Need help identifying this rose

Hello everyone. Would someone please tell me what type of rose I have. I am completely new to roses and this is my first rose plant that I picked up from the local plant shop. They did not have any labels and when I look at the website online, the only information offered was that it was a ‘Rosa Hybrida’. Each stem has two roses at the top and it is currently about 3 feet tall. Each bloom is about 2in and has 5 leaflets. It has no thorns, and the scent is very strong and sweet.

Update, I went to the shop where I bought the rose from and they didn’t know much about it other than that it was from Egypt (I am in Kuwait). Anyone’s advice will be appreciated!

I have limited knowledge of “warm to hot climate” roses as icicles grow off my roof in winter. So l can not help id, though a very long time ago l use to grow, with winter protection, a number chinas, hybrid chinas and a couple of teas. This avenue was my first inclination as a wild guess. Can’t tell if modern or antique rose.

However the term hybrida l believe just means its a result of crossings of different roses. So your back at the very start of trying to id an unknown rose or its parents.

Best hope is somebody will recognize it or the growth characteristics to give a type of rose.

Might think of including a whole plant photo for growth character, leaflet photo, cane photo and thorns on canes - if any. And when you have it longer you’ll know if it repeat blooms cs only blooming once a season.

There are some people here who are very familiar with warm climate roses.

You can also try HelpMeFind plant site under rose clematis option. Its free and used by lots if breeders.