Best of the New Yellows

I need to bring yellow into my breeding program. Does anyone have a recommendation for the newer yellows? Of course I want disease resistance in a non-fading yellow if I can’t find one that sets hips. I’ll even take one that is good for pollen. Any suggstions? I finally lost my only ‘Baby Love’ so I’m using one of Jim Sproule’s Baby Love hybrids. I would like a yellow with hybrid tea form. Thanks, Robert

If I’m not mistaken Jim sproule uses Henry fonda as a pollen parent only for non fading yellow.


Thanks, I have that one. I didn’t get much success with it this season but I will continue to try. It’s listed as a successsful seed parentr but so far no hips for me.

This year I used Carefree Sunshine a lot (it worked both ways). (I purchased three bushes last fall at the end of season sales.)

Last year I germinated open pollinated seeds of Carefree Sunshine from seeds provided by Joan Monteith. One of the plants flowered (yellow) while still very young.

Solitaire is one of my best hip setters ever.

Sunsprite is “okay.”

St. Christopher looks like it may do well but it is still a 1rst year own-root. It selfed itself nicely before I took off the experimental hip.

Midas Touch sets quite easily but like Henry Fonda, it has a gaunt, non-branching habit that Im guessing came from Brandy. It seems to pass on easily and due to this and the low petal count, I dont use it any longer.

Pincess Alice works really well.

Carefree Sunshine does sound good. Jadae, where did you get ‘Solitaire’? There are no U.S. suppliers listed. I lihe the pedigree of that one.

‘Midas Touch’ is on my list to acquire.

Princess Alice does look interesting.

I’ve had spotty success with Sunsprite as well.

I wish ‘Golden Future’ was available here. There are some wonderful European varieties that haven’t hit the U.S. yet.


Yeah there are a ton of European roses that I wish we had realistic access to. This is why I was bummed out about Pickerings offers so far for 2007. That is where I got Solitaire. It is one of the best yellows to date. I find it superior to Gold Medal in everything except exhibition (ho-hum). I grabbed it’s offspring, Paddy Stephens, this spring in fear that no one would offer it again. It is the healthiest orange rose Ive yet to see. It even set well with Paddy Stephens x Rosarium Utersen. That is a good sign because I used to use Freedom a lot as a pollen parent. It seems to pass on it’s sterility via physical hip formation readily to it’s offspring (the hip and peduncle are like one and will not set seed because they seem to be elongated into each other). I have a lot of Selfridges x Freedom seedlings but I fear they may only be good as pollen parents. Selfridges is okay because they pass on good health but the germination is poor and the color is hard to get in terms of stability.

You may want to gamble on Solstice. It is a moderate lemon yellow. The plant seemed healthy and the color was stable unlike many yellows. I have no clue how it well it would work in breeding, however.

What about Arthur Bell? It was used in the Explorer program as a seed parent. I have not had any experience with it.


Ooh, I forgot about that Arthur Bell. I have it here somewhere too, I think. The grass is always greener I guess? lol

I just got Top Notch because Tom Carruth has been using it lately to make Julia Child and Vavoom.


I’m using a couple of yellow miniatures that are good seed parents, June Laver and Cal Poly. June Laver has some rather serrious black spot issues up here, and Cal Poly is not exactly clean either. There is a new Kordes floribunda that has kind of caught my eye, it is called Sterntaler, it is supposedly very disease resistant and compact. I have no idea what the parentage is or if it would make a good parent, but it is tempting me to put it on my 2007 shopping list.


I have no experience with it, but someone was suggesting Julia Child on another posting a while back. (Can anyone vouch for her?)

Her parent, “top notch”, sounds interesting too but no first hand knowledge at all…

I too suggest ‘Arthur Bell’, which sets seed easily for me and has viable pollen. It has a long list of offspring to its credit.


Thanks Paul, next time I head to Sequoia I’ll pick up one. I think my other specimen got lost in the shuffle.

I discarded Top Notch. It isnt very yellow to be honest. It is like a pastel caramel bronze…sorta? Anyways… a lot of BS prone seedlings of poor vigor.

I don’t know what they are like as parents yet, but the new yellow Bailey Nursery bred shrub roses seem very healthy and they set op hips. I hope to raise some of the op seeds this winter and see what they produce. As a group they seem to fade somewhat, but I guess most do. ‘Yellow Brick Road’ seems nice and compact with especially lots of op hips. ‘Yellow Submarine’ is pretty, but wow, the thorns are huge abundant and look dangerous. If I remember right some of these yellows have ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ as one of their parents.


I hadn’t heard of ‘Yellow Submarine’. This is good input. It’s giving me some different options than I would have considered otherwise. Thanks

Yellow Submarine is bred from Singin in the Rain. It looks somewhat similar to the yellow sport of Singin in the Rain.

Oh, Robert. Have you thought of Pot of Gold which is the yellow parent of Sinin in the Rain?

Chinatown is also a good solid yellow, and it sets hips too. But its not all yellow as it gets pink in fading, and rather an old one than a new one as well!