Crosses thus far...

I’m so nosey, but–

What crosses have you made so far?

I’ve done these:

Applejack x Baby Love

Pacific Seranade x Smooth Angel

Cotton Candy x Single petal banksia

The Pearl x Single petal banksia

R. moschata abysinnica x Single petal banksai (woot!)

Aloha x Dapple Dawn

Fair Dinkum x Dapple Dawn

Red Flow Carpet X Ruby Meidland (and vise versa)

(Sutter’s Gold x Renea) x Baby Love

So far…

Lynn Anderson x Honey Dijon

Lynn Anderson x Bees Knees

Lynn Anderson x Hot Cocoa

Lynn Anderson x Marilyn Monroe

Lynn Anderson x Distant Drums

Lynn Anderson x Basil’s Kisses (seedling)

George Burns x Miami Moon

Touch of Class x Fabulous

Louise Estes x Brandy

Louise Estes x Honey Dijon

Louise Estes x Perfume Tiger

Louise Estes x Distant Drums

Singin’ in the Rain x Silverado

Neptune x Honey Dijon

French Lace x weekrossotono

Tradescant x Fabulous

Fabulous x Miami Moon

Fabulous x Hot Cocoa

Fabulous x Moonstone

Fabulous x weekrossotono

Fabulous x Marilyn Monroe

Fabulous x McCartney Rose

Distant Drums x Hot Cocoa

Distant Drums x Louise Estes

Jean Kenneally x McCartney Rose

Diana, Princess of Wales x Silverado

Diana, Princess of Wales x Distant Drums

Nancy Jean x Silverado

Sorbet Bouquet x Miami Moon

Sorbet Bouquet x Perfume Tiger

Hot Cocoa x Belle Story

Neptune x Osiana

Moonstone x Marilyn Monroe

French Lace x Neptune

so far -

Brass Band x Honey Bouquet

Honey Bouquet x Brass Band

Joycie x Buff Beauty

Buff Beauty x Joycie

Purple Passion x Joshua Bradley

Joshua Bradley x Purple Passion

Rise n Shine x Texas Centenial

Texas Centential x Rise n Shine

Purple Passion x Valcenia

Pinstripe x Lynnie

Gingersnap x Pinstripe

Francis Dubreuil x Lynnie

Joshua Bradley x Francis Dubreuil

Purple Passion x Lynnie

Honey Bouquet x Lynnie

Lynnie x Honey Bouquet

Lynnie x Purple Passion

Gingersnap x George Burns

Valcenia x Francis Dubreuil

Marbree x Francis Dubreuil

Pat, have you had Brass Band seeds germinate? I’ve had a tough time with them.

Judith, this is my first year using it so I don’t know. Thats why I went both ways with the cross. I suppose I will find out this winter, will let you know then.


I’ve had trouble with them. Big seeds and lots of them. This year I’ll try them in soil. Some seeds just don’t like to germinate in paper towels.

OK, can I just say I am quite jealous. My roses have not even started blooming in my greenhouse!

I haven’t done any crosses yet either, although I have collected and frozen some pollen. We had an unusually long rainy season this year. A few roses have started to bloom, and the others have lots of buds, but they are about a month behind last year.

We haven’t made any crosses either. Hardly a bud outside, and a few in the greenhouse, so it will be after we get back from Shreveport. Have some frozen pollen from last season to get us started.

For the past two years I’ve allowed my Suaveolens’ rootstock to grow out. It’s eglatine, the pure species I’m assuming. It came from Rosarie at the Bayfields before they closed.

Well, I pollinated a few new flowers late at night (11:30 pm) with Applejack. Such a cross ought to provide really fragrant leaved seedlings…

Last year I got germinations of Greenmantle X Applejack-- one seedling bloomed, meaning that Greenmantle MUST have a recessive gene for repeat bloom.

However, the leaves are truly fragrant. But I’m giving it a chance-- maybe when it’s older, it will be more fragrant…


Have you smelled Rosa glutinosa foliage yet? I really have to recommend it again, if you haven’t. I think it’s foliage is much more fragrant than R. eglanteria or ‘Applejack’. And I like the quality of the scent better too. It’s called the “Pine-Scented Rose”, which I can understand, because the foliage is “piney”. But I could just as easily call it “Tangerine-Scented Rose”; to me, there is definitely something “citrusy” about its foliage scent. Last year, it covered itself with bristly, bottle-shaped hips, at least twice as big as Rosa eglanteria. And keep in mind, the plant itself is only less-than-knee-high.

It was a little slow to get established, but the longer I have this plant, the more I like it. I’ll post some pictures later when it blooms. You’ll just have to use your imagination for the smell. But trust me, if you are into foliage scents, you’ve gotta make a little room for this tiny little fragrance factory.

It’s hard to find, but I got mine from Forest Farm, several years ago. They might still have some, even if it’s not listed in their catalog – I’d ask.

I planted all the seeds from last year, but so far none have come up. I’m guessing that they might need a lot of cold to break dormancy.

I’ve tried to get that rose a some time back Tom-- I think it was you who recommended it…


I would love it-- if i can find room. The eglatine I’m working with is a rootstock shoot that I just allowed to bloom.


I’ll try to get a picture of my plant so you can see how little room it needs. It’s like a mini. Nothing like the monstrous size Rosa eglanteria can reach.

And maybe I can get you seeds this season, if you can’t find a source.