First Selections

Don’t ask. Just to show what is possible. The smaller ones are Scarlet Knight and culling those already along with the weak growers.

[attachment 1658 roses004.JPG]

[attachment 1659 roses001.JPG]

What a pretty display!

I like those peachy apricot blooms :smiley:

Hi Neil, I won’t ask, but how many seedlings are there in the photos. I also like the peachy/yellow one’s, well done.

I like the bright orange one.

There are about 2800 cups so far David. It’s taken around fifteen weeks for these to flower but the more recent ones seem to be coming on faster and I’m not sure if it is the weather or the change in protocol. The main point is to keep the seedlings from stalling and so far things are working okay except for those I’ve toasted.


Holy cow, Neil, I bet your neighbors think you’re nuts!

I have about 850 seedlings to pot up, and I thought that was a lot.

Maybe eccentric Joe.

I seen enough, these get the guillotine today, except the one from Whimsy. It gets dumped.

[attachment 1660 roses001.JPG]

Thank you for sharing your pictures Neil. It’s inspiring, it must be so exciting to see so many beautiful blooms :slight_smile:

This is what it’s all about. Almost daily now new blooms are opening and it’s like getting a present.

At this stage I’m not sure what mix is in the 16 oz. cups but since most have the roots to the bottom more mix is added then a pinch of Osmocote, a dash of root growth enhancer, a pinch of bone meal, more mix and afterwards another pinch of bone on top. Just for the first selections.


Neil, excuse my ignorance, what is root growth enhancer, please ?


That would be Mycorrhizal Fungi or Myco Maximum which I prefer and has more variables.


Thanks Neil.

Some more

[attachment 1684 roses002.JPG]

[attachment 1685 roses001.JPG] I think this site is about to go toast with the slow load time.

Love the pictures Neil! Thanks for posting them, so many beautiful blooms :slight_smile: just out of curiosity how long do you keep them in the Styrofoam cups? Do you transfer them to gallon containers next?

And thank you Laflin.

I’m still on the fourth year and try something different every year. This year is the first for total cups, six inch dia. pots was bigger than most needed. Even at six inch short pots is bigger than what I want to dig holes for. I’m hoping these will rebloom before going in the ground.

[attachment 1687 roses003.JPG]

[attachment 1688 roses004.JPG]

[attachment 1689 roses002.JPG]

I’m afraid this will time out before I give some notes on the picks but not all of these are keepers.

It’s great fun seeing your progress, Neil, but with each photo I can’t help but think…“Thank heavens! Better YOU than ME!” LOL!

I love the color range that you are getting Neil - very nice!


Nice assortment of first blooms. Generally you can get at least 2-3 reblooms while in the styro cups. Then they either get too rootbound or diseased. Very good time then for a second round of serious culling. Then I pot them up into one gals and just before the onset of cold weather (this is SoCal-not that cold) I pot up the best into 3 or 5 gal. I have limited in ground space, so only a very few go into the ground, and so many just do not pan out that I do not want to waste the time, space, material or effort to try to accommodate the ones that just never take off. It is pretty obvious after they get into 3 or 5 gal size whether they are going to be keepers, both from a health, vigor and bloom standpoint, but for the ones that might not bloom until yr 2 or 3 or more, health and vigor still shows up and you do not have to dig out a clump of suckering rose-from-hell if they do not have what you want from the bloom.


I can’t keep from wondering where this is going. I’m not much for selling $2 a cup roses.

Thanks Jim, I got tired of raising pastels and white stripe reds.

Thanks Jackie, and for the info.

As a note of interest some of these where 24 weeks from sow to first bloom. Also these are water proof except the one on the left of the first photo of the last series.