Help with Rose ID

We just bought our house a couple of months ago and I found this rose growing in a bunch of weeds. I thought it was probably Dr. Huey, but after looing at HMF I’m not sure. It also looks like this is a graft rather than a sucker. Here are a few pictures of it.

Not Huey, definitely, but looks nice. Definitely something easily commercially available. Probably something J&P but no names are floating to the top of the mud yet.

Thanks Kim:

after more hours of looking through HMF I think it may be Europeana. I grew it in Oregon but it sure looks different here in California. Of course it is possible my Oregon rose was not labeled correctly…like that’s never happened before.

I think I concur on your Europeana identification. It’s difficult to tell sometimes. Europeana is much blacker in cooler weather and your foliage is GREEN instead of being powdery white with golden reverses. Remarkable how the colors shift so dramatically from climate to climate, huh?


Any possibility this is Ole? The Armstrong floribunda? It is usually quite dark red while the weather is cool, but picks up a lot of orange when the weather starts to warm up. Often mildews when overcast.The buds and leaves look similar but Ole does usually have a little ‘ruffle’ to its’ petals. Europeana is quite similar but doesn;t take on any orange coloring, and they both have some fragrance. I remember Ole as having fatter buds than Europeana.

I don’t think so, the petals are the wrong shape and color definitely not brilliant enough for Ole. The foliage is too glossy and dark, too. Ole has always been taller, more upright here where Europeana is shorter and more spreading. This one feels more “Europeana” than “Ole”.


I can’t find an Armstrong floribunda named Ole in HMF. It does list a grandiflora by that name and my rose definately is not large flowering. I would like to find Ole. It looks like a beautiful rose.

The more I look at HMF I’m thinking I have Europeana.

When I lived at Leisure World in Laguna Hills, CA, in the garden plots we had, someone had Ole. I use to make the walk up to see Ole all the time when I was at my plot. It was such a “happy” looking rose with its ruffled petals and that bright orange with a touch of red. I could see it 50 feet away. It would always make me smile when I got close.

This more resembles Europeeana which I had in Richmond, Va. My plant did have that reddish tinge in the leaves along with the white variegation of RMV. However, it was a full double though not in the Austin Fashion and in the fall, the red became an almost black red. If I recall correctly, the petals had a more velvety appearance rather than a shiny one. Mine always looked better in the fall when the weather got a bit cooler.

I would suggest you see how it grows after you clear the weeds, feed and mulch it. When I saw your first or second pic, my first reaction was floribunda with that large cluster of buds. That it looks this good with the neglect it apparently had speaks well for it, though my short period of time in Laguna Hills and my 2 dozen roses or so led me to feel that they grew like a weed there with practically no care. (I do realize CA has many different microclimates- LH just seemed a gardener’s paradise for roses.

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By the way, on the Garden Web Forums, there is a Rose Identification Forum(use to be called Name That Rose) where posters submit pics and descriptions of roses to identify.

Lots of Californians there with rose growing/showing experience.

Is not the flower a bit small for Europeana ?

the flower structure is sort of wrong for Europeana, but the leaves are spot on for it.

I think Jim has a good idea to let it recover and see what comes from it. This may be like lining up a bunch of 4th graders and trying to figure out who the parents are from pictures. If it never develops some of theose fancy powdery white leaves Kim mentioned it might be interesting to work with.

Okay Warren, I got that the first time. Neil

Does look Europeana is a possibility to me.

how did I double up on an answer ?? gremlins?

That pic made me think of Blaze. Give it some (probably long withheld) nitro and see if it rockets into a climber.

The flower being smallish is understandable due to the size and malnourishment of the plant. The foliage is the wrong shape and color for Blaze. It’s too elongated and too dark.

Look up the following:



The color looks more like Lavaglut but mine was very doubled. Don’t recall ever seeing the anthers and pistils on mine. Here they are readily seen though again with better care the petals may increase. My Prairie Harvest, now in full sun quickly shades to an off white and my Tess of the Dubervilles (sp) in more shade is a darker red- just to examples of how location can affect the bloom which make explain some of the differences in the suggested varieties.


For at least 20 years this was a double flowering rose. Now that trees and bushes are out of the way and it gets some sun it’s a different rose. Any ideas what it could be?

[attachment 736 2012seedlings010.JPG]

[attachment 737 2012seedlings009.JPG]

[attachment 738 2012seedlings008.JPG]

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