Hips collected

Here are some of the hips I collected from some crosses made this season:

Orange Surprise is (Carefree Beauty x Rise N Shine) x (Carefree Beauty x Austrian Copper)
Orantida is Orangeade × R. nitida
11Z29 is Prairie Joy × Knock Out
WGAL is Westerland x (Golden Angel x L83)
TADGAL is Thomas Affleck x (Abraham Darby x (Golden Angel × L83))
ILC1-72-1 is Indian Love Call x 1-72-1
MBCDM is Midnight Blue x Cinco de Mayo
OEPCLS is Oso Easy Peachy Cream x Lemon Splash

Lemon Splash x Orantida
Lemon Splash x ((Fragrant Cloud x R. carolina) x R. virginiana)
Lemon Splash x (Easy Going x Suzanne)
Lemon Splash x Bull’s Eye
Lemon Splash x (R.rugosa x R. xanthina)
Lemon Splash x (Golden Angel x R. soulieana)
Lemon Splash x (Red Dawn x Suzanne)
Pink Petticoat x Orantida
Pink Petticoat x (Easy Going x Suzanne)
Apricoat Twist x ((Fragrant Cloud x R. carolina) x R. virginiana)
Bella Nitida x R. Woodsii ‘Kimberly’
Denver’s Dream x Hazeldean
Denver’s Dream x (Easy Going x Suzanne)
(Golden Angel x R.soulieana) x Campfire
(Golden Angel x R.soulieana) x City of Hastings
(Golden Angel x R.soulieana) x Lemon Splash
(Golden Angel x R.soulieana) x OP
City of Hastings x Lafter
City of Hastings x Clare Grammersdorf
City of Hastings x Carefree Celebration
Morning Blush x (Orange Surprise x First Impression)
Morning Blush x (Morning Magic x ILC1-72-1)
(Orange Surprise x First Impression) x Strawberry Cream
(Orange Surprise x First Impression) x WGAL
(Orange Surprise x First Impression) x (Morning Magic x ILC1-72-1)
(Orange Surprise x First Impression) x (Red Dawn x Suzanne)
(Orange Surprise x First Impression) x Orantida
(Orange Surprise x First Impression) x Rugelda
(Orange Surprise x First Impression) x Lemon Splash
Quadra x (Orange Surprise x First Impression)
Baby Love x (Orange Surprise x First Impression)
Royal Edward x MORjerry
(Morning Magic x ILC1-72-1) x MORjerry
Eyes for You x Bull’s Eye
(Morning Magic x ILC1-72-1) x (Easy Going x Suzanne)
(Morning Magic x ILC1-72-1) x (R. rugosa x R. xanthina)
(Morning Magic x ILC1-72-1) x Carefree Copper
(Morning Magic x ILC1-72-1) x Pretty Lady
(Morning Magic x ILC1-72-1) x WGAL
Basye’s Blueberry x (Morning Magic x ILC1-72-1)
Petit Pink x (Morning Magic x ILC1-72-1
RUGOTREAT x (Morning Magic x ILC1-72-1)
Never Alone x (Orange Surprise x First Impression)
Never Alone x WGAL
Brite Eyes x TADGAL
(Lemon Splash x WGAL) x Pink Petticoat
(Lemon Splash x WGAL) x Petit Pink
(All a Twitter x 11Z29) x Orange Surprise
(Orange Honey x 11Z29) x (Red Dawn x Suzanne)
(Orange Honey x 11Z29) x Lemon Splash
R. arkansana hybrid (Zlesak) x Orange Surprise
Strawberry Cream x Orange Surprise
Baby Love x Strawberry Cream
(Indian Love Call x Blue for You) x MBCDM
(Out of the Blue x 11Z29) x MBCDM
OEPCLS X Petit Pink

Thanks for posting this list, Rob. Lot’s of interesting crosses there. I haven’t looked into Lemon Splash, but it appears that I should.

That’s a considerable number of crosses. Hope they all come through as interesting.

You can shorten the (Orange Surprise x First Impression) and call it 13-1 which is how I designate it. So far it has held up well to both winter cold (0 F) and all diseases that are common here which include mildew, blackspot and late leafspot, which is probably one of the two diseases I discussed in the RHA newsletter a couple years ago. My wild R arkansana rust badly but I’ve not seen rust on any hybrids so I can’t comment on this one. It blooms as a fairly large-flowered mini, very reliably with a strong yellow that holds petals well. My biggest plant, i large pot, had 18 inch canes that threw lots of flowering laterals afterward. So it might be a miniflora planted directly in ground in a good climate. Orange Surprise is smaller all round. First Impression contributed petal color, mildew resistance, petal longevity and larger size. Orange Surprise gave the BS resistance. I observed it slowing down blooming in September and it has had very few blooms the past few weeks, except on one younger plant. I can propagate some cuttings over winter for anyone who might be interested. I think there was a picture in the RHA newsletter.

Send me a PM, or contact ldavis (who is located) ksu.edu with your shipping address.


Lemon Splash has better than average disease resistance for me and is a great seed parent with very good germination rate. I’m using it is a bridge to species hybrids. At least that is the plan. 34% wichuraiana and 12.5 sempervirens

Thank you Larry. Both 13-1 and Orange Surprise are disease free in my garden and both set hips well. I’m hoping for good germination this winter. Neither showed any winter damage this spring. Love these two roses!

I bought ‘Lemon Splash’ last Fall and it set seed pretty well this season. Unfortunately though, it dropped all of its foliage during the summer and is just now starting to leaf out again at the tips. I guess it must be susceptible to whatever particular races of blackspot we have here in Maryland. I can’t comment on seedlings yet other than the one seedling I raised from one of the open-pollinated hips that were on it when I bought it. That seedling is small, yellow and repeating but is not nearly as nice looking as ‘Lemon Splash’.

Hi Rob!!

It is so fun to look through your list of crosses. Thank you for sharing them with us. Hopefully you have lots of seeds and great seedlings from them. It makes me smile you are using Petit Pink. I should have been using it sooner and have gotten some healthy minis from it this past year. The flower form has been pretty simple for the most part in the seedlings, but there has been a wide range of colors.

I’m looking forward to seeing what I can get from Petit Pink David. I’m looking fo healthy minis as well. The only seedling I have so far is Petit Pink x EGS1…(Easy Going x Suzannne)…and that one looks like it wants to get BIG. It didn’t flower its first season but I’m hopeful for a large bloom in something other than pink. Health is ok. Healthy minis is the goal though. I have some OP seedings that I hope will turn up something good.

Sorry to hear that Lemon Splash isn’t healthy for you Tom. Someone else shared the same experience so I’m trying to pair it up with healthy mates. Mating it with Morning Magic as the seed parent brought some success as I’ve had very healthy seedlings from that cross…and yellows.