Mothersday seed

Like most people I may not like ‘Mothersday’ but it has three things I need reblooming, dark red, diploid. Last year I got it from Germany with a total price of 60$ -the wood was so dry it snapped.
I have been looking around the world but with no luck. Most folk do not ship to Canada.
So I ask, does anyone have seed from a diploid, red, reblooming polyantha does not have to be ‘Mothersday’. I assumed that Hortico would always be there to buy from.

I have a few seedlings which i can get seed from in a few months/early next year (just turned spring). They may be the wrong kind of red though (kind of cooler toned, sometimes with purple overlay like Bardou Job).

Not familiar with Canada import requirements.

They are roughly 4 or 5 gen OP selection for pigment from Angel Wings, I assume Baby Faraux pollen got into the mix at some point around 3rd gen. All singles (or very close to).

Examples of OP seedlings growing at the moment

Pic of seed parent in full sun (compared to shade above)

The second picture is devine. I want to get as much purple out of the seedling jas possible. I can increase always get more pigment. Thank you for replying. J

How do you send private messages? So I can send my email at the appropriate time?

Importing rose seed into Canada is not a big problem, just write on the customs declaration rose seed for research.

I can’t say how much I appreciate this gesture since I suspect that Mothersday may be infertile and a chimaera.