I have made many combinations for this year's rose hybridization, and I am looking forward to next spring very much


Wow! Any that you are particularly excited about?

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Yes, there are some that I am looking forward to, mainly a hybrid of Austin roses and Japanese blue roses.
For example:
Desdemona x Turn blue
Royal Jubilee x Lilas


Very nice Chio! That’s a lot of seedlings, congratulations!
I made a few crosses using Royal Jubilee as the seed parent in 2023, but on a very small scale, only two hips per cross. RJ sets hips easily, but I was more focused on other crosses so didn’t do a lot on RJ. I used pollen parents: Charles de Gaulle and Tarde Gris. My RJ seeds are still in the fridge though. I will be looking forward to seeing your results with RJ×Lilas in particular!

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