new favorite seedling

I think that this one is my favorite from the 2007 crosses. According to my records it is Morden Sunrise x Everest Double Fragrance, but I am starting to question my pollen parent. I also made some Morden Sunrise x About Face polinations at the same time and given the coloration I would guess that I mislabeled the hip when I pollinated it. What is cool is that it is the opposite of About Face.



Liz, that’s one great looking seedling! Keep up the good work!


LOTS of pernetiana behind ‘Everest Double Fragrance’. I’ll bet your parentage is correct. It’s a beauty. Fragrance?


Thanks Terry!

Robert, Pernetiana eh?? Learn something new everyday. Actually trying to learn about pernetiana from HMF I discovered that there is also LOTS behind Morden Sunrise too. So what is it exactly that pernetiana is bringing into the genetics? The reverse or the color? Not much in the fragrance department, but it is a cool cloudy day.


lol wow @ that tree. Crimson Glory is quite the rose slut.

I imagine it may be easy to tell when mature if About Face passes on that odd-toned green box-y foliage.

Oh the color for sure Liz.

Yes, lots of foetida behind Morden Sunrise too. Have you had it around enough to get an idea of disease resistance?

I wish the genetics of fragrance was easier to predict.

The pernets also brought in many of our true bicolors. Examples: Mikado and Gypsy Carnival, and countless more.

Pinnochio is a really fascinating roses. It has a little of everything (genetic-wise) wrapped into this tiny little floribunda lol.

Beaituful seedling, Liz. Could you tell us if the colour fades to pink?

I have Gebrueder Grimm, a Kordes shrub rose that has orange on the inside and yellow on the outside. The rose is vigorous and very disease resistant, but unfortunately the flowers fade to a rather ugly color. I’ve tried crossing it with Livin’ Easy, which does not fade, but didn’t get seeds. Have to try again though. It would be nice to have a non-fading bicolor with the resistance of Gebrueder Grimm.


Jadae, I had forgotten about the funky foliage on About Face, actually I do not particularly care for it. Really hope that the the seedling does not have it.

Robert, Morden Sunrise has late season black spot in my garden. As or scent, I went back and took another wiff, definitely some scent but nothing that blows you away.

Rob, the first few blooms were indoors and I removed them before they really had a chance to fade. I’ll keep an eye out for fading and keep you posted.

Kordes’ rose Las Vegas also has this orange on the inside, yellow reverse pattern. I also have that one in my garden and used it as a pollen parent last year on Morden Sunrise, but not on the same dates as Everest Double Fragrance. Unfortunately no seedlings resulted from that cross. Definitely will have to attempt it again.


What a GREAT color Liz. Congrats on this one.


Liz, I also used ‘Las Vegas’ last year. I am amazed we think so much alike.

I am surprised as I assumed ‘Las Vegas’ would spot badly in your climate?

It’s sort of an obscure rose at this point. Can you tell me why you use it?

Thanks, Robert

It’s absolutly a beauty Liz, both color & shape! Leaves look very healty too. Congrats!


It’s a keeper. Were it not for the petal form I would think I was looking at Las Vegas.

I’m not sure Las Vegas has descended to obscurity quite yet but looks to be on the way. Too bad. It is a good parent both ways, although I cannot speak to seedlings because my germination technique was very bad. It was also a healthy plant in my garden, zone 6a, though not particularly vigorous and needs spraying and winter protection.

If it is any help to you, the following crosses worked for me.

Las Vegas as pollen parent:

Headliner 7 seeds

Chrysler Imperial 26 seeds

Funkhur 4 seeds

Gallivarda 5 seeds

Konrad Henkel 2 seeds

Romanze 4 seeds

Rose Lady Rose 4 seeds

Shocking Blue 4 seeds

Sundowner 1 seeds

Sympathie 4 seeds

Las Vegas as seed parent:

(Redgold x Simplicity) 4 seeds

(Redgold x Simplicity) 5 seeds

Samba 6 seeds

Sterling Silver 4 seeds

Sterling Silver 15 seeds

I had great hopes for that Chrysler Imperial cross, too bad I didn’t know what I was doing.

I didn’t use Las Vegas at all this year. Last year I had more time on my hands. I was just curious to see if it would pass along it’s color. I used it for pollen.

I was just out checking. I think I already culled those seedlings. As I remember they were all pink like the seed parent and not particularly vigorous.

I’ve had Las Vegas for about 3 years. It was sort of a “rescue” from a local nursery that had it deeply discounted. It was a moment of weakness, I liked the color and it was on multiflora. It is not too bad in my garden with regards to disease but I do use the vinegar/oil/soap mixture on it. It seems to be smaller in stature and has come through the winters in OK shape. I would only use it in crosses with parents that are more disease resistant I have a Morden Sunrise x Home Run seedling from last year that has orange tones to it, appears to be a good seed parent, is fairly vigorous, is a single, and is disease resistant. I will probably use Las Vegas wih this seedling.

Nice to know that Las Vegas can also be used as a seed parent.


Liz, that’s one beautiful, beautiful rose! Well done!

Liz, that is a gorgeous seedling. That is my favorite combination of colors.

Jim Sproul

Thanks everyone. It has opened more today and still has not faded any. The scent is better as well. Nothing like a little warm sunshine to help the fragrance along.

Yeah, a lot of the yellow-toned roses are heat dependant for releasing their scent. At least, that is what I have noticed.

I have a couple of pictures from the same bloom 4 days later. The orange tones are starting to disappear and the yellow reverse is fading a bit. The bloom fully opened is still quite nice.



P.S. finally figured out how to put photos directly in the post!!!