Nematodes/worms eating radical upon germination

From my crosses a couple seedlings germinate in the fridge and then i move them into soil to sprout and it is very successful in general. This morning i was a little impatient as i have been waiting for one of my more valuable seedlings to sprout and so i gently moved away some of the soil and i saw worms moving around the seed i had sewn and the radical was gone. It seemed like all that was left is an empty shell. Have any of you all had an issue with radicals getting eaten? What would you all suggest? Based on my research treating the soil with neem oil is the way to go, but im also worried itll affect the sprouting seeds. Should i heat treat my soil? Thoughts?

I used hydrogen peroxide at 15% to the gallon. Killed the neamatodes but did not affect the seeds.

I wonder if what you are seeing are fungus gnat larvae? Fungus Gnats Management Guidelines--UC IPM

Ooh that looks right to me! Who knew they would be such an issue.

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I will have to try some hydrogen peroxide

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Mosquito Bits are also pretty good at getting rid of fungus gnat larvae. They worked well for me as a tea to water the seedlings with.