My Best Attempt so far at a Hardy Yellow

This is the closest I’ve come so far with my attempts to breed a hardy yellow shrub rose.

It’s more of an apricot. It should disease resistant. I’m hoping it will be good to something like zone 4.

The seed parent is ‘Goldbusch’, seed parent of ‘Applejack’. The pollen parent descends from 77-361 and acicularis through ‘Dornroschen’.

Repeat is good.

There is a pleasant moderate fragrance. More pics and lineage at the link below.


I love the color on this one Robert and very interesting parentage. Congrats!

Thanks Robert. I hope it makes a good seed parent. I went ahead and spread the pollen from this blossom despite the fact it is really late to be hybridizing in my climate.

The pollen production was huge!

I wish this one was smooth but prickles are average. At least it’s a step in the right direction.

I noticed that you listed this as breeding stock only. What are your thoughts on moving forward with this one?

We’ll see!

I have to get it around for testing and make sure it’s worth commercial consideration.

Robert, I also really like the color. I wonder if ‘Julia Child’ would increase the yellow tones. I don’t know what it would do to the cold hardiness…

Jim Sproul

It is pretty :slight_smile:

Thanks Jim, Jadae,

If it’s fertile I plan on throwing everything at it or at least using the pollen. ‘Julia Child’ will be on my list for sure.

I would love to put it with one of Liz’s Morden Sunrise x Home Run seedlings.

Good looking rose. Really like the parents.

I have been working a lot with yellows this year and will continue to do so for quite a while. ITs what I have focused on.

I have had really good luck with hip set on my Golden Glow x Applejack crosses. They could always abort but I have not had a failed attempt with this cross yet. I have some hopeful reverse croses too but for some reason I have poor luck getting my hips on Applejack to mature. Most die off mid summer for me.

Made several Autumn Sunset x Williams Double Yellow attempts today and 1 Glenn Dale x Autumn Sunset.

Also have 1 hopeful Golden Glow x J5 and 1 Dornroschern x J5.

I hope to see some nice results like yours in the not to distant future.

Very nice Robert, great color. Hopefully it is fertile. Yeah the Morden Sunrise x Home Run seedlings would bring in some more hardiness and disease resistance, probably the orange yellow tones too. Hopefully in a year or two I will have sorted through them and have some to offer you.

I am new to all of this but love reading and lurking and seeing pictures.

To me, who knows nothing about breeding roses, but knows what she likes really likes the form and color of this rose!


(I am an apricot/gold/orange rose lover!)

Steven, as you know your Golden Glow x Applejack crosses double up on Golden Glow. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. It’s a little close. I’ll be curious as to vigor in your seedlings. I think a inbreeding can be a useful tool. I love the color of Golden Glow. Your other crosses sound very nice.

With crosses like those you are bound to get some very nice looking things soon.

Liz, I look forward to seeing how your crosses develop. I have Morden Sunrise on order but I recognize it’s limitations. I am tempted to wait on it. As you know I would love you to test some of these for me as I have no way to test hardiness or blackspot resistance here.

Marleah, I too love apricot. I think a clear yellow would probably sell best but I’m not sure about that. Color and form seem to be very much a matter of what is in style at the moment. Thanks for your comments.

Great rose Robert. I really like the color and the flower shape, it

Very pretty color.

Does it have any thornlessness?

Thanks Bo, I almost yanked the Sister seedling yesterday as I didn’t want to be tempted to use it. Yes, it’s totally different and more along the lines of what I figured I would mostly get from this cross. I’ll watch it a bit longer as I am too curious not to.

I can’t save everything. Yellow is my focus right now. I’ve culled anything that didn’t form a bud right away. There were quite a number of apparent once-bloomers.

Enrique, as you know thornlessness is easily lost with the Basye’s Legacy descendants. This one has prickles.

I will recombine it with other Legacy descendants and hope to retrieve the smooth character. I have a cross of Lyn Griffith x Lynnie this season that is so far totally smooth. It should flower again soon.

See link for photo of first blossom. It’s nicely double and carries a good deal of yellow if I can get it back out in the following generations.


After getting nailed by prickles over and over again, I’m starting to agree with Jadae about them. I’m doing a few crosses with JP Connell as a pollen parent this year. JP Connell is thornless, winter hardy, fading yellow, with repeat and black spot issues. It does not set hips for me, at least last year. But I’m hoping to bring the thornlessness into something a bit more desirable. Right now I’ve put it on Loving Touch and Tournament of Roses. If it works, the next step would be those seedlings by either Baby Love or Home Run or one of my Home Run seedlings.

JP Connell is interesting. I didn’t realize it’s free of prickles. It might be worth bringing in for the smooth character and hardiness. I think I can breed the susceptibility to blackspot out fairly quickly.

I asked about J.P. Connell a couple of years ago on this forum and Paul Olsen said it was not a good quality rose and that in fact Dr. Svejda did not even want to introduce it and I never tried to get it after that. Do a search on this forum and there may be other info on it.


Yeah, I agree with the assessment that it is not a good quality rose, in particular the repeat is poor at best and it is disease susceptible. But having said that, I really like the bloom form, it is winter hardy for me, it is not agressive ilke William Baffin or John Cabot, and it is thornless. It is the best source that I have for those 4 qualities in one plant. If the seedlings are lousy, out it goes. If the seedlings are interesting it might stay in the yard for a few more years as a pollen donor, but to be honest it will not be a permanent fixture in the garden. I need the space for my seedlings.