First sprouts of the year!

I pricked out my very first rose seedlings of the year – just some OP rugosa hybrids (Blanc Double de Coubert and Frau Dagmar Hartropp). I wasn’t able to make any controlled crosses this year (I moved in June (for college) and just a few weeks ago got my roses moved down here as well) so everything is just OPs from the local rose garden. But it is fun anyway! What have other people get germinating – or hoping will germinate soon?


I’ve got over 20 seedlings from seeds that Enrique sent me from the cross Livin’ Easy X R. kordesii. The oldest are about one month old. My own seeds started going into the fridge much later than Enrique’s, and haven’t started germinating yet. I still haven’t finished removing the seeds from my hips yet.

My first germinations have been from

Loving Touch x OP,

Lynn Anderson x Memorial Day,

Sonia x Blue Girl,


one lonely germination from Circus

and a bunch of seeds (kindly sent to me by Jim Turner) I’m experimenting with from r. californica, r. spithamea and Darlow’s Enigma.

The one Circus seed and the Lynn Anderson and Sonia seeds were in the fridge only 2 months before they started germinating.

Jim, that’s great. No seedlings survived for me from that cross. Slugs got them first, although I’ve made a cross of R. kordesii x Scarlet Moss that should yield some intresting seedlings if they can get past the slugs. And Scarlet Moss has already lots of kordesii in it via Dortmond.

Presently one one of last fall’s (2002) OP Leverkusen seeds and three of what I call the New Mexico Ops ( I picked up hips last March while visiting missions in New Mexico).

Waiting for r. corifolia froebeli x r. virginia complex, Silver Moon x L.D. Braithwaite, OP Tuscany, OP Don Juan, and this fall’s OP Leverkusen all which are out of six weeks in frig and now in 50-55 degree room except OP Don Juan’s. I am skipping the stratification with Don Juan to see if they germinate anyway. Squirrels got the Gen. Jack x Souvenir Claudius de Denoyel hips.

I’ve had a huge burst of germination in the past few days - 241 seedlings transplanted in the last 48 hours alone. Most of the crosses involved floribundas:

Angel Face X Arthur Bell

Angel Face X Heirloom

Angel Face X Little Darling

Angel Face X New Zealand

Angel Face X Prairie Princess

Arthur Bell X Angel Face

Arthur Bell X Arthur Bell

Arthur Bell X Comte de Chambord

Arthur Bell X New Zealand

Charles de Mills X Magenta

Danae X Duchesse de Brabant

Fragrant Cloud X Olympiad

Heirloom X Angel Face

Heirloom X Chrysler Imperial

Iceberg X Angel Face

Little Darling X Brass Band

Livin’ Easy X R. kordesii

Magenta X Comte de Chambord

Magenta X Harison’s Yellow

Magenta X Isabelle Renaissance

Magenta X Lilac Charm

Magenta X Radox Bouquet

Magenta X Schoener’s Nutkana

Magenta X Tuscany Superb

Natasha Monet X Lilac Charm

Natasha Monet X Sonia

Playboy X Dainty Bess

Playboy X Sun Flare

R. spithamea X R. californica

Schoener’s Nutkana X American Honor

Secret X Gold Medal

Sheila’s Perfume X Angel Face

Sonia X Little Darling

Sonia X Olympiad

Sonia X Silver Jubilee

Sun Flare X Tournament of Roses

Tuscany Superb X Chrysler Imperial

George, were you able to identify any of the roses that you collected hips from at the missions?

Enrique, one of the Livin’ Easy X R. kordesii seedlings has a bud on it. I’ll send you a pic when it opens.


One of the roses I collected from was, my guess, a rosa multiflora something. The others were all round red or orange/green hips. As I was on a seize or swipe campaign in areas roped off to tourists, what I actually got I did not study. My limited knowledge puts them in the following categories: teas, hybrid teas, hybrid perpetuals, hybrid tea climbers, tea noisettes, large flowered climbers, and hybrid musks. The two that germinated while in storage last spring and were planted outside because of their vigorous growth were one r. multiflora offspring ( nearly smooth continuous cane 3ft by fall), and one multi-branched, fushia/mauve, high centered, r. gigantea influenced, fast repeat, very fragrant, and purple/red stamened, bush. I will consider these my chimeras during breeding because I need to have that built in surprise in order to keep hybridizing. I can’t presently do hybridizing on a large scale so to have something in my seeds to say, “Gee, I did not expect that,” is motivating to me.

Once again let me comment on your fabulous list of crosses that are germinating Jim! It is easy to see from your list that you are going about the process in quite a methodical manner…very interesting and helpful to see.

With regard to my own germinations…well this year, my first with my own crosses, is getting off to a fairly good start I think.

From my own crosses germinating so far;

Honey Bouquet x Full Sail

Purple Passion x Scentimental

Fragrant Cloud x Scentimental

Barbra Streisand x World War II Memorial

Electron x World War II Memorial

Princess de Monaco x Fragrant Plum

Fragrant Plum x Princess de Monaco

McCartney x Simply Marvelous (this one is prolific!)

Pat Austin x Outta the Blue

From open pollinations;

R. californica

Carefree Beauty

R. spithamea


R. rugosa rubrum

Pink Meidiland

Red Meidiland


Darlow’s Enigma

Golden Glow

Louise Odier

City of York

This is my first year with seedlings that have made it past the 5 - 6 week mark (I had a handful last year that died abruptly around 6 weeks or so)…so it is quite amazing and exciting for this “newbie” to see some early success with these first germinations.

I checked my refrigerated bags of seeds from previous years. There was one long sprout from Topaz Jewel op, three from Mme Hardy, & a mini x Prairie Dawn. Also 2 from donated Prospero & Ferdinand Pichard from two years ago.

I also checked some old seed that had never germinated of the the Bermuda rose ‘Spice’ from pollen of Rosa rugosa. The seed has remained dormant for over two years in the fridge with brief periods at room temperature. Well, at last check, some had germinated but were decomposing (guess I don’t check them often enough). So, I went ahead and planted the rest. One seed has germinated and is now putting out its first true leaf. I’m still waiting on the dozen or so seeds from ‘Shocking Blue’ X ‘Reine des Violettes’ — two years and counting.

Most of my rose seeds from summer 2003 are in the ground outside; I decided to let Mother Nature stratify them this time.

Just checked those ‘Shocking Blue’ X ‘Reine des Violettes’ seeds – they’ve been at room temperature for two days again. One of the smaller seeds is germinating.

Today 1-11-2004 I have my first 2 germinations. I have started a list of germinations at the link below:


Yesterday I got germinations of Prospero x Goldmoss and Livin’ Easy x Goldmoss. I didn’t do a lot last year, but I’m ready for this year and be trying to make more eglatine and moss crosses.

Some of my sprouts from the spring/summer 2003 hybridizing efforts:

Rugelda x Dr. Eckener 34 sprouts so far

Honor x Dr. Eckener 5 sprouts

Tropicana x Dr. Eckener 2 sprouts

(Rugelda x mixed pollens) x Dr. Eckener 5 sprouts

Tropicana x Rugelda 6 sprouts

Goldmoss x Rugelda & Dr. Eckener mixed pollens 1 sprout

Honor x Rugelda 9 sprouts

(Tropicana x Rugelda) x Dr. Eckener 2 sprouts

(Tropicana x Rugelda) x Rugelda 2 sprouts

(Rugelda x mixed pollens) x Rugelda 2 sprouts

Also some OP sprouts from:

My repeat blooming Prairie Wren seedling 1 sprout

Ferdinand Pichard x Rugelda 4 sprouts

“Stippled” (Daylight x Spanish Rhapsody x Rosa 54) 9 sprouts

Tropicana x Rugelda 2 sprouts

Lemon Delight seedling 5 sprouts

?*Flower Carpet x Hawthorn tree 3 sprouts

Goldmoss 2 sprouts

Rugelda is a rugosa hybrid that seems to be tetraploid and has yellow blooms flushed with red. Kordes. Dr. Eckener is another supposed rugosa hybrid with somewhat yellow/pink blooms.

  • the Flower Carpet x hawthorn was just a lark one day. I can’t say I really performed the cross properly. I just emasculated a couple half open blooms and pollenated with open hawthorn blooms from my tree. Most likely they are in reality just self pollenated, but I plan to observe them to see if they show any “non rose” traits.