Morning Blush ™ (Alba, Sievers, 1974) × Whimsy

I have 4 seedlings from this hybrid alba cross that are in their second season. Checking on them this weekend I was excited to see that one of them has several buds developing. I hoping that this one will be a repeat bloomer. All exhibit excellent disease resistance and have miniature size leaves. The growth habit suggests that they will be smaller shrubs which is what I was looking for. I expect that these should be fairly hardy…to maybe zone 4? I’d have to test for that.

Sievers’ Morning Blush = Maiden’s Blush × Hamburger Phoenix
Maiden’s Blush = Rosa alba L. × Rosa centifolia L.
Hamburger Phoenix = Rosa kordesii H. Wulff × Seedling

The miniature Whimsy = Teeny Bopper x Double Knock Out. Teeny Bopper has Baby Love (a descendant of R. davidii var. elongata) as a grandfather

There are some great genes at work here.

Exciting! Please keep us posted on how it blooms.

Yes, very exciting. Hope to post pics within the next couple weeks.

Back out in the garden last night and I noticed that there is another one of these seedlings that developed a bud. I assumed that this cross would take a few years to bloom so I’m pleasantly surprised.

I also found that one of my crosses from Whimsy x (Easy Going x Suzanne) has a bud as well. This is also a second season seedling. The pollen parent is also known as EGS1.

Congratulations, Rob! The photos will be quite interesting!

Thanks Kim!

Hey Rob,

interesting! If it would be a repeat bloomer, let us know! I doubt it, but you never now :slight_smile:

It would be wonderful it if repeat bloom but I’m not expecting that. I’m looking to use these to breed with miniatures and small shrubs with increased health. Hopefully repeat bloom in F2.

Try to cross it with “Rosa rouletii Correvon”. If I am not mistaken, all roses that have been crossed with this one are repeat blooming :wink:

Thank you for the suggestion. That one is too tender and a diploid so it wouldn’t work for my immediate needs. I have some named minis and some of my own that I’m working with. Thanks again!

I have 3 new seedlings that are also from Morning Blush.

They are Morning Blush x 13-1 (Larry Davis).

The pollen parent is (Orange Surprise x First Impression). Orange Surprise is (Carefree Beauty x Rise N Shine) x (Carefree Beauty x Austrian Copper). I had a couple seedlings from this cross germinate in February but lost them to damp off. I’m happy that more germinated and I have a chance to see what comes of this cross. I most likely won’t get blooms until at least next season but one never knows…

This is “Morning Blush”
Parents: Small Maiden’s Blush x Hamburger Phönix

Rolf Sievers

It’s a beauty, Rolf. I’m trying to coax something nicely shaped with a great color out of it.

Hello Rob,

Whimsy has an interesting background, now we breed a lot with Celebration 2000,
it has a similar background.

Rolf Sievers

Hello Rolf,

I have tried working with Celebration 2000 with no results. I found the fertility to be non-existent. I know Kim Rupert was able to obtain a good F1. Are you using it as a seed or pollen parent, or both?

Thank you for the link to your blog. You have some beautiful roses displayed there.

I found Rabble Rouser (Celebration 2000) to be worthless as a seed parent and very marginally useful for pollen. The only seedling resulting from the MANY crosses I made with it is Shades of Pernet. It also sets seed, but nothing has germinated from any of them. I use it only for pollen. 'Shades of Pernet' Rose

Hi KIm. I’m hoping to get something nice from using the pollen from Shades of Pernet that you sent me.

Hi Rob! Good luck! I hope it works for you.

Hello Rob,

this is the crossing Celebration 2000 x Salmon Blush. Salmon Blush is a modern alba-hybrid.

The reziprok cross is also ok. We take only own mother plants.


I hope you get some beauties from that cross Rolf. I’ve poor luck using Celebration 2000 as a parent but I’m looking at a descendant of that one called Teeny Bopper which is (City of San Francisco ™ × Rabble Rouser) to use as a parent if I can obtain it.