Belinda's Dream

I picked up a plant of Belinda’s Dream this past weekend.

What a great scent and the leaves were clean while everything around it was covered in BS or defoliated. Impressive. From a search of the forum I’ve learned that BD is a triploid and was wondering if anyone is having any luck using her pollen yet? It would be a shame if BD is totally sterile.

yep it is totally sterile. Sorry. I have its Parent, Jersey Beauty and will try to create someting similar maybe useing Sunset Celebration on it.


Darn!! What a beauty this one is too. Well, it will be worth growing for the scent and health even if it is sterile. Thank you Patrick. Good luck with your breeding efforts with Jersey Beauty.


BD has been sterile for me here too. It can mildew in a bad season. FYI.

Thank you Robert. I was hoping it would have some fertility. Oh well…

No problem Rob. I thought about going back to Jersey Beauty.

You might want to give it a shot if you’re interested in diploids.

I plan on using Lady Hillingdon and Persian Sunset on Jersey Beauty also. There are so many possibilities it bogs the mind.


Would it be weird to use Jersey Beauty with something like Hansa or another rugosa hybrid like Calocarpa initially?

Only one way to find out! :slight_smile:

BD is a wonderful rose.

I’ve often thought that Jersey Beauty (Rosa wichuraiana Cr

Which strong modern fragrant yellow would you use Phillip?

Any proven strong fragrant yellow you have would be something I would hit it with. (Don’t corner me on that!)

From what I gather, JB is rather maleable in what it lends to its offspring – if the progeny I’ve seen is any indication. JB has some decent yellow offspring per HMF (i.e. Emily Gray, and Shower of Gold) but Belinda’s Dream is the only cross I see with a more modern hybrid tea, and the form came across well, as well as fragrance.

Not exactly disease resistant, but Golden Celebration x Jersey Beauty may be nice. Or Livin’Easy x Jersey Beauty, although Livin’Easy does not have much fragrance. Also Westerland x Jersey Beauty. Both are not yellow, but they sported yellowish, so I would expect yellow in the offspring.


I promise not to corner you Philip. lol I was thinking that Golden Celebration might be a good yellow to use on JB. I like the idea of a yellow, fragrant, disease ‘free’, repeat blooming with an OGR bloom form.

Livin Easy/Easy Goin are fragrant in the fall. They smell moderate, sweet, fruity.

I grew Livin Easy a number of years ago and it was pretty disease resistant then. Is it still holding up well when it comes to disease?

Mine is :slight_smile: No spots of anything all year.

Another one to add to my ‘get’ list. :slight_smile:

Actually, I don’t have a yellow that meets my criteria! Fact is, I haven’t yet grown a yellow that lives up to the hype. Several years back and prior to actually growing it, I would have suggested sunsprite based on what I read. Lately, reports on Julia Child have piqued my curiosity, though I don’t know how it does on fragrance (Of course I dunno how much of fragrance in offspring comes via JB.) Postillion is a rose with a pedigree that intrigues me. I wonder what a mini like Cal Poly would yield? (Climber? Shrub? Groundcover?)…

The above are merely based on other’s reports…

Autumn Sunset, Elina, Toprose, Baby Love and Selfridges are my clean yellow selfs :slight_smile:

Cal Poly loves blackspot. A lot of people like Julia Child, but Im not a huge fan of it. I dont like it as a whole package. It bores me for some reason, lol.