Hulthemia Hardii....questionable fertility

Does ‘Hulthemia Hardii’ express any Clinophylla characteristics at all?

Its stated pedigree (R.Clinophylla x R.Persica) is conceptually fabulous to my thinking.

I have never seen a specimen, however it does not seem to show any Clinophylla traits from the pictures I have seen.

HMF Hardii photos show it has leaves that are quite different from Hulthemia.

Hardii has 5 leaflets when there is only one for the later.

“Nigel Hawthorn definitely does not set small hips like I read.”

for you in your location anyway… I would use it as a pollen parent instead, however, as this would probably have shorter odds. ‘Euphrates’ tries to form OP hips here too but also fails after a few weeks. I haven’t tried putting other pollen on it though so it could just be I haven’t found the right one (if one exists).

Hi Pierre.

You are 100% right about the compound leaves of Hardii in the HMF picture dismissing any idea that Hardii is not a species, but rather a Persica hybrid.

lol…there is a typo error in my previous entry…which I cannot fix. This is what I really meant to write:

"Hi Pierre.

You are 100% right about the compound leaves of Hardii in the HMF picture dismissing any idea that Hardii IS a species, but rather IT IS a Persica hybrid."

And in which case, there is no reason for me to raise doubt about ‘R.Clinophylla’ as mom.


‘R.Hardii’ seems to be available for sale in our country Simon, look at the HMF “buy from” tab???!!!

Already asked them… they don’t have it and have asked HMF to remove it (which it seems it hasn’t). Ruston’s list it but are not answering emails.

Oh that’s too bad


If HMF had been asked to remove a plant from the nursery’s “for sale” listings, the plant almost certainly would have been removed. Nurseries may control their own listings on HMF–and are encouraged to do so. See link below.


This is all true, however, straight from the owners themselves, this is what they have said:

"Dear Simon,

Thanks for the link - I checked it out and advised them that we are out of stock at present, so I am sorry, but you will need to keep searching"

ref. email from owner of Reliable Roses, Mrs Jean Newman.

They are not particularly computer literate and I have no reason to doubt them.

Simon, you might forward that link to Jean so that they can join HMF and maintain their own lists. From the wording, it seems

(1) that she had just sent the message to HMF and there probably had not been time for anyone to update the listing, and

(2) that she expects to have the plant in stock again.

If she joins, she can simply update the nursery’s availability list herself.


yep - good idea!

Hey Simon, if you want to do a bulk order of Hardii budwood from Rustons (if they have it) I am happy to go halves with you as I think they dont sell small quantities…Only trouble is I have no rootstock to use it with LOL. (I’ll think of something to stick it onto, I’m sure).

I’ll give them a call now to see whether they stock it.

Even though there are big questions about the fertility of ‘R.Hardii’, it seems to be the only yellow Persica we might actually be able to purchase here without the need to resort to import permits (Euphrates colors are not my favorite, so I have so far resisted getting it, as you know, but I might just have to change my mind on that given your latest information on it from Viru et al.).

The word on the phone is that they do not have any ‘Hardii’…I was told the plant(s) have been culled.


I think this is a traversty and a blight on the Ruston name. They are considered a repository for varieties here in Australia and therefore should NEVER cull a variety. Instead the plants should be offered to interested parties to preserve because you just never know who might want them and for whatever reason. I think they should be petitioned to stop culling (because this is not the first time I’ve heard it) and attempt to rehome them instead in order to carry on the presertvation philosophy that the place was borne on.

Do any Aussies on this forum have any fresh information regarding the possible whereabouts of Hulthemia Hardii in our country? It has clearly BEEN here, and had been sold here. Someone must have it somewhere…

I have just ordered Euphrates…Even though it is not my choice for color, nor fertility, there is no other choice in the matter at this point in time…(save obtaining import permits allowing persica hybrid OP seed into here…in any case persica hybrid seed may itself not be readily accessible from other lands anyway!).

Would I be wasting my time using Nigel Hawthorn pollen on anything? It is such a great plant but it looks sterile…

Im 100% sure its a waste as a seed parent tho.

I’d love to try it on something like Jens Munk.

lol…try it and see Jadae, it seems a smart marriage on paper, at least.

I was looking over my idea and I think it would be better if I chose a HRugosa with no light eye zone such as Pink or Purple Pavement from the Pavement series. Buffalo Gal or Yankee Lady are also possibilities. The problem with HRugs though is that their parentage is so elusive that there is little idea as to what they really are.