hopefully, it is) x R. kordesii-- although I think it maybe a self pollination because the leave have zero characteristics of kordesii. They’re longish and mat.

And I have germinations of openly pollinated bracteata x clinophylla-- that will be intresting. Pacific Sernade x 77-361 gave me 7 germinations, but only 3 of them survived… The other 5 rotted, although I don’t know why… I have openly pollinated Lady Penanze seedlings. I also have a Lady Penzanze x Applejack cross which I am hoping has deeply fragrant foilage. I don’t expect blooms, but if it has the apple scented foilage, then I may well be on my well to create tetraploid aromatic leaved roses just like Applejack.

For all I know, Applejack is the only rose of its kind with that ploidy-- and I can imagine the trait being transfered to mossy and thornless roses.

My germinations this year are at:

I update the page every day or 2.

This year I did not use an enzyme presoak (was short of time). However, I am adding Bromelain to the the water that I use to wet the sand in the Petri dishes. The Petric dishes are rotated through the positions in my half sized freezer that is set at its warmest thermostat position (about 50 degrees F.) The inside door of the freezer is lined with red ultrabright LEDS. The seeds were put in the Petrie dishes on 3/18/05 (I am experimenting with a late start this year).

Last year I started around new years day, which turned out to be too early as many of the seedling plants were outgrowing their pots yet it was still too cold to plant them out. It appears that I probably started a little too late this year.

Next year I will probably start about the middle of February.


This has been a great year. 50+ cross variations germinated.

I let a few first blooms peak through to tide me over til later.

High Hopes x Lagerfeld produced a purple blossom on an obvious climber. Im not sure where purple came from but Im not going to whine about it. The color is like that of Purple Heart or Sugar Plum. Interestingly enough, High Hopes x Sugar Plum failed to set any seeds. At least the crows didnt steal my hips again from High Hopes this year.

Danae x Pretty Lady produced a rather odd shade of light red on a compact little seedling.

HC Anderson x Remembrance produced a real nice color. It was a coral pink but it was darker than most. It reminded me of the Kalahari cross in one of my books (all red climbers made a similar color). Although this cross has less red background in it than Kalahari since Remembrance is Trumpeter and Southampton.

Solitaire x Perfect Moment and Nicole x Sue Lawley are the next in line to bloom in a week or so. Culling is going to be so difficult this year.

The keepers last year were:

Inner Wheel x Modert Art- one seedling looks like Eyepaint but the reproductive parts were red. Another was fully double white with blush handpainting. Neither showed blackspot which is what I was selecting against.

HC Anderson x Ole- just a dopuble red. It was clean so never got the boot but it may this year. I’ll see if the edges develop frills or not.

Sympathy x Falstaff- hasnt bloomed yet. Im regretting using Falstaff. I replaced Falstaff this year with Isabel Rennaisance which is supposed to have better rebloom. The seedling is healthy and has really nice foliage though.

R-15 x R. acicularis from Henry-- I kept the 2 healthiest. Theyre cute and already have itty bitty suckers in their pots. The foliage is kind of plush and grey-green. Lots of tiny prickles and no disease which includes blackspot since this is a bs prone area.

Dortmund x Playboy-- Well, it looks like Dortmund on a dwarf bush. The foliage is lacier than both parents but in red like Playboy. Honestly it looks like a china rose haha. The majority of its sister seedlings were highly mildew prone which I found quite odd. I think Dortmund must have a dose of red polyantha (or Poly-HMusk type) in its background somewhere because this is becoming a common occurence.

I took my seeds out of the fridge late this year and don’t have as many germinations as usual. The most exciting germinations so far are the ones from my chromosome-doubling experiment:

Apricot Twist X Little Mermaid

Apricot Twist X Mermaid

Armada X Basye’s Purple

Armada X Little Mermaid

Baby Faurax X (Europeana X Dickie)

Baby Faurax X (Renae X unknown)

Baby Faurax X Magenta

Magenta X Baby Faurax

Silver Jubilee X Grootendorst Supreme

Silver Jubilee X Mermaid

I treated the bold name parents with pressurized N2O, as discussed in this thread:


Jim, Did I hear you say you were going to write up your actual procedure in a coming RHA newsletter? If so, any idea when that might be?


Joan, I’ve started writing an article for the newsletter. I haven’t had time to work on it lately. Hopefully soon…

Whoa-- my first brownish seedling. The Cologne x Constance Spry seedling is not only brownish, but has a strong anise fragrance.

Maybe a competetor to Distant Drums in the future?

I’m saving it for sure-- it’s the only seedling that appears to inherited both recessive genes to repeat, but I will save the other seedlings too. Hopefully this brownish seedling will be disease resistant.

As you may recall I had no time to do crosses last year given our small window of opportunity, so I had to rely on open pollinated blooms. My most prolific and healthy is Fabulous. Most of the seedlings’ blooms so far look like the mom. And oh so healthy!

Number of seedlings:

Fabulous - 101 - Almost all healthy seedlings

Deuil de Dr Reynaud - 24 and all mildewed

Isabel Renaissance 11 and most mildew resistant

(R. Clinophylla x R. Bractaeata) x OP 24 - some mildewed some not, and quite varied in vigour

R. Souleana - 8

Sorbet Bouquet - 9 - Some mildew resistant

Loving Touch - 9

And a smattering of various seedlings from Tradescant, Mme. Isaac Pereire, Teasing Georgia, Tammy Darlene (all mildewed), Louise Odier, Heart O’ Gold, Giggles, Gene Boerner, Berries N Cream, etc, etc.

Great work guys!

Jadae - maybe High Hopes has mauve somewhere back on the pollen side and you’ve got Blue Nile, Saint-Exupery, Angle Face, Prelude, and Lavender Pinocchio (probably more than once) coming from Lagerfeld, so with a little luck I can see a purple. Did you get that typical mauve-purple excellent scent?

Tom - do the doubled Mermaids make you think you have a completely “clean” double? Are they healthy and vigorous? The Armada x doubled Mermaid could be a real winner in the toughness and bloom volume categories

I dont know. I tried smelling it but all I could smell were my fingers since it was the first bloom and very tiny. So technically it did smell like Dial bodywash lol.

I cant wait to see all these various seedlings of everyones. This is so exciting.

Forgot to add:

J/P didnt release Fabulous this year. I was very sad by that fact when I went to go buy it. I grew Lime Sublime for one year and was so horribly disgusted by it that Fabulous looked like a perfect replacement—and elusive, too!

Fabulous! is a hard rose to find. If you can’t find it and would like one of my op FAB seedlings (they all look like selfs so far)let me know and I’ll ship one to you when they’re big enough.

One additional note. We have no blackspot here in Tucson so I can’t comment on FAB’s resistance in that way, but they are very powdery mildew resistant.

Sexy Rexy can get mild blackspot here. Iceberg is always very clean. I imagine that Fabulous! is clean both ways here. Lime Sublime, however, was prone to both–which was also a Sexy Rexy seedling…but not a clean one lol!

Tom - do the doubled Mermaids make you think you have

a completely “clean” double? Are they healthy and

vigorous? The Armada x doubled Mermaid could be a

real winner in the toughness and bloom volume categories

On my web page concerning this years germinations (mentioned earlier in this thread; link given below), I today updated the information as to which seedlings have died before planting out. Although some may have died due to my inattention, I feel that most died from being weak seedlings. Hopefully others will find this information useful in explaining their own failures in keeping wide crosses alive.

(Sometimes, this forum will not accept my links in the box provided below.)

Hey Henry. I was reading your link list and was curious. What do you think/feel about Rosarium Utersen and Always Love You in your program? Im using both this year for a first time. I crossed Rosarium Utersen x Rabble Rouser, Aloha x Rosarium Utersen, Sexy Rexy x Rosarium Utersen and Always Love You x Behold as test runs.

I purchased Always Love You at our local rose society last spring. As you can see from my list its pollen was fertile. The plant is dead this summer. It is too early to say anything about the offspring.

I have had Rosarium Uetersen for quite a while but have not done much with it. My (Willian Baffin X OP) has rejected most of the pollen that I put on it so I will probably continue putting Rosarium Unsterum pollen on it.

Thanks for the response Henry. Thats what I feared with Always Love You. The strong yellow seems to have come from Golden Wave which isnt too keen on the cold. It seems to be a very strange plant. 2’ tall here with 4" blooms. It looks like a midget HT.

I’ll try to remember to tell you how my RU test runs go. I probably will remember because I find RU fascinating. The foliage is beautiful (and very disease resistant here)and the blooms seem to be a shade of pink not associated with the time it was bred–or associated with kordesii’s for that matter. Also, I like the fact that the sprays are very uniform and not gangly. Shadow Dancer is probably the most gangly kordesii hybrid. Come to think of it. My Orange Velvet x Shadow Dancer seedlings turned out all icky and diseased this year.